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Daemons are not evil!

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Daemons are not evil!

Daemons are not evil!
Post # 1

First of all let's start with the word daemon..
damnmeansadeity like Zeus , he was a daemon in ancient greece. The word daemon means God and also it means :



Now some of you believe that daemons are evil beings who were angels and got kicked out and went to Hell . Hell in Taioism is the sun chakra , the Christians took it and corrupted it . Sun in kabbalah is 666 . Do you know Kabbalah? It's Jewish Magick. So people take the sun chakra from taioism ( Hell ) and name their bad place as evil. Let's take a look at Catholic Wikipedia

"This excerpt quote from the Catholic Encyclopedia is very revealing:

In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshipped their divinities, fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons. Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/04767a.htm DEMONS ARE THE GODS OF THE GENTILES!!!! "

So they were converted into something bad . Baal the god of sun was converted into a demon . Astaroth the beautiful woman was converted into a three headed demon. If you watch a documentary called "Poke Runyon - The Magick of Solomon " it will explain many things . For me Daemons (or Demons) are spirits but the word demon(or daemon) means God . Don't corrupt the truth.

1 be with you

P.S. This is my belief and I want you to respect it because I respect your beliefs.

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Re: Daemons are not evil!
Post # 2
I agree that if you look at most definitions some will say it is an evil supernatural being but just as many define it as a demigod or god like presence and even more a "guardian angel". I do believe there is evil but I also believe that man and religions have twisted the truth so much that what we are taught in traditional religion is no longer necessarily the truth. One definition I got was that a daemon is a guardian angel but one that can be a bit michievous when it comes to achieving it's goal which is the well being and spiritual advancement of the soul it is assigned to guard.
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Re: Daemons are not evil!
Post # 3
I do kind of agree, as in the old Gods re not evil. However the goetic spirits are not all nice at all some of them are very horrible beings, if you call a god by a demons name you effectively change the qabalistic formula of the name and thus changing a number invokes a different type of energy/spirit and so you can get some horrid entity (especially goetia) that being said working with Gods such as Zeus are very beneficial to work with if you all them by their true name.

Also I have to point out that the Jews in fact stated Elohim created man. Elohim can translate either as dual gendered God or Gods and Goddesses, and since genesis refers a lot to 'them' and 'they shall be created in the image of us' I would say it is gods and goddesses, the qabalah itself teaches that everything comes from 'God;' or the supreme conciousness even other Gods and Goddesses. I believe the Elohim are said to reside in the sphere of Netzach.
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Re: Daemons are not evil!
Post # 4

Not all goetia spirits are bad.

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Re: Daemons are not evil!
Post # 5
I know I thought I had mentioned that ( but I didn't) just that some are, I work with angels but from what Ive read the enochian angels are a bit malevelent (some of them anyway) my points were that the name you use to refer to a being effects its behaviour and also that just like people all beings be them angels are demos are a mixed bag there are some bad ones but some god ones too.
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Re: Daemons are not evil!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Good post. A little on the defensive side though. I think you could have made it more informative and less aggressive. Thoughts for next time. ;-)

It doesn't matter what religion, even Christianity the supreme deity is never all love and kindness. Christianity tries to hide this more than most, but it is evident even in the Bible itself, that Yahweh can be downright cruel. In Kabbalist belief, the supreme deity is a duality of good and evil.

So to point to one spirit/daemon and say they can be malevolent so they should be shunned, is countradicting the actions of honoring our Creator.
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Re: Daemons are not evil!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

I definitely agree with White.

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Re: Daemons are not evil!
Post # 8
I've had someone tell me, a fortune, that my father was a daemon, while that I was a demon, or the like in characteristic. I still don't fully understand what the fortune really meant, but within my path, it makes some sense.

I translated the word, demon, from English to Latin, so I got the word, daemon. There is always an interesting comparison from Latin to English and English to Latin. Some will see things like how V is U. For instance, from the word, salvs is also salus.

The way that I see it, when I had my fortune told. Well, the Latin word, daemon, corresponds to other words, and those words have key words. Daemon correlated to genius, and which genius's key words were; generative power, creative spirit, demon, vital energy and taste.

Apart from that, another word came to mind and it was, demonstrate, which basically means; to give an exhibition on how something works or is shown.

