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Search Tech

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Search Tech
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have been getting mail that I should give them a spell. Whether it be love or vampire, I feel like they should learn how to search for them their selves. It is really simple and even if you have no desire for those two types this may still help you in your Craft.

The first thing you should do is search the basics of the spell/rite. For example, if you are looking for a healing spell do some reading on how they work, what color/time they normally use, symbols or runic/sigils to use, and what is possible for the spell and what is impossible for the spell.
How they work simply because this gives you a understanding of what you are doing and about to cast (Like do they speed up your cells or do they increase your chakra?).
Colors and time gives you the ability to add more power to it (If you need the spell to be stronger, then you will know how to improve it).
Symbols, runic, and sigils set the location and gives the spell more ground to stand on (If someone is in the hospital and you want to improve their health, you can do the spell at your house and give them the symbol so the spell can last longer without breaking and disappearing).
And lastly knowing the limit of the spell (So you know what to expect and what you shouldn't be expecting. Like do not expect the spell to heal up the broken bone within the hour, instead expect the spell to give them the speedy recovery.).
Each of these are important before searching for the spell.
Rites (Rituals) are more powerful than a simple spell simply because they normally need two or more people (you can still do it alone). They also contain more needs for it to work, like a certain robe, gems, outside at night, and invoking. Since the Rite is huge it is better to find a Rite first than search what each item does.

The second thing to do after learning the basics (I know you must hate that word by now. I mean, you want to do the big stuff at the adult table) you need to find the right spell. For healing there are a whole lot of different types of spells for different types of healing. So you need to study what type of spell you need (remember that if you are injured it is best to see a doctor. Healing spells are there to increase, improve, and protect your health.). Like are you waiting for your broken bone? Or maybe recovering from a sickness (Don't cast spells while under the weather, drunk, or on drugs)? This way you know what type to go after and not waste your time asking random people like me to give you random spells with your vague questions.
With Rites, well they normally follow with the holidays. I am not too worried about them because I have yet to be asked about any Rites.

And lastly, how to find your spell. Online is more of a 30% of getting a real spell. I am well sure that most of you know that a whole lot of spells on this site are fluffy (fake). So online should be your second source, asking me or anyone else randomly shouldn't be a source. Unless you know that the person has experience with that type of study, don't waste your and their time. Books are a better source than online because at least they got published by a reliable source. But even then you have to make sure the author isn't just for the money or attention. Creating your own spell should not be attempted because you might rush everything. Remember, this is an art and should be treated like such. Unless you are skilled, and you can't lie to yourself, then by all means go for it. Once you find your spell you should look over it and see how it works.

Thank you for reading, even if the people that message me might not read the forums. I thank the mods for not deleting this post. And lastly, I thank the other people that didn't bother me.
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Re: Search Tech
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Now that you know how to find them yourself, stop asking me for vampire or love spells you twit.
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Re: Search Tech
Post # 3
Thanks Nash :0 (Btw if they wanted vampire cr@p couldn't they do that cell speed up thing on their canine teeth?)
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Re: Search Tech
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
The sad thing about bones is that they are different from our cells. They are harder and with a different structure. This is why when you get a hole in your tooth, it stays there until you get it filled.
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