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how to live as a wiccan..

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how to live as a wiccan..
Post # 1
Merry Meet!

I have decided recently to lead a wiccan lifestyle, only, i do not know how! I've been living as a catholic all my life so i have no clue on how to live as wiccan. Please help me out here guys. Also I would like to celebrate Imbolc on August 1st (I live in southern hemisphere; Australia) and i also want to know how you guys celebrate it :)

Blessed be )O(
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Re: how to live as a wiccan..
Post # 2
It is good to hear that you have chosen a new path to follow, I hope that you will be happy with what you do and follow.
First of all I would recommend you to study about you path to depth. There are many books and websites to study and get great knowledge of the religion. I recommend to read "Scott Cummingham" books, he has many books about Wicca. Learn as much as you can. The standard study time is a year and a day. Before I even started following my traditions I studied for few years and then stared to experience stuff.

You also must know that Wicca is not only a religion; it's also a lifestyle. Some of the simplest acts can be a ritual to honor the Gods. It may be difficult to find the spiritual nature in your everyday life. One thing is to try to look at the positive side of things. This can really help! Make an offering everyday to the Gods. Wiccans always leave a portion of their evening meal aside and place it outside near are "offering tree" in their backyard. Wiccans say a simple thank you for the blessings in their lives and leave the food.
Do morning and/or evening meditations, morning and evening prayers and sayings of thanks. Simply lighting a candle while you go about your morning or evening routine and asking for a blessed day or blessed nights sleep.
Work on arts and crafts with a Wiccan theme. Plant a garden and tend to or plant flowers and plants. You can have a garden of any size not matter where you live in the world. Container gardens can be done in apartments. There is a lot of information out there for container gardening!
Keep a journal of your involvement in the Wiccan Ways.
Correspond with other Pagans or Wiccans (you are lucky because you already have this site so it can be a great help to talk to other wiccans and witches) ;)
Meditate using stones,Write new rituals,Experiment with different divination tools, etc. You may talk to other wiccans who should be able to give you tips to improve you wiccan life style. I am not wiccan so that's all what i could advice you.

Good luck, and congrats for the new religion :)
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Re: how to live as a wiccan..
Post # 3
Thank you Webster! I have always wanted to own a herb garden where i can tend to and grow fresh herbs of my own! I am already excited, like i'm heading out on a new adventure. I'm breathing in new air- fresh air. Air of joy and happiness. My journey is at it's beginning, and i know i will live it out to the end :)
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Re: how to live as a wiccan..
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Living as a Wiccan isn't simply about magical actions or about how we dress, etc. It reaches deeply into everything we think and do.

For instance, as a Wiccan we are concerned with the welfare of this planet we live on. So perhaps you could include recycling into your daily practices. Or work with or support conservation groups. Avoid buying products that are harmful to the environment..for instance, stop buying bottled water because those plastic bottles are filling up landfills and trashing the oceans all over this planet.

Eat a healthy diet because your body is also sacred to the Gods. Avoid foods that are heavily processed, or those that support industries that use less than ethical harvesting practices...for instance, avoid net-caught tuna because it kills so many unintended sea mammals. Look for cans that say line-caught or dolphin friendly.

Don't smoke. Smoking is not only bad for you, it's bad for the environment.

Treat others with respect and kindness. Remember that as Wiccans we believe that there is a bit of the Divine within each of us, so each is a reflection of God and Goddess. When you treat others less than well you are doing the same to the Divine.

Become aware of important political issues that effect our planet and put your support behind conservation efforts. Perhaps you could find or form a group that picks up trash along a stretch of road.

It's all very well and good to keep the Sabbats, meditate, do spells, etc. But to truly be Wiccan it has to trickle down into every mundane corner of your life. So when you are thinking about doing something ask yourself, what does Wicca teach me about how to respond to this situation?
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