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I had this weird dream...

Forums ► Misc Topics ► I had this weird dream...
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I had this weird dream...
Post # 1
I had this weird dream last night, and it felt so real. I dreamed that I some how traveled to the past,it was 1997. I was at my home and i entered my room. My sister was laying on the bed watching television. In real life she going to be 19, But in the dream she was 3 or 4 years old. This was a year before I was born because I was born in 1998. Any way, the room was how it was when she was 3 years old. She looked at me and wasn't alarmed or anything, she said "hi" and i said that back. She asked who are you, very calmly. I said i am ivy. I didnt want to tell her who i was because i though it might change the future if i told to much. She though i was a babysitter, and our mother was sleeping in her room. I asked her, did you make a wish that you would have a sister or brother, and she said yes. I said, im your sister, from the future, and i some how i showed her some things that belonged to me to convince her. She storted through her her toys and i reconized some things and told her i did. She believed me. Then from the hallway this man appeared and i didnt reconize him. He knew who i was and said im your uncle, but i was taken from all the photo abulms. I said i dont know you, and i never heard of you. He replied the family didnt mention me, they didnt want you to know about me. I asked why and he didnt tell me. I looked in to my heating duct and saw my cat that was missing for a while.
Then the dream changed and i was in my grandparents house, there was 3 women, and i tried to convince that i was from there time and there friend. And they believed me. A older man appeared and started burning my stuff with a lighter. I asked why and he said there coming for you, so i asked who. I pushed him and he burned more of my things. I tried to grab the lighter from his hands and he said i will burn you if you do that again. I said i dont believe you so i punched at him and he grabed my wrist on my left hand and put the lighter to it, he smiled and kicked me down and said told you. Then he disappeared. I looked at my wrist and it had 3rd degree burn.
The scene changed again and i was out side my home, there was these 3 weird guys trying to attack me and steal the 2 girls that appeared at my side and some how i knew inside they were my future children. I wouldnt let them take them, so some how i was flying well trying to hold on to the little girls. They guys flew up and one of the little girls was gone, they didnt take her, she just disappeared and i never saw her again. We flew behind a building and i gave her and me a magickal disguise. Then 2 cops came and asked us what we were doing and our names. I said im margaret and this is my daughter angie, were walking to the store. They said so are we, so fallow us, we'll go together. I didnt trust them and i was skeptical, but she seemed to trust them so, i said okay.
They led us to this sewer/ abandoned train station. They open a door and walked in, angie fallowed and looked back at me and mouthed its okay, come on in, its good. I was standing out side of the door, and the cops asked why wont you come in, and i said i don't want to, im not feeling good, me and angie will be leaving. One of the cops said i don't think so. Then the morphed in to the 3 guys that were chasing us. I turned to leave after angie was stuck inside, but the 3 guys appeared in front of me and said where do you think your going. I turned the other way and there were 3 other guys. so i turned back and climbed up the train. they were on the top of the train when i looked up, i tried to jump off be 3 of them grabed me and restrained me. I asked why, what are you doing. The leader said we want you, and your power. and your kids. Where are they. I said i dont know what your talking about. he said i dont believe you, and he had his friend stick needles in to me. I felt the pain and a tear ran down my face. He said im not going to ask you again. I said i dont know. I forced my way from there grip and stood on the edge of the train. He said we know what you are, you dont belong here, why did you come here. I said what are you talking about, what am i, I dont know why im here. i dont know whats going on. He said ivy, we will find you, we know what you are.
I said what am i. and he said your a witch and a vampire, you must be stopped. They captured my shadow, they wanted it for some reason, i didnt know why. I wondered how they knew, but i didnt say anything. I jumped off the train and i guess i was knocked out or something. when i woke up in side the dream, i was tied up, and inside a car with them. I was going to say something and they were going to say something, but i have no idea what it was, whatever it was, was never said.
then i open my eyes all of a sudden and woke up in real life.
i remember there were other parts of the dream, but i deem less important and or personal, so i wont say anything.
After waking up, i tried to go back to sleep, but i couldn't. So i hope the next time i sleep, that i will re-dream this dream and finish it, or pick up from right where it left off.
I wonder if this was partly astral projection or something. It felt so shockingly real. Where i was burned it hurt and was really red. where the needles entered, it hurt bad too. I really wonder, because some stuff where i was with my sister, i couldnt have known at all, but some of the stuff with my sister happened. For example, she did really wish for a sibling, and the house was exactly like how it was in some of pictures i saw.And other thing too.
Could some one reply, or tell me about this, or something?
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Re: I had this weird dream...
Post # 2
I would like some answers please.
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Re: I had this weird dream...
Post # 3
Well, I think intuitively that whatever you uncle was or was into, you parents or guardians didn't want you to know about. Maybe your uncle was into the craft and may be he was a Sang. It is weird how things like these, some how link to distant family members, either it be through dreams or conscious experiences.

