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weight loss spell

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weight loss spell
Post # 1
I did a weight loss spell it back fired on me , i only wanted to loss two pds help need information, please message me thanks:)
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Re: weight loss spell
Post # 2

It won't make you lose 2 pounds like a miracle.

Spells cannot change your physical appearance, your DNA or your genes like we see in moves that were made in HollyWood Studios and other places that were meant to provide us entertainment. It is also true that in spells we use energy manipulation and direction, thus they are not a quick fix or a change, of course not physical (when it comes to appearance, DNA and genes). So if you cast a spell and released energy while the desired thing is losing weight, you obviously won't just have a drastic change of DNA, genes and of course not a quick change or fix of your physical appearance such as the shape of your body and the amount of calories and fatness it contains inside of it.

However, nobody really says that you necessarily make a quick change of your physical appearance, shape, DNA or genes by casting a wait loss spell. This sort of spell can have another meaning, another effective and helpful side. There are other factors with losing your weight, and it is associated with casting the spells as well.

In this case this is mostly about motivation.

It is true that the spell cannot change the DNA which affects the physical appearance. However, it can motivate you to work hard and achieve your own weight loss by your own self. However, again, this is not a quick fix or something like that. Spells are not miracles at all, same about weight loss spells. If you cast one, it can motivate you to work hard and thus achieve weight loss during a specific period of time by working out and achieving it by yourself, without any miracle or even something close to it. But it cannot be even argued with, it's very obvious that by manipulating and directing your energy or even chanting something, you won't wake up in the next morning and see your body shape different or another physical appearance. It's not a miracle or Hocus Focus as we see in movies. But perhaps that's not what the spells says, as i already said.

Weight loss spells, mantras, chants and the like are all good self motivators for you to achieve your goal. They in themselves will notnot magically make you thinner overnight ( as i already told you) , but they may enable you to eat one less spoon of that pound cake that your mom made. They in themselves will not instantly transform you the next day (as many people in this community think and believe) to two dress sizes lower, but they may remind you to take an extra glass of water before the meal starts. They will not make you into the prince charming after a day, but they may add to your confidence. Weight loss spells, and others like that aren't shams in itself but perhaps a reminder that allows you to be the better person you can always become. These spells are self motivating guides, constant reminders that we tell ourselves to achieve what we want to happen. People might get disappointed and think that its not what they thought it was, weight loss spells may not be considered really as a weight loss method but it does have a great influence on how we think. And oftentimes, the effectiveness of any diet program will start and stem out from our motivation, our state of mind. Hope I made my point.

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