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Fairy Info

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Fairy Info

Fairy Info
Post # 1
Is there any vital information I should know about fairies? I would like all your knowledge,or at least as much as you can provide.

-Thank you,
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Re: Fairy Info
Post # 2

There are different types of Fae/Fairies. There are fire, Earth, air, and water fairies. I have never worked with them, but I know they like offerings and acknowledgement. They like to know that you know they are there, and they like you to appreciate them. Now, I've never seen a fairy, but I've heard they are manifested in several ways.

Ways to contact them is first find an area where that type of fairy is most likely to be located. Earth fairies are usually in secluded, wooded and natural areas, such as forests. Water fairies are found around large or small bodies of water, fire fairies around volcanoes, air fairies in windy areas. You can let them know you know they exist and you respect them, then leave your offering.

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Re: Fairy Info
Post # 3
What things should I lay out for a fairy?
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Re: Fairy Info
Post # 4
probably feathers or something like that maybe? im dying to be a fairy and to have mermaid powers without the tail and my friend is over and she's half witch so she knows this kind of stuff;)

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Re: Fairy Info
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I usually give small things (usually sweet or shiny/pretty). Like today, I got a little shell I had and filled it with honey and put it outside, giving it as an offering. I would just try different things, and see how they respond to them. Usually if you give them something with a good heart in general, they'll take it, unless it's something they really don't like.

I hope you find what you're looking for! (:
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Re: Fairy Info
Post # 6
well i hope you relise mos fairys are in hinding thought since they are attacted to magical beings some of of have the wonderful plessure of seeing and meeting them though still quit rare other fairys a chance to come out of hiding or magical gifts. fairys are not really connected with elements they do have great intrest with elemental magick though hope i helped :)
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Re: Fairy Info
Post # 7


some faeries can be very fickle and if you give something to certain fae they ma not like. You should meditate in your house and welcome the faeries that live in their. After that perhaps ask what they would like. Often times house faeries just would like a house with out dust. due to the fact they dislike messes and dust. But often times do not mind cobwebs;.

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Re: Fairy Info
Post # 8
they love circles made of stone (like outlining) and hate iron, most they dont like city areas more open spaces type of deal they like sweet things and ive read some where that they wont show themselves unless you need them or they like you
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Re: Fairy Info
Post # 9
Wow, thank you all. One more question though,how do I find house fairies?
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Re: Fairy Info
Post # 10
In a book I recently bought, there are a couple of guided meditations for meeting your house faeries. It is easy to tell that the author of this book is pagan, but there is definitely nothing wrong with meditation of any sort, and meditation, in its most basic form, at least, is recommended to everyone, Christians included. I'm not sure if this is what you're truly looking for, but here is what I have:

Drawing Close to the House Fairies
1. Pick a time when you are on your own in the house, or at least sharing it only with people who are prepared to be peaceful with you. Sit comfortably in your favorite lace and close your eyes. Imagine yourself leaving your body, as a spirit, and wandering around in your home. Linger in each room, looking about you. Float up to the ceiling, pass through walls, into cupboards, and even below the floorboards, if that feels right.
2. What part of the house especially draws you? What areas feel welcoming and special? Do you feel compelled to do anything in a part of the home that you do not do now? Is there some artifact--a toy, a special tool, or a vase--to which you feel particularly attracted? Or anything that repels?
3. Ask the fairies in your home to show themselves to you. What happens? Do you see, hear, smell, or feel anything?
4. When you are ready, come back to every day awareness. If you have identified somewhere special in your home, honor with a bunch of dried herbs, a lighted candle, or anything else that feels right.

Meditation to Draw Close to the House Fairies
1. Relax within your home and make sure that you will not be disturbed. Because you are doing this meditation in your own home, you could find it a little unnerving at fist, so mentally surround yourself with an egg of light, as protection. A ring of salt, candles, daisies, or the protective her St. John's wort will help you feel safe. However, by doing this you may offend benevolent fairies, who cannot understand how humans can be so stupid as not to realize who is what!
2. Become very aware of your body and surroundings. How do you feel? Do you feel safe, warm, and comfortable? If not, why not? If you are uncomfortable due to material circumstances, adjust them before proceeding. If the cause is something more subtle, try to identify what this is, as far as you are able.
3. What sounds are there n the house around you? Can you hear creaks and movements? Try to listen beyond the hum of the refrigerator and the gurgle of the water in the pipes. What scents are you aware of? Is there a subtle fragrance, or any smell that reminds you of the past or something special?
4. Imagine now that beings are coming toward you, from the corners of your house. They may be tall and stately, small and dainty, or swarthy and hairy. You may also see a deceased relate or a long dead ancestor that you recognize by some sign. If all the fairies seem benign, apologize to them for your protective measures.
5. Speak to the fairies. Ask them what you can do to make better contact with them. Request advice concerning your home. One of the fairies may act as a spokesperson, or you may be taken to a part of your home and shown something. If this is the case, take careful note.
6. Occasionally, this exercise may reveal to you that there are presences in the home that do NOT feel god. If this is the case, say a firm "Go away" and bring yourself back to everyday awareness, immediately but gently.
7. When you have come back to everyday awareness, your home may well feel different to you, having contacted the spirits of place. Retain this awareness, and always respect the fairies. Repeat the meditation from time to time to feel right.

The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moore
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