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how do I make a black mag

Forums ► Misc Topics ► how do I make a black mag
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how do I make a black mag
Post # 1
Hey this question is for all the dark, black and evil magick experts. How do I create a black magick spell/ritual?
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Re: how do I make a black mag
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Well black magic is not necercerilly evil and you just have to create a spell like write it down for whatever you want to use it for as long as it is realistic the term black magic is lost in translation so it is just a universal term used and there really is no labels for magic
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Re: how do I make a black
Post # 3
I know all this. What if the spell you want to create needs alot of evil energy to do what you want.
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Re: how do I make a black mag
Post # 4
there is no such thing as evil energy
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Re: how do I make a black mag
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
All magick is written the same way as long as you are not involving other beings/powers, the difference is, you have to be more careful when you deal with volatile energy. Wording and goal must be precisely thought out. And you must be sure there are no loopholes or wording that can be twisted. Some believe you need to cleanse yourself afterward. I personally have only practiced malicious magick within justice and balance, so I never worried about such things and nothing bad has ever come of it. I do agree with others (in other topics) however that such castings should NEVER be attached to the caster and should be severed and left to its own work (which is why its important to give it very precise and careful instructions, it will not be supervised). Some will however create a backup plan by attaching it to an object they can destroy to break the spell if it goes wrong.

If you do involve other beings and/or powers you MUST research them well. The danger is in dealing with darker intelligent powers/beings. They are not as forgiving as the lighter ones, and can be downright brutal to an ignorant caster. You MUST do your homework on them, and be as thorough as possible.
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Re: how do I make a black mag
By: / Novice
Post # 6
WhiteRav3n makes a good case for precision in black magic. However, I've always considered it a crude and imprecise art.

Black magic deals largely with the physical and the bodily, because the so-called 'lower planes' - the portion of the astral plane reserved for negative energy beings and places, such as nightmares - are also associated with intense emotion, sensuality, and basic human potentiality.

To some witches dedicated to the black arts, this means integrating a sort of hedonism into ritual practice. Binge feasting, sex, killing (ostensibly, "hunting" or "fishing") - these are all potent generators of crude magical energy, and therefore perfect to perform before or during black magic acts.

That is, if you're into that sort of thing.

I don't like this mode of thought, because I think it unfairly dichotomizes magic into the 'good' and the 'evil,' disclaimers I've tried to avoid by not being conventionally religious. I prefer to think of magic as one giant grey blob with the occasional buzz of black and white static. What designates what is 'black' and 'white,' if not evil and good? Simple - order and chaos.

White magic reinforces the order of things. It abides by time-honored cycles man has relied upon for thousands of years to orient his day - the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, the ebb and flow of seasons, etc. - and generates 'positive' energy because of it.

Black magic, however, is antithetical. It runs west and east against the rise and fall of the sun and is best performed at night, when few people still awake are laboring benignly. It reverses and reflects the order of things, and in doing so, generates 'negative' energy.

Therefore, if binge feasting, sex or killing (again, "hunting" and "fishing," ostensibly) are not part of your usual day-to-day existence, they would indeed conform to this understanding of black magic. By doing them, you are stepping out of your routine and drawing the universe's notice. However, if they are, the very opposite would be true: performing acts of abstinence, chastity and mercy would produce the same effect. Magic is nothing if not relative.

This, combined with careful planning related to the moon cycles, the day of the week, and the planetary hour can generate potent black magic indeed.

I hope that helps. Blessed be.
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