If I am my father's flesh and blood, and if he is the very role model in my life, then it would make sense that he is my vital energy, my taste, so he is where I derive my liking and outlook on life, because he raised me. He was that masculine principle in my life, and apparently still is. Awwe. :) The thing that I see, is that me and my father both do things for the greater purpose of a cause, in general for society. In other words, we both do our part and believe in serving that purpose. Not that it be good or bad, but at least that it is something doing for the fulfillment of a sole purpose, and I think it is something that we both feel strongly about. We alone can judge something as good or evil, in our own eyes, but that all depends on what and where our beliefs lie. Believing in something, just might be a paradigm-shift in itself. For example, when I want to or need to discern whether something is evil or good, I always go by my reference of my path, and if it be of the light and related to my path, it is good for me. No, I am sorry, not everything has to make sense in life, but there is a force. It does move the winds and changes the tides. ;)

I think where I am getting at, just so everyone can try to see what I am saying, the reason why my fortune was told the way that it was told, was because when a person believes they have come to terms with his or her general purpose in life, when they see their strong holds and the reason behind their convictions, the picture to their reality becomes that much clearer, and so things naturally come to fruition before his or her very own eyes, so these are people who generally carry a peculiar persona about them. Or should I say, they are 'odd' people who hold a basis of deep and strong beliefs as the very fabric of their decision making. They are wise in their own way. They generally are people that resonate as if they are in terms with the will of the universe. People like priests and priestesses, or that peculiar quiet shaman, sitting in the corner.

Like all fortunes, they generally make sense to the person being told the fortune to. It all makes sense to that one person. I guess the real lesson is that we make of what want to see or wish to see, but I guess as long as we are happy with the answers then that is all that matters.

Lately, I have been listening to Tom T. Hall's song, "May the Force Be With You Always." God, I just like the lyrics to that song, in a benign way. It helps me with some questions or in some cases, some answers.

There is a force, that moves our lives from place to place. ;-)

The key words that I found from genius, "vital energy, creative spirit, generative power and taste," I think I will sort of use them as a general guideline, to see where a person resonates. I will call it, a person's genius. What is their vital energy? How is their creative spirit? What is their taste/fruits? I don't know, but that idea just came out of nowhere.

Another thing, one time I got into trance on learning what the essence of evil was about. It wasn't that I wanted to know what evil was, or that it even existed, it just came to me, like a vision. It is more of a characteristic derived from what will happen, when the ways behind our means overcomes the very goal in mind, which disregards the well-being others, it is when what we truly want is blinded by what we can do, by power. Then that person will develop a "taste" where it is seen one way by others, but the very person that generated that "power," will be the only one who truly understands what his or her works meant. It is basically when one tricks another into something, for whatever reason, but the characteristic of such people, do it in a way that has its own personality. They are like a showman or a great story teller; they just suck their victims in, before the poor victim(s) even knows what just happened. They know how to carry vital energy. It can get convoluted and I bet someone can write a book on what it means to be evil, or what evil is. That would be the book of the century, so everyone can shut up, to say the least. ;) LOL! Well, actually, I think one who doesn't believe in good or evil, doesn't set limits as to what they think they know, or should I say, they have limited themselves, and that they choose to believe in something that they feel is right. May the force be with you, always. Yes, always. ;)

Well, I think one thing is for certain. . . We become who we are through our actions, in a spiritual way that eventually manifests itself, outwardly. I personally wouldn't get stuck in the whole good and evil idea. It is just insane. Come to think of it, it's a mad world. If I think evil is just a characteristic, then where do demons originate from, or at least in a hypothetical sense? WOW!
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Re: Daemons are not evil!
Post # 9
I always thought a gentile was anyone that wasn't either a Jew by heritage and or by faith, so I guess, in a sense, we are all gentiles. Pagans. By the way, the name Christian, I always thought it meant, "followers of Christ," as in Jesus Christ.

I always thought fallen angels were different than demons, because demons, as I was told, were born out of a head, that a goddess broke on a rock, and so demons were originally spawned that way. I personally believe, that this very goddess, Lilith, had a child with Adam, and it was that very child, that she broke the head of, over a rock, and that is the story.

Well, the thing about Lilith, is that she doesn't really exist, in biblical reference. She may be only merely mentioned as a figure, but not named. The story goes is that Lilith was supposedly Adam's first wife, and they were both made out of the same material or from the same stuff. So Lilith was upset that Adam had dominion over her, because they were both equally made from the same material. Then Lilith was like, no way. So she apparently ran away, while three angels were sent after her. She was urged to go back to the Garden of Eden. She is my earth mother.

I always thought that fallen angels were stripped of their original power, when they choose to fall from grace. Hallelujah. But like all beings, we still have a mind to work with. I don't know, but I would imagine that demons would be made some how, because I don't think an angel can possess a human being, because it would be like two souls into one body. It doesn't work that way. Demons should, in theory, be able to reproduce somehow, but angelic beings, I think are another story.

I think the real question is, just how do angelic beings fall?

That would make sense that gods decide a person's fate and fortune, to some extent. Interesting post. It brought out a lot.
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Re: Daemons are not evil!
Post # 10
Its like asking "are the human race evil or good" some people good samaritans and peace leaders (ghandi) to the other end of the spectrum, warlords and such (hitler).
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