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tarot cards

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tarot cards
Post # 1
ok so i was talking with a friend about my tarot cards and how usually when i do readings for myself they end up being right now since i mentioned that a whole bunch of people are asking me to do readings for them and i'm really scared to do it because i haven't really done them for others. I've only done one and i don't even know if it was right and i really don't want to give them the wrong answers or not be right in general. I don't know how to do it for other people and i don't want them to think i'm lying about being able to do them for myself. Also i got all phone and ipod taken away and i prefer to do readings in my room so my parents wont find out about it and now can't do readings till i get my stuff back
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Re: tarot cards
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I am assuming you want some input onto this situation.

The advice I can give you, is to not do the readings. Do not do readings for other people unless you are completely comfortable with your abilities. They are flocking to you because:

a) It is free
b) You stated your readings end up being correct

This is like having a make-up salon when you've only done make up on your own face... Then saying it is free... Then saying that you've had amazing results. Of course people will then want to excitingly request a reading.

Because of your feelings of worry, the reading will probably go wrong. These attachments cause distortions in the cards, and you will be unable to focus on the reading properly.

For now, stick to solitary readings for yourself until you are comfortable with your ability. Learn a few tarot spreads, and maybe even create a few on your own. More importantly, take your time. Decline the requests, and put your own growth first.
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Re: tarot cards
Post # 3
i never said i wanted to do them for others though. I thought that it was interesting that when i did them for myself that they were always right and was wondering if that was what i was good at like others are good at healing and such. Then another friend asked me if i could do a reading for them and i said i guess but i wasn't sure if it would be correct because no one has ever asked me to do a reading for them and i wasn't sure how to. Since i did that reading others are asking me to do readings
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Re: tarot cards
Post # 4

If you ever do end up reading for others, you might want to stick with people you know or are comfortable with. When reading for others, focus on their energy as well as your own and that of the cards. Regularly cleanse them and maybe use a separate deck for readings involving others.

You also might want to look into reading with a deck of playing cards, so it is inconspicuous. The only differences really are that you are only using one Major Arcana card and none of the Minor Arcana have any images other than the suit sigils. If you wanted to, you could make numbered cards for each of the Major Arcana and just remember which card and meaning is which number. Then it just looks like you're playing a card game.

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Re: tarot cards
Post # 5
ok thank you
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