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Wiccan Tools
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First off,I am currently interested in wicca,therefore I will be sharing a lot about what I know,I will be posting my sites as well,some may be copied right off the site,but others will be in my own words. Trust me,there will be no day that I wont site my sites,I wont be like uncontrolled.

An altar is a tool used to put your other tools on,its basically just a table.

An Athem is a double edged blade that is used to direct or manipulate energy,and is also used for casting circles.

The bell is used when casting circles,or in some cases used for drawing away spirits,and brining in peace,it can also be used as a relaxation/meditation tool.

The Bolline is used for cutting herbs for rituals,and also used to carve drawings/symbols on your ritual tools such as candles and wood(wand).

Book of Shadows
The book of shadows is used to record all your spells,everything you did,or what spells worked.It is basically your magickal diary,keep all the useful information in that book for later use.

The broom is a tool of magick and ritual that is still used by Witches today. The traditional Witch's Broom is made of ash, birch and willow because of the attributes of those woods, but it can be made of just about any wood available. Although not employed for flying purposes, the broom does have many uses. It is used for protection. It is also and most commonly used for physically and magickally cleaning an area that will be used for sacred space. The broom does not have to touch the ground to sweep away the psychic clutter that often collects in well-used spaces. Brooms are also often used in handfasting rituals. The broom is associated with Water and is sacred to both the God and Goddess.

Candles are used to represent different symbols such as the god and goddess, and like a red candle represents Love,and Passion,candles are used for rituals,and spells.

Couldrons are used to mix herbs,and liquids together for a drink,or spell,and so on.

The cencer is used to burn incence and are very useful when envoking the spirits or the god and goddess.

The chalice/cup is also used for mixing herbs and liquids,but can also just be a tool to pour your mixture in and drink instead of using a regular cup.

Dishes are used to hold the water and the salt for ritual use. They can also hold anything you need for the spell.

The pentacle is used for rituals and spells,it symbolizes the five elements,Earth,Fire,Wind,Water,and Spirit.

Scrying Mirror
A scrying mirror is a small, darkened mirror. This is used for divination.

The wand is used for casting your spells,and is a very helpful tool.

Source: http://fairwind_00.tripod.com/Tools.htm

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Re: Wiccan Tools
Post # 2

I would like to add onto what you have posted so far.

Your altar is more than simply a table (or any other surface) to hold your ritual tools. It's also a focus for energy when casting a circle.

Many feel that the Athame should only cut and direct energy, and that if it draws blood, it is tainted. Not everyone feels this way, though it is best to keep blades for subtle and physical cutting separate. There are those that use blood in their work (I personally am one of them) and keep a specific blade for drawing blood (safely, I must point out). Blood work is often a subject probably best avoided until deeper into your studies when you have a sufficient grasp on your spirituality.

Bells are often used in casting a circle by way of cleansing a space and most often related to the element of Air.

Candles can really be used to represent any energy. An analogy from herbalism is that it is like a base that absorbs the properties of other herbs (energies).

In the sentence about censors, there is posted the word envoking. This can be confusing at first look because it's a combination of two different words (and is probably a typo); evocation and invocation. The difference between the two is that evocation is the act of calling up and without (calling up energy outside of oneself), while invocation is the act of calling up and within (calling up energy inside of oneself). The latter is another best saved for when you have a sufficient grasp on things.

Traditionally, the Chalice holds the libations (ritual drink), most often a fermented drink such as wine, but can also be juice or water. How this tool works is that during the casting within the circle, it absorbs the residual energy you raise. At the end of the casting, you drink the libation and it grounds the energy into your body.

The Pentacle symbolizes the element of Earth, even with being a symbol for energy. While in a closed circle, it is your anchor to Earth while you are in what some say as 'A time without time and a place without a place, in between worlds'. This also grounds the energy at the end of the circle casting when you poor the last of the libations on the Pentacle. It is also the symbol of Wicca. There is also some confusion between what a Pentacle and a Pentagram is. The difference is largely just that one five point star is enclosed in a circle while the other five point star is not. The circle part of the Pentacle can also represent the connectedness of the energies and the Witches Wheel of the Year.

The wand's energy is more magnetic (subtely) in nature and works like condensing and spreading around energy like a mist. If you use specific wands for specific things, they store the energy (as any tool) and can effectively store a spell by attaching the energy with the residual energy of the wand.

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