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I m new here.Need a Spell

Forums ► Misc Topics ► I m new here.Need a Spell
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I m new here.Need a Spell
Post # 1
Here is the deal. I love someone and she loves me too. but her parents won't allow her to marry me. i love her so much. I want a spell to make her parents to allow for me. Can anyone do it for me or please even tell me if i can do anything.
I know some of this magic work, i mean a little bit but not so much. I live in Pakistan so parents are obeyed. So, her parents' concern is also important so this is required. Anyone please!
Blessed be and thank-you.........
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Re: I m new here.Need a Spell
Post # 2
Might be I could help :-)
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Re: I m new here.Need a Spell
Post # 3
What can you do for me!
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Re: I m new here.Need a Spell
Post # 4

I'm sorry for your situation, it's indeed upsetting that love can't be always free.

It's a very tough situation, I must say, so there aren't too many solution as far as I'm concerned. Anyway... I believe that doing some binding spell work in this case is fairly reasonable and it perfectly matches as a good solution to your situation, so you've got some options in here when it comes to binding spell work. I don't do much of binding work, so unfortunately I don't have much to tell you about it unless you wish to search about it by your own.

I specifically recommend making condition oils which i really enjoy making. This isn't exactly binding since this is more neutral however you can use in in any way that you wish. I don't have any specific recipes or ritual forms to give you so I'll just tell you how to design these stuff. There are some things you need to do ;


Condition Oils are a staple supply in many magical and spiritual traditions. Typically they are natural oils, infused with herbs and other botanical ingredients, fragranced with essential oils, and lightly tinted. Unfortunately, authentic condition oils are hard to come by as very few distributors take the time and effort required to make genuine products. What you find instead are colored, scented mineral oils with no natural or botanical ingredients in them at all . With these imposter oils there is no naturally occurring magic in them; you are simply paying a premium price for the traditional name these fake oils are bestowed with.

In root work, as well as most other systems of natural magic, the power and efficacy of spiritual supplies such as condition oils comes from two sources: the practitioner and the natural material used as ingredients. Furthermore, in root work it is a widespread belief that the Universe created these herbs perfect as they are, ready to be used, as is, to help you obtain your needs and desires. No fancy ritual is needed to "charge" the herbs, no particular ancient incantation needs to be recited over them, nothing. They are perfect and complete in and of themselves. This explains why skeptical people with no magical training can have great success using root work even without fully believing in it. It is the magic that is naturally contained in the herbs, roots, and minerals that is doing most of the work. Now, don't get me wrong - experience, sincere prayer, visualization, and positive thinking really do go far. They combine with the power of the botanicals for extra strength, but it is not required, although I still recommend you do so.

With all that being said, if your condition oils have no herbs and roots in them, either infused in the oil or loose in the bottle, they are not magical. The only reason these imposters can sometimes be used successfully is because of the belief and sincere prayer of the user. If you want to use condition oils that posses their own power, you need to look around to find authentic ones. Most wholesale and large-scale manufacturers don't offer legit condition oils. Real root workers who do work typically make their own condition oils properly, but a root worker can be hard to find as they usually don't advertise on the Internet or in the classifieds. To my knowledge, other than my own business, there is only one other provider of authentic oils out there easily found through a search engine. If you come across some condition oils and you are considering purchasing them, look for botanical material floating in the bottle. That is the only way you can know for sure that there are any natural ingredients at all in the oils. Also another give-away is the price of the oils. Herbs, roots, and minerals are expensive. Properly assembled and prayed-over oils take time to make. A skilled root worker who makes outstanding oils should also be compensated for her or his handiwork, and therefore, the price will reflect it. Expect to pay around five to seven dollars for a 1/2 ounce of condition oil.


Condition Oils can be used in a myriad of ways except, of course, internally! Here is a brief outline of their most common uses.

Dress candles, petition papers, and money

Use condition oils to anoint candles when burning them for devotion, religious or ancestral offerings, and spiritual practices. If you have a practical need such as more money or a new lover, choose a condition oil that complements that desire, and anoint a candle with it. When you burn the candle, the magic contained in the oil is dispersed into the Universe to help create the circumstances and opportunities for you to meet your goals.

A petition paper is a brief need or prayer written out on a small piece of paper. Choose a condition oil that closely matches your need, and dress the four corners and edges of your petition paper. Burn this wish, place it under a candle, or set it aside in a special place such as an altar or a mojo bag. The condition oil will activate the petition paper and speed along your request.

Dress hands, head, or use as a perfume

Rub a small amount of condition oil into your hands to gently influence yourself or others. If you are about to go on a date with someone you fancy, rub a small amount of Love Me Condition Oil on your right hand. When you shake your date's hand, you will be doing some very subtle love-work on her/him. In your case, if you design something to get your free will for love matters, try to get the oil in connection with your partner's parents.

Another very common use of condition oils is as a magical perfume. If you are not terribly fond of the way a particular oil smells, or if you think it doesn't mix well with your regular perfume, add just a touch to your pulse points (if it is a love oil, anoint your breasts and/or genitals lightly as well), and then spray over it with your regular cologne or perfume. It doesn't matter how much you wear - just that you wear it.

Feed Mojo Bags or Lodestones

Traditionally, condition oils are used to "feed" both Mojo Bags and Lodestones to keep them working strong. Use a complementary oil that suits the work your Lodestones and Mojo is employed for. Anoint a Lodestone on a love-drawing altar with Love Come To Me Condition Oil. Dress the corners of a Man's Master and Commander Mojo Bag plus dress the larger roots with an oil for personal strength and magnetism such as Follow Me Girl!, Crown of Success, Kiss Me Now!, or Master and Commander. .

Add to baths and floor washes

If you are ever without Bath Crystals and want to take a spiritual bath or make up a magical floor wash, condition oils substitute quite nicely. The water will not be as fragrant or as colored as it would if you were using Bath Crystals, but condition oils will accomplish the same goal. Just add a few drops to the bath water or mop bucket, say a prayer over it, and proceed as usual. Try a bath with Red Fast Luck before going gambling, wash your floors and wooden moldings with Peaceful Home, and bathe with Happy Heart and Soul when you need a lift.

Mix with Incense Powders and herbs to burn as incense

If you are ever in need of some magical incense, you can doctor the plain old regular incense you have with condition oils to get the job done. You can also create custom blends mixing the two. Let's say you have some sandalwood incense which is good for peace of mind and domestic harmony. You could add a few drops of Attraction Oil to the sandalwood to add the oils properties of drawing money, love, and luck into your home. Condition Oils may be added to both loose incense and stick incense; you just need to use a light touch to prevent the mix from getting too wet. Dried herbs may also have condition oils added to them to increase their power, or you could combine all three: Incense Powder, dried herbs, and condition oils for a very magically potent incense.

Have fun working with condition oils. I am positive you will find it a worthwhile practice .
Also always remember to pray and keep a positive attitude.

Google Binding spells.

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Re: I m new here.Need a Spell
Post # 5
Thanks for your help!!!!
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