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Learning More

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Learning More
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Magick has different meaning to us all and we can choose what to learn with it. Like some of us learn how to cast spells while others learn the theories on how life works. But even then that still doesn't mean you shouldn't learn other stuff too. I remember when I was younger all I really focused on was the Craft but yet not so much on my school work. My own father even told me that I cannot get a good job with the stuff I was teaching myself. What you can learn in school, even in College, matters too.

Get yourself a hobby or go hang out with some friends. That is more awarding than finding a spell or a new way to summon a demon (Demons for your own pleasures are on the raise for some reason this year). Yes learning the Craft can be called a hobby, but finding another hobby will relax your mind and let you ease up on the stress. Friends online are friends, but I always prefer seeing friends face to face so we can do stuff together. Building bonds with another makes your mind stronger and also reduce stress. Quote: having too much of one thing, even a good thing, can still harm you.

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Re: Learning More
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I super agree with you Nash:)
We really should don't focus/take magick too seriously but our daily lives too.
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Re: Learning More
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I'm slightly offended. Only slightly because I don't take what is written online seriously enough to be fully offended. And I hope you, Nash, aren't fully offended in response to this. But I had to say something....

Magick is apart of life. It is in everything. And apart from that it includes a search and thirst for knowledge of all sorts including science, math, psychology, philosophy, history and theology. To be called a witch or (magi)cian is to be a "wise one" and how in the world can you be wise with limited perspectives and knowledge? The first ones to practice magick was the shamans. And they were the wisest of their tribe! They knew medicine, history, their religion, and their own version of psychology. They advised people, healed them (mind body and spirit), and some were even warriors as well. Do you think when they slapped herbs on a wound and chanted over it, the herbs or the chant saved the person's life? But both the herb (with the knowledge of what that herb could do) and the chant were apart of the magick. Every bit of knowledge we learn (from school too) can benefit our practice. If your stupid, you're not going to be able to do advanced magick without getting hurt. Education....be it in an establishment, at home, self-taught or from a tutor doesn't pump you full of facts you'll remember for the rest of your life (Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader tv show proves that), it helps to shape our minds into a fine tuned, logical, analytical, and articulate state. We emerse ourselves into spiritual learning to further challenge our minds by reaching higher states of consciousness and taking control of our subconscious.

To call it a hobby and generalize it as "spells and...summoning" is ignorance. THAT is the view of someone learning for the wrong reasons. It should not be set aside or separated but integrated into ones daily life, because it is there, all around you. Magick doesn't just stop existing because you put a book down and walk away from it to hang out with friends.

Perhaps if you knew this, it wouldn't have been a burden on your life.

What I'm trying to say is, it is not an excuse for not trying in school or hanging out with friends. Nor should it be blamed for such behavior. If you're not doing well in school or don't have the desire to hang out with friends, then there are underlying reasons for it that you need to work out for yourself.

I'm tired and my vision is blurring from burning eyes screaming for sleep, so I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors. I can't properly reread my post. Good night.
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Re: Learning More
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Raven I can understand your view in all of this, but I am not talking about back when the Shamans were still looked upon as healers than now days of the hospital. I didn't just labeled magick as just spells, in my post I also stated learning theories about life (even if I didn't went deep into it). Besides, I feel like I wrote this post for people still in school to just let them know that learning English, Math, Biology, Government, History, and so on is also important than just learning whichever part of magick they are in.

When I was young I mainly learned the Craft because it was more interesting than school. This didn't just happened with me, there were a few people I have met before that told me the same thing. One guy asked me how to improve his grades with magick while another asked how can he make his school work just as interesting as how he learns magick. We have to remember this is the age were we need to get jobs to pay for the bills and buy what we need and want. Learning just magick (which was what I was talking about above) is not the only thing you need to learn.

Raven, if you learn to be a shaman and helped others with healing, do you really think you could be hired to be a Nurse or Doctor in a hospital? I am not trying to offend but give the younger ones a understanding that you need other skills to get a job or career.

And lastly, even if this is our way of life should we drown ourselves in it because we enjoy it so? I agree it is important but give the mind a break. Yes magick is always out there doing its work because that is what it does. It was meant to do that and is waiting to be used. But us humans are different, we need rest, sleep, food, other things to do. I love fixing stuff and even have a job just like that, but at the end of the day I get tired and don't want to fix anything at all. I am just trying to state that magick isn't the only thing out there in the world, just remember that Raven. Maybe I didn't explain it enough as I should but I thought I didn't have too.
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Re: Learning More
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
With every action and thought we produce, if we have mindfulness and intent within it, magick practioners "live" magick. It has nothing to do with casting. The best practioners only cast occasionally. It has to do with the way we live. It is a lifestyle. We are self aware and in control of ourselves (and therefore in control of our environment). Those who see it as a hobby...irk me.

Sure, the literature concerning magick is interesting to teens because most are meant specifically to lure people to buy them by mentioning the "wants" people commonly have (love, money, luck, etc). But serious practioners rarely do such magick if ever. The real magic in magick is the power of the mind. Our mind travels with us and therefore is capable of manifesting thought and emotion at every moment of the day. Every thought and emotion you hold onto is energy you create, and if someone doesn't accept that and feel they can walk away from magick as if its a hobby, they need to more reading, and read the right things, because they don't understand the true fundamental workings of magick itself.
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