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good luck spell anyone

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good luck spell anyone
Post # 1
hey people i'm looking for a simple yet a effective good luck spell. please no made up spells
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Re: good luck spell anyone
Post # 2

Hm, what about making a mojo bag which is very recommended for carrying around luck?

The term "mojo bag" comes to us from hoodoo, the root word being "mojuba," which means "a prayer of praise and/or homage." In practice it refers to any talisman made by putting things in a bag.

Mojo bags are usually made from felt, though the more traditional voodoo variety, the gris-gris bag, is often made from leather. They are almost universally worn or carried somewhere on the body, and so they're usually not too much bigger than a deck of cards, though you are of course free to make it as big or small as you need or want. There are no hard and fast rules for what goes into a mojo bag.

One of the often overlooked things to keep in mind when making a pouch like this is the number of things being put in. Numbers themselves have important meanings; four is a number of growth and opportunity - eleven is a number of magick. Why throw in a random number of items associated with growth and opportunity, when you can make /the number itself/ part of the magick?

The bag itself is sometimes inscribed with verses from the Bible or Quran, and you can obviously take this practice and translate it into whatever religious or spiritual texts are relevant to you - there's no reason you can't write your favorite passage from the Tao Te Ching or the Charge of the Goddess or whatever is special to you and relevant to the purpose of the bag.

Items to put in the bag itself are very diverse. Possible items include;
Coins (for good luck and prosperity)
Stones (emeralds, obsidian, quartz crystal, etc.)
Herbs & plants (depending on the purpose of the bag, this means you can include principles of aromatherapy!)
Deity-related items (nails for a carpenter god, a tuft of wolf hair for a wolf totem, seeds for a harvest god, etc.)
Cards & symbols (an appropriate tarot card, a tiny horse statue, a pentacle ring, an ankh from a necklace, etc.)
Leftovers from a ritual (wax drippings or incense ash from a related ritual, possibly the ritual you empowered the bag in).

If you want to look up more about the mojo bag you should keep in mind that other names for the mojo bag are mojo hand, conjure hand, lucky hand, conjure bag, trick bag, root bag, toby, jomo, gris-gris and grigri.

Anyway, in order to help you a bit more, let me ask you- what do you need luck for by a mojo bag? Attracting money, general luckm or both of them?

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Re: good luck spell anyone
Post # 3

Okay so I just came to check in and I realized that my comment about mojo bags wasn't explained and detailed well enough, so to make it more helpful I decided to some more things ;)

Alrighty, let's walk through this; a mojo bag for money and good luck.

The best planetary influence for this is /probably/ Jupiter, since Jupiter is the planet of wealth, expansion, opportunity, and optimism. All of the divine names of Jupiter equal 4 or 34, so those are both good numbers to use. 4 seems sort of like too few, and 34 seems like it might be too many, but 16 will also work as it is simply four 4s.

The bag itself should probably be green if possible. Not the most Jupiterian color, but is extremely closely associated with good luck, growth, and by simple merit of money being green, wealth.

Things to potentially put in the bag - you choose which ones based on availability and how you personally feel about them, okay?

* Money - Nothing draws money quite as well as money. Coins seem to work best, I'm not totally sure why - I assume it has something to do with the fact that coins have been used WAY longer than paper money, so they've also been a symbol of wealth much longer. A common Feng Shui amulet for wealth is a fake old Chinese coin (one of those ones with the square hole in the middle) made from green jade. The coins don't need to be real or from the country you live in or anything, they just need to be able to represent wealth (so it should at least emulate real currency - no weird tokens or medallions).

* Magnets - When trying to draw something like money you should combine the target item (money) and a magnet to draw more of it to you. A natural magnet like some polished hematite works best, especially if you can add in some iron shavings for the hematite to draw. Both should be available at a pagan store or bead & stone store for less than $5. If you just can't get your hands on hematite you can use a small refrigerator magnet, and if you can't get any iron shavings you can use any other really small magnetic item - I suggest tiny little washers from the local hardware store.

* Plants - I personally suggest moss; you can probably find it growing naturally (free moss!) and it deals with money AND luck - perfect! Other natural items you can toss in for luck and/or money are acorns, cashews, chestnuts, almonds, ginger root, bamboo shoots, cedar chips, mint, High John the conqueror root, tiny pine cones, and sunflower seeds. This site has several articles dealing with more traditional magickal herbs and, if you can get your hands on any of them, I really suggest you take a look. These, however, are things you can almost certainly find without needing to go to a new age shop.

* Stones - these, unfortunately, are harder to find than my plants up there, but if you have a pagan store or a rock & bead shop you can probably find these, though you made need to settle for getting them in bead form. On the plus side, if you get beads you can sew them in a horseshoe shape on the inside of the pouch for extra luck! Fossilized amber, Apache tear (a specific type of obsidian; "regular" obsidian wouldn't be very helpful here), aventurine, bloodstone, jade (especially green jade), jet, tiger-eye (normal brownish one for sure, I don't know about the blue kind), and turquoise. Some of these, like turquoise, are really common in older jewelry so you might be able to find some as a necklace at a thrift store.

* Symbols of wealth & luck - Do you thing four-leaf clovers are lucky? Put in a four-leaf clover or something with a four-leaf clover design (we just had St. Patrick's day, so you can probably find this stuff on sale). Put in dollar signs, anything gold or silver, and anything else that looks like rich-people stuff. Sounds cheesy, but this is actually a pretty tried and true Feng Shui method. If you can find anything shaped like a Chinese ingot (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_H2DePAZe2gA/Sw1RzG6n4tI/AAAAAAAAKkU/6n_aiT-x3iA/s1600/Chinese_Money_Ingot.jpg), all the better! They're shaped like that to represent an entire boat-load of wealth, and if you'v ever been to a China-town you'll know the Chinese use that shape and the shape of ancient coins for EVERYTHING. Why? To draw wealth! So put in any facsimile that represents wealth or luck to you; put in crowns from royal dolls, for example. If houses represent wealth to you, put in a little cut out of a house. If cars represent wealth to you, put in a Micro-Machine.

Since we're dealing with something Jupiterian you should consider making it on Thursday, the day of Jupiter. Luxurious incense would be best during the empowering ritual, but sage is a good (and much cheaper) stand-by that has wealth attributions as well.

I can't think of anything wealth or luck oriented from any sort of scripture for you to write inside the bag, but you could just compose your own short poem or incantation and write that in there.

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Re: good luck spell anyone
Post # 4
Hi, this post was great.

Where can i get a mojo bag from.

U mention that some come with Quranic verses on them? where are they available from?
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