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Concerning Love Spells

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Concerning Love Spells
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Concerning Love Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Love spells are what most people think of when magic comes to mind, thanks to Hollywood exaggerations about what 'love' is - and how magic can assist in its flourishing. Unfortunately, in real life, love is a complicated, intimate, and multi-faceted issue. It might be important to clarify just what that means before embarking on a ritual to 'create' it.

'Love' is a feeling that can develop between people relating to sexual compatibility, physical attractiveness and short-term chemistry. Modern science has drawn comparisons between the initial bout of love - the 'honeymoon phase' - and highs induced by recreational drugs. To further carry the metaphor, not all 'highs' are experienced the same, depending on our unique biochemical makeups. Some of us fall hard and experience wrenching heartbreak; others recover quickly and 'go with the flow'; others still fear the emotion due to past trauma and resent those that inspire it. However it manifests, this is the sensation generated during a love spell: the initial euphoric 'high.'

Unfortunately, in real life, love alone does not a solid relationship make. Long-term commitments require maturity, honesty, flexibility, communication and compromise to survive. These traits cannot be magically produced; they only come through years of experience and personal growth. So when you use a love charm to draw someone to you, you have supplanted the initial attraction where it might not have otherwise been. What if you have nothing in common? What if, upon living together, you discover they have a dreadful private habit you have to confront daily? What if they don't satisfy you in bed? Even if the chemistry is flawless, what if they're not ready and the timing is off?

Or worse still - what if you have second thoughts later on?

This accounts for love spells' high potential for backfire. Even when cast correctly, love spells may consign you and your target to misery in the long term.

So what are love spells - black or white?

I posit that love spells can be considered black magic if they inspire the feeling of love where it would not have otherwise have existed, such as when a target is in a relationship with someone else. Pursuing relationships without a solid foundation of compatibility is doomed to result in heartache.

On the other hand, love spells that help compatible, willing adults find each other can be considered white magic. Love spells cast under these circumstances strengthen the bonds that would have come to pass without spiritual meddling. They can help make a good impression on a first date, make an anniversary special and bring domestic happiness. They're also excellent for re-igniting passion in long-term committed relationships.

In short: love spells are a heavy-handed solution to a delicate problem. No matter what the circumstances, it is always best to use conventional modes of communicating love BEFORE consulting magic. ONLY USE LOVE SPELLS AS A LAST RESORT.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Concerning Love Spells
Post # 2
Well this is really my last resort and I need to use drastic measures I really need help I need a very strong spell and It would be very much appreciated if someone could cast it for me or if I could get the spell and cast it myself but I really need HELP!!!!!!!
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Re: Concerning Love Spells
Post # 3
All magic is used to bring about change that would have otherwise not have been. Therefore, by your definition all love magic is black magic.

Just because two adults are compatible doesn't mean they'd naturally get together.

I didn't read this whole post but that's what popped out to me.
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Re: Concerning Love Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I don't know that that's necessarily true. No one can say for sure what fate holds in store. I'd draw the line at making presuppositions based on "destiny," but sometimes, when two people go very well together, it's hard not to think they were "meant" for each other. Who's to say, /before/ you cast a love spell, you weren't going to eventually bump into them on your own, and who's to say sparks wouldn't fly?

Anyway, the distinction doesn't /really/ matter. Magic, black or white, is powered by the same phenomenon. However, it's important to reap all of what our magical meddling sows, and the 'black/white' distinction helps us to be mindful of the totality of that harvest down the line.
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Re: Concerning Love Spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I can say that I don't do love spells period; it is a topic that never really interested me.

The issue of morality people have with love spells is the thought that you are altering fate (something that otherwise would not have been). Yet in fact, we, as phsyically conscious minded-rooted humans, can never truly know if fate exists, or what it actually is. We have feelings, and glimpses of what it might be, but many mistake that for truly knowing. My proposal here is that it is quite possible for fate 'intending' a love spell to happen as the bigger picture of the cosmic web is much like a forest - single tree doesn't see the entire forest, but each one is essential for it to be a forest in the first place.
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