I have a deceased auntie, who was a powerful shaman, and every now and then I see her in the form of her old age, which reminds me of Hecate, a lot. Other times, I will come across old women, and they will give me this creepy wild look, but I can see that these elderly women aren't their real selves, when they do this. They actually aren't aware of what may be channeling through them, when they look at me so painstakingly mischievous. And it feels like through my aunty's spirit, is the whole reason why I am into the craft, because I am to carry on the shaman legacy, from my home land. Apparently, the craft chooses people, but that is my opinion.

I would say that you uncle's spirit is of a dark one, or a gothic one, and that he is trying to tell you something. Don't take my word for it, but I think you uncle is basically like a spiritual gateway to your gothic side. The cat in the dream, I see it as an omen that brings mystical things into fruition. Cats like to rest where they feel most comfortable. They have a mind of their own, and are said to be quite solitary creatures. In my home, I have this place where I feel as if it is a portal to the spiritual realm, where my guardians come through to check up on me. Maybe that heating duck symbolizes something, that you can understand, in correlation to your cat. Maybe spending time with a cat will help you get the answer to your very question, that was in the dream.

I think where the dream truly lies, is that you are not coming to terms with something, that you have been ignoring for a while. Something that you know, deep down, that you know you should face, but you don't want to face it.

Look back. Sometimes we have to dig for the answers. In the dream you asked your uncle a question, then you saw your cat, who was missing, near the heating duct. What do cats symbolize?

Then you said you went to your grandparents house. There were three women. Well, in mythology or in some paths, there is this goddess, who is generally described as the goddess of the crossroads, child birth and magick.

Well, what did your sister want? A sibling. What did you see that you had, in the future? Two children. Child birth.

Part of the dream, you said you went to an abandoned train station. Well that sounds a lot like a crossroads, because places like roads, water streams, oceans and even railroad tracks symbolize this 'crossroads,' where the veil is, where magick is generally practiced.

Then there was a part in the dream, where you said that a weird man was burning your stuff, and it seemed as though he was helping you, but he basically scolded you, for not listening to him. I think he was trying to help you, because an adept psychic just has to pick up one of your personal belongings and could be able to tell what location you are at, or feel for it. I don't even know of, not about, the tricks of the trade that would make it possible to track someone, through magick. All I know is that one's belongings hold a person's essence and like a psychic string, which is attached to you. Everything that we touch leaves our essence partially imbedded in that object.

Then you mentioned how there was three women, three odd men chasing you, and three changes of place in your dream. To me, 3 is about change or travel, or the beginning to a situation. Then those two police officers, the number two can symbolize the choice in a situation. Means things come in pairs because they generally have an agenda. Past, present; future. That is exactly how the dream sequence went.

Whatever it is, this is how much I want to tell you. Lately, I have had the idea that someone was watching me, like an actual person, keeping tabs on me. I was scrying one day, and I picked up images that I had premonitions about, that I ignored, but it is apparent that these images that I saw, while scrying, are true. Well, true, based off what I saw and my premonitions put together. Not only that, I have been getting mysterious texts from what I feel is like another occulist, to say the least. All I will say, is that be careful, with the craft. If you are getting into a coven, an actual coven, just be aware of your surroundings, and it is always best to wait things out and watch, then make your move. And if you say you are what you say you are, on your profile, I am puzzled.

On the flip side, I just like analyzing and feeling what omens and dreams may be about. It is only until we get there, that we may truly know.
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Re: I had this weird dream...
Post # 4
Thank you for replying. It was weird dream, but i wish i could re-dream it, or continue from where it left off, so i could study it more and pay more attention. Once again, thank you.
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Re: I had this weird dream...
Post # 5
i don't think it was astral progection. Because maybe you sleep walk and you just put something hot on your hands and the needles you probably just poked yourself a lot of times. But the uncle and everything else i cant explain that so maybe it is ap maybe its not idk
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