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Legion of Light and Dark

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Legion of Light and Dark
By: / Novice
Post # 1

Hello, my name is Aki. I am the new priest of Legion of Light and Dark (LLD). I am speaking on behalf of my fellow members, councilmen as well as the priestess, Karia (Kariaxchan).

As some of you may already known from Quis's previous thread about LLD, he has handed down the leadership to us, Karia and I, due to a few internal conflicts. The Legion has had a rough journey, going from one leader to the next, knowlegeable members leaving in frustration or simply not keeping active, and we were left without any leaders for quite some time. I have been in LLD almost since I started this account, so I have watched it's progress, or rather downfall.

I am proud to say that these times are now over.

Karia and I have been handed coven leadership rather unexpectedly. We never even thought about taking control of a group of people before; we were perfectly happy being on council. It took a lot of work to reorganize the forums and recruit the new members we have. We were also very fortunate to have a few members left who were dedicated in helping us plan and carry out our revival of LLD as well as have support from the previous leaders and a few others. I will say this bluntly and truthfully, I know for myself, I am neither the smartest nor the most experienced in magic in our coven alone. I may not be the best candidate for running this coven. I may not ever be able to bring this coven back to the glory days. Who knows? All I can really say is that I truly care about this coven, I have seen it go through too much, some things must be changed, and I, along with all the people I am speaking on behalf of, will do our best to make it as best as it can be.

That being said,

Our coven is about all about balance: light and dark, mind and body, spiritual and physical etc. Legion defines as a group of roman soldiers, an army of thousands. Though we may not be as large, we are still just as strong. Everyone here is considered part of a whole and unified force, no matter how "light" or "dark" you may be. (Except "fluffies" or trolls. We don't tolerate them, sorry) We must bring opposing forces together to work in perfect harmony rather than end in bitter chaos. We must not let our differences be our bane, but rather our strength.

Once we have finally reached these conditions, only then may we be truly considered the Legion of Light and Dark.


Those who are interested in applying, please send a message to me (Animerox360) or Karia (Kariaxchan) your application as well as click the apply button on our coven page. Your application must include the following:

Name: (Does not necessarily mean your REAL name, just a nickname or your user will do)


Why you wish to join:

How often you can be on and contribute to our coven:

And anything else you would like to share about yourself:

For more information, please visit our coven page. If you have any further questions Karia and I will be happy to answer them.

~Thank you all~

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Re: Legion of Light and Dark
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Best of luck to you and your coven :)
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