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Help on Crystal
Post # 1
Hi People Little help Crystal I saw theres a lot interesting ones but i am specially curious on something it just asking me alot because been thinking to buy pentacle that have a crystal...but u can choose a crystal that can help u example like amethyst can help u on Strength endocrine and immune systems, Enhances right brain activity and alot more it says but u can choose crystal for u feel satisfied what helps for u like the example or it haves to bee crystal of month of birth... i am really curious about this before a make a move of buying pentacle that includes a crystal...need opinion guys and help i will be really thankfull.

blessed be
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Re: Help on Crystal
Post # 2
Yes, crystals contain such 'powers', but if your that curious I would suggest that you go get some books on the subject and research. Also, from now on... Google is your friend.
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Re: Help on Crystal
Post # 3

Every stone can be affective depending on its use and what it serves for you, buying them according to an astrological strategy might be just as good, however if you can't find anything good and relevant for your need which is also astrologically associated with your birth date, buying crystals without astrological thinking can suit your needs and be just as helpful if they comply to what you're looking for.

Astrologically viewing crystals and gem stones have many sides and points of view which aren't covered by only one meaning.

For example,Zodiac gem stones are also called Astral Stones.

It's believed that the influence of your astrology sign over your fortune in life is strengthened by wearing, holding or carrying the stone associated with the constellation under which you were born.

This idea is based on the harmony that exists between all things. Your astral stone is more than a symbol of your astrology sign - it actually receives the vibrations of the constellation and can strengthen the planetary or zodiacal influence.

There is no central authority as to which gemstones are connected to each sign of the zodiac. Generally, you may find lists of first the traditional Hindu source for the astral stone of each sign, with other beliefs and traditions following it.

However there are many views about them coming from different traditions, not only from this one.

There are several stones listed for each sign, and in choosing your astral stones, you are advised to use the ones with which you feel a close connection.

Find your astrology sun sign on the panel to the right and click on it to discover your ruling planet, personality traits, gem stones and much more...

Search and get to learn. Astrology has many points of view which you may find. You can view each of them differently. As I said, if you find something good use it.

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