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contact spirit guide?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► contact spirit guide?
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contact spirit guide?
Post # 1
I only have white candles and want to contact my spirit guide, how can i do this? any good spells for 3rd eye to be open please?
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Re: contact spirit guide?
Post # 2

Actually the best known way to communicate with spirit guides is to allow them to come to you when they feel necessary and listen to them. Meditate and speak, nothing more to it. You can take some steps if you wish, prepare yourself for such experience you are going to have. I have to give some remarks here because it seems that recently many people misunderstand what communication with spirits and spirit guides is.

You can make this very simple, just meditate or let your guides to communicate when they feel you are ready. But since you have some materials, such as candles, I'd recommend you to make some protection since not only positive energies are floating in your place.
You can light the candles you've bought, say a prayer to whatever deity you believe in or follow to bless your journey and guide you to your spirit guide with no harm come to you. This does not need to be complex, a simple blessing and asking of protection will do fine. This is done because you are, after all, reaching out to the spirit world and asking for guidance, and don't want to risk getting a guide who is not there to help you.

The second step, then, is meditation. If you don't know how to do this, begin by teaching yourself the basic techniques, and find one that works for you. There are countless tips on this site, and if you can't find something here that works, you can always turn to google for help. Try to find a peaceful quiet place in your mind where you can do work while meditating. For me, it is a peaceful forest grove. For you it may be by a stream, in front of a fire, your childhood bedroom, a tree fort, complete blackness...the possibilities are endless, it needs merely be somewhere you can envision and retreat to where you can shut out all other thoughts and focus on a single goal. Reach the ability to do this and sustain this for a good period of time.

Now as I said, the communicating is about meditation and desire. So the third thing you can do is asking. The third step is asking. Sounds pretty simple, right? That's because it is. Ask your spirit guide to appear before you (and be polite, this is someone who will be helping you, not someone you get to order around like a slave!) or appear to you in some manner. You may get it right away. Or, you may sit there and nothing happens. Maybe when you fall asleep that night, you dream of your spirit guide. Or perhaps, nothing. Spirits guides may basically appear in various ways, but do not expect this to be very quick or immediate as most of the people expect.

If you don't get this too quickly , the thing I personally recommend you to do is simply patience. Spirit guides will come on their own time, when they believe you are ready, as I told you from the first time.
You may realize, after time passes, that you keep seeing the same woman or man in your dreams, or hearing the same voice when you meditate or perform rituals giving advice. Once you figure it out, don't be afraid to ask what their name is, what they can teach you, what their purpose is, etc. They might be your guide.

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