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No Subject

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No Subject
Post # 1
I suffer from frequent headaches but even when i don't have a headaches if i use any psychic abilities (energy manipulation...etc) i get a big headache like a presser in front of the frontal lobe
it is very annoying because i feel like I'm being blocked form my own mind

soooo.... ye.. pls help .... thanx
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Re: No Subject
Post # 2
does this happen every time? if so you could be having a backlash headaches meaning that for lack of better words you have not stretched the part of the mind that you use for energy manipulation try grounding and centering and just holding that stat for a time then push small amounts of energy at a time grounding and centering will also help remove any blocks that you are having it is a good relaxed state that helps get the energy moving
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Re: No Subject
Post # 3
From personal experience I can tell you that I have had the same problem. It comes from trying to use powers or skills before you or more specifically your energy centers are ready for it. It is like trying to run a marathon when you havn't trained for it. I recommend going through some exercises to open your energy centers perhaps yoga or ti chi. It should stop after awhile at least mine did.
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Re: No Subject
Post # 4

I will begin with giving you a simple solution.
If you're looking towards complementary(alternative) therapies, You might be interested in bach flower remedies or tinctures.

Secondly, Meditation helps with headaches, along with incense such as star anise or lavender. Dehydration, as stated is also a huge factor. If you drink caffeine you may want to replace them with herbal teas instead, just as peppermint or chamomile. They help much better in the long run. It may be actually good to do that since you said that you never get any head aches while performing magic and manipulating your energy.

And now it's very recommended to know why you get these head aches. There might be some reason, I'll try to cover most of the main ones by generally talking.

Stress and anxiety

Strain headaches, as well as I am aware, mostly give people who suffer from it neck pain and stiffness, and pain around the temples and probably even your forehead. If you would like to go directly to medications and such, a tension headache specific medicine is a really well known and a recommended thing to do in order to rule this out.
When it works for you (most likely it will), consider drinking some good and hot peppermint tea with some decent amount of raw honey on a regular basis, as long as you don't any other issues (such as - acid reflux). Rubbing diluted peppermint oil on the place you're heaving the most serious and sever aches also can be very helpful and it can certainly ease everything beginning from migraines and ending up with cluster headaches. As i said you can always try meditation. Rub your ears from tip to top for something around 2 minutes - or so, pull on them gently while doing this. What i also really recommend is to take some great hot relaxing baths once every night before you're going to sleep.

Basically headaches are a way for our body to tell us or give us a little sign that it is not in balance.

I have been for a while into medicine. I have been into this subject for a bit, and as far as I am aware dehydration can be one common reason for sever head aches. What you need to do in this case is to simply drink more water in order to balance our body, increase potassium foods for your diet. Take some multivitamin as well.

Also don't forget to add to your diet some good magnesium filled foods. Simply eating nuts and salad might be as good =)

In case nothing works, this might be something a bit more serious. Go and please see a doctor if that's the case. See a doctor anyway. I encourage you to dot that.

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