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I need help with a dream

Forums ► Misc Topics ► I need help with a dream
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I need help with a dream
Post # 1
Last night 8/11/12, which is the same night as the meteor shower, at 10pm I felt really really sleepy. I went ahead and went to bed (we are normally night people) and I started dreaming about this:

I was in this courtyard of a (i guess) big castle cause the walls were made of stone and I was sitting at this rounded stone table with 10 other women ( i don't remember much about all of them) except for one particular women who was older, about 75 or so. She was talking to all of us and saying that no matter how much we hated each other that she wishes, with all her heart, that we all would get along and that we would all stay in contact (it seemed we were getting ready to leave) she reminded me of someone I knew but only similar and she was wearing this very pretty ring that was black onyx, silver, with celtic vines on the sides that took up half of the finger.

that's when i woke up exactly at 2:22am but after that i feel back asleep (after telling my husband what had happened) and my husband started doing a protection spell while i was asleep again and I barely woke up cause he was holding some kind of flame and it was bright so I tried to speak, to tell him that it was too bright and nothing came out it was like my vocal cords had been cut then my face went numb and I went back into a dream about MY grandmother and she was sitting and she looked very hurt and disappointed and said "I just had 28 major surgery's and I know you had the flu but why didn't you come and see me" and I woke up a second time and everything was normal then i made my husband lay down with me and go to sleep beside me just in case i needed him. My grandmother has not had any surgeries but yes she is sick (emphysema with COPD) I feel like I maybe should find the ring that I saw in my dream and that it means something.

I just need some advice from someone. What do you think??
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Re: I need help with a dream
Post # 2
I'm likely of no help, but a meteor shower seems like it would possibly affect your sensitivity to spiritual influences, perhaps the ring will play a part in some event? And another thing, are you visiting your grandmother regularly? Maybe the dream was you subconsciously reminding yourself to visit her.

Again, I can't be sure and may be of no help. I do hope this helped a tiny bit!
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Re: I need help with a dream
By: / Novice
Post # 3
august is typically full of meteor showers. it was clouded at my place, but saw a couple. [just a side note]

the old woman tends to represent your wisdom [think maiden mother crone] the onyx is self-confidence, peace of mind, spiritual and mental balance or some unknown or unacknowledged power. the silver is the intuition and feminine aspects of yourself signifying tranquility and understated confidence. the ring is emotional wholeness, commitment and honor. depending on which finger it was on it could mean many different things. the celtic symbols represent continuity, longevity, good health, immortality and timeless tradition.

the second dream could be a vision, or it could be a fear of something that could happen since your grandmother is sick. do you live close or are close with her? call her and see how she's doing. don't know if you could even find a ring like that, but it wouldn't hurt finding a ring with a stone to help heal her better.
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Re: I need help with a dream
Post # 4

Thank you for your advice.. Everything helps.. Blessed Be!

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