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Post # 1
hello there if u agree with me post it: do u hate it when you see people here that dont believe in magick and r just here to socialize? well socializing can be good to meet new people that are of the occult and ask for help, but when they confess that they willingly say they dont practice ANY form of magic but of course they remain to be on this sight. it ticks me off.
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Re: charalants
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Comments from Welcome.
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Re: charalants
Post # 3

I totally agree!

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Re: charalants
Post # 4
thank u
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Re: charalants
Post # 5

Yes, we all know that many people are here in order to socialize and not to learn any form of magic, or at least talk about a magic topic and so on...

Although such people are not here for the reasons we come to here, they do not really do anything offensive or insulting, so there is no reason to get angry just because the site serves them differently.

This is a free community, thus - everyone can be here due to any circumstances unless they break the rules or do something to harm the site or go against it.

If you and such people do not have anything in common, just avoid communication or any form of contact with them.

You have to understand that people who come here for socializing rather than talking about magic or learning from knowledgeable folks are not as bad as some other folks who come here for worse reasons such as : Trolling, breaking the rules by spamming or doing any other offensive things, being fluffy and roleplayish in order to harm the community, make it to be less qualified and lose its name, etc.

These are the worst actions you can see here, so these are the actual people that give you an understandable and logical reasons to get angry about them and get frustrated from what they do. Sometimes I find myself getting angry at some people for trolling, roleplaying, or doing anything offensive to break the rules, but I do have a reason to do that.

I won't just complain because some folks come here in order to get things that are different than the things that I want to get. This is just not fair enough to say that these are less rule keeper members than anyone, and that they are people to get angry at.

If those members do not break the rules, roleplay or troll, I don't see any association between them and you or any reason to get offended by them or their actions ( which are not associated to what you're doing here). Or even worse - get angry at them.

As I said, this is a free community. Lets talk about members who come to some sites in order to get things that the sites are not for. This is something that happens everywhere in the world - websites, life , messages and mail , etc. It happens from time to time in websites as you know, sometimes people need some personal support from people they meet online, communication, killing boredom, etc. These all are legitimate actions unless they are doing anything to break the rules, as I said. It can also happen due to other circumstances that I did not talk about.
And please do not forget that this is a open community, thus - people who wish to only socialize will keep comming and doing what they have to do. And this is just fine. Everyone who wishes to join and enjoy the site and its features is very welcome to come here and have just as much fun as we have. Yes, people can come here to socialize, which does not break any rule, so it is ok.
Basically people who mainly come here in order to learn magick, or just talk about it for any reason, might dedicate some time of being here for socializing and communicating with other members as well.
You have to show empathy and understand these people and the reasons they come to this site. Please think about the circumstances before getting angry about them and complain about what they do. You are not the only one who deserves to enjoy this site. This is a subject which should not really make you angry, not to talk about granting emotional pain (you probably call it "pissing you off" ) .

There is also another things. Many members who start here as fluffs, role players, or just people who are not eager to learn - might end up as very good, helpful and educated members. It happened many times that one of the most helpful members here didn't have a decent past here, but after great treatment and working they fixed their attitude and starting realizing that they can improve themselves and their behavior. So let them start as what they are, and you might see them getting more and more educated. Actually most of the members here started with the same way.

Just do your stuff.

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Re: charalants
Post # 6
while yes i do agree their not doing harm but nonetheless you can easily find other SOCIALIZING sights that fit their exact needs and exactly the same type of people. Actually there is hundreds if not thousands of these. Infact I know a couple. www.vampirerave.com and other darknetwork.com sites.
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