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My method for magic

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My method for magic
Post # 1
I've been out and around on other places that talk about magic, each having different methods. I found this method I'm about to explain and have found it's the best one for me, so here it is.

First off, I raise the energy. This is easy. You can use runes, vibrations (do not ask me about these I know little to nothing about them), or simply visualize the energy surrounding you. Step two is where you direct the energy to your intentions to whatever you wanna do. For example. You want more money. For this you would want to direct the energy and surround your wallet with it and visualize it full, still with the energy around it. Now this is where you command it. For example, you would affirm silently "large amounts of free and easy obey are coming to me. This money is all mine to keep and spend as I wish". Color is VERY important. For white magic (ex: attracting money, losing weight, anything positive, including love) you would want to use a white-gold mixture, the most powerful color. For black magic (bad luck, curses, etc and the like), it is best to use black or grey, the colors of negative energy.

About black magic:

Doing black magic is more dangerous than white magic. NEVER make a tie between you and the working when doing black magic. This will make your desired outcome get you, also. Obviously, this isn't what you want. For black magic you would want to visualize the energy either around you, but not touching you or in you, or simply pull it from the ground. Also, I have found grey to be much more destructive than black, but do whatever makes you comfortable. For example, for bad luck you would want to silently affirm "(name the misfortune) is affecting (name of person)". While doing this you would place the energy around the person and visualize the specific misfortune over and over. Also, when affirming while visualizing, always affirm 5-10 times or more. Five times the minimum.

So that's how I do my magic. I've found it to be the best method for myself, so I thought i'd share. Let me know what you think. : )
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Re: My method for magic
Post # 2

The method you describe is actually the main method I've noted here. I agree it's one of the more effective systems.

As far as black and white magic is concerned. I assume you're going by the definitions of magic used to help or benefit others and magic used to hurt or detriment others. I'll go ahead and entertain this concept even though personally I don't make distinctions between either as any kind of magic can be beneficial or detrimental to anyone.

The "black magic" you speak of, what are examples of this? Hexes, curses, whatever...? I can't honestly think of anything else you'd say. So does that mean casting a simple hex for say, a couple days of bad luck is more dangerous blood magic used to give someone a couple days of good luck? And who's to say that person doesn't want bad luck? Equally asked who's to say such person wants good luck via magic? Say this person doesn't like witches and they don't want good luck via magic, how is it benefitting them? Are you saying that you're right and they're wrong? You know better what will benefit or detriment others? Are you also saying just because it's detrimental it's more dangerous to you? How do you justify that statement? Are you denying that all magic in general has both positive and negative consequences? If not and you say that "black magic" only has more severe negative consequences then how do you know this for a fact? Has someone only told you? Are deducting that from only one or a few of your own experiences?

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Re: My method for magic
Post # 3
What I'm saying is you probably don't want something bad to happen to you when you're bringing about misfortune for example. I was told some of this, that particular part of it. I wouldn't however consider it wise to tie yourself to a negative working, considering the fact you're dealing with negative and possibly destructive energies. Unless you want something bad (or some degree of destruction) to happen to you.
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Re: My method for magic
Post # 4

Honestly when it comes to certain work, it's best to tie yourself to it for effect.

Frankly you don't want anything negative coming about you even when you're just trying to make daisies grow.

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