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Beauty spells

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Beauty spells
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Beauty spells
Post # 1
Does anyone tried one/some of them? I'm really excited about trying , but i'd like someone's testimonial before.

(Sorry bad english!)
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Re: Beauty spells
Post # 2

Beauty spells don't work. Sometimes they may cast an illusion to others, but it will never change anything about you.

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Re: Beauty spells
Post # 3
Beauty, true beauity isn't on the outside. It's the type of person you are on the inside.

The prettiest girl can be the most vaulgar stench on the inside.

Beauty spells do not work, for you cannot change your physical body with Magick.

I suggest using a self-confidence spell.

- UndyingSoul
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Re: Beauty spells
Post # 4

It is right that a spell will not change your physical appearance or genes and DNA, such as: eye color, hair color, etc. This is very true. Energy manipulation and desires will not change your physical appearance or your genes and DNA. I agree with that Hexen, such things will not work for anyone who try that since spells are basically energy manipulation and direction...

However, As Hexen_Feuer said, there is a form of glamour spells which is known as something that works. So saying that it is not fully possible is not fully correct. The form is called: "Illusions".
Basically glamour spells are illusion, nobody says that they actually changes any part of your body or your actual physical appearance or DNA and genes. Such spells are known as putting and illusion on your self and other people around you.
A glamour spell will only change your opinion and your point of view about you beauty and appearance, same thing about other people who are around you. However, nobody said that this changes something actual about your physical body or appearance.
So this is why this is called an "illusion".
This is actually not a bad thing to do, yet it won't change anything about your genes and DNA but it will change your own mind and thoughts. This is actually even a helpful thing, because sometimes it is very important to love yourself and to think about yourself as beautiful - from the inside and from the outside.

A beauty spell can make you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence, and when you feel better about yourself, other people will be more attracted to you. If you take a closer look at the people you admire the most, you will usually find that they have a special inner beauty and confidence that far exceeds any outer beauty they may possess. Work on developing your inner beauty and you will never again feel the need for love spells and beauty spells. I know how trite that sounds, but there are plenty of people in the world who aren't traditionally "beautiful" but who are still considered extraordinary and special.
My personal idea is every body have his/her special beauty, there is no such thing 'ugly person' there is a person who does not take care of himself. Thus, you do not really need a spell. Just love yourself and believe in yourself and you beauty. If you do it, other people will start looking at you differently.

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Re: Beauty spells
Post # 5
Well, you can't change genes. They can only be unlocked, turned off or rearranged, or unless a group of mad scientists sin against mankind, and genetically modify a human. Genes are there, but they are either arranged in a special order, that they are in, and or some genes are turned off. Truth is we carry a lot of "junk" DNA, or to some extent.

It just makes me wonder what a group of scientists and a group of magicians can do, with a combination of black magick and controversial science. That would make a good sci-fi novel. Nonetheless, interesting.

What is beauty? That is a philosophical question. B-e-a-u-ty. That depends, and in some views, it all depends on what angle you are looking from, or from the questions point of view: looking at. Perspective.

Well, speaking of perspective, I highly suggest, 50 essays a portable anthology, by Samuel Cohen, if you want to read something that will help with your writing. Well, it makes you think, and it is full of short stories, or essays. Read lots, write lots; they both go together like phallic symbol and vessel. Skeet-skeet. ;)

I know what can be in place of being beautiful. Well, I don't even want to share it. You can learn to boggle people's minds, by seducing and glamoring others by mastering something that has to do with the psychic plane which basically induces feelings. But that is too much for me to mention, and too much for many to accept.

I think you can see beauty radiate off of people. No, this is a different kind of beauty. Wait, never mind, it is called confidence.
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Re: Beauty spells
Post # 6
Agree, can't change looks. But I don't understand what the problem with glamour spells is. Not that I've casted a lot, but the ones I have all worked.
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