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Another dream.(My friend)

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Another dream.(My friend)
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Another dream.(My friend)
Post # 1
Well, my friend recently has had these strange dreams that kept on repeating. I was wondering if you could help him with dream interpretation?

Here's the text from before :
"Ok so I had a dream last night, it was very hard to remember but i was sitting with my dad and watching a horror movie in my dream. Then I see people camping, then a werewolf killed a girl while camping."
Then the dream happened again.
"I don't know, I'm just watching this creepy movie with my dad about people camping then get killed. Then my dad asked, 'Do you still wanna go camping?' Then I woke up"

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Re: Another dream.(My friend)
Post # 2

Dreams are weird at times, but sometimes they could mean a lot. The dream may mean that he has a fear to overcome of camping. In todays society, camping has been put into a negative light. Kids these days are afraid to go camping because they think Freddy Crogger or Jason the Killer may hop out and kill them, but it can also mean "STAY AWAY FROM CAMPING". You never know.

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Re: Another dream.(My friend)
Post # 3
Ahh, Thank you! ^^
But what's weird is that his family has had strange occurances and such, and now he's been having weird or scary dreams.. >< .
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Re: Another dream.(My friend)
Post # 4

Here is what i recommend for everyone who asks about dreams, even if information is provided about the dreams and you can be helped out. It seems like PureSpirit tried to give you a meaning, and she has done this very well. So I will advise you something else.

My advice is : try to get meanings by yourself. In my opinion, dreams i interpret by myself are more qualified for my. And why do I present this statement?

Because you are the one who had the dream, and you do remember all of the details and information by one to one. Even if you will try to provide all of the information you have in your head here, you will still have more potential to get better meanings by yourself. As you know, sometimes we forget to write down some things that we dreamt about.
Also do not forget that people have different meanings and explanations for the things they see. If one person will tell you an explanation of a symbolic item you have seen in a dream, another person might have another meaningful explanation to tell about the symbolic item you have seen.
So i advised you to do it by yourself since you might have other explanations for symbolic things such as specific items which you dreamt about because it is what it means for you. Here your idea is what matters, so it is the best to get meaning about your dreams by yourself. Remember that you dream about meaningful things for you, and that is why you are the one who has to think about your own dreams.

I also advise the same thing for other people who are looking for interpretations for their dreams. Instead of asking another people, and not giving enough details you can simply get your answers by your own self. This is the same situation such as casting your own spells instead of giving a spell caster to cast your spells, this is much better in that condition :)

Go and read about how to get meanings about your dreams, write down details about your dreams - and get information and gather your explanations about any detail one by one. Trust me, the results will be amazing and it will be the best interpretation you can ever get.
Though if you still wish to get someone else who will do this thing for you (less recommended), give details and information one by one, and wait for your interpretation...

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Re: Another dream.(My friend)
Post # 5
The father and daugther means family,
movies are "unreal" so it doesn't have to be a threat to them selves but to someone they see everyday...
Horror movie is a series of scary and horrible doings and experiences,so it could mean that something scary and horibble is going to happen to a person that your friend and her father see everyday...
Says a werewolf killed a girl while camping,werewolf could be a symbolic meaning of another living creature like a wolf in stature or a bear in size,a girl was killed...Who was the girl do they know her?? The answer NO...So since a movie in an "unreal" thing that means that she will be fine on camping...
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Re: Another dream.(My friend)
Post # 6
Dreams show u symbols about what's going on they also help show you who u are. I too had a dream with a wear wolf in it. But if I went near the cliffs it would start chaising after me so I had to run and hide. Some times the dream will repeat every few years. I can't find the symbole meaning for were wolfs which bothers me as we'll becuase it was scary. I do remember me nearing the were wolf as human at one point but when he turned into the creature he didn't reconize me. I wish I can help u with that answer :(
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