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Tarot Consciousness

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► Tarot Consciousness
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Tarot Consciousness
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
All right, Most people think of the tarot is just a divination tool or an object where you consult in order to give you a glimpse or some detail of what is to come. First I will discuss first about the difference between Divination and Fortune-telling and then I will show you all a technique on to how to improve aspects of yourself through the tarot. I am sure by now most people now what divination is and that is good, but most people cannot tell the difference between Divination and Fortune-telling. I get asked this a lot by fellow comrades. This is simple, Fortune-tellings by a Fortune-teller is always "Bound" to happen meaning wherever you are or whatever you are doing, what the Fortune-teller says "Will" happen without any evasion on it, whilst in Divination you can actually do something about it. Example: You made a divination about going fishing and the divination was negative, so you can still stay at home and avoid it or be extra careful during the fishing, in short "Don't act like yourself" as divination is bound to happen if you act like yourself the same with no change whatsoever. If a Fortune teller says that you will drown or you will have a bad experience usually no matter what you do, someone will always try to persuade you to go to the trip or you will have to go there. In short Fortune-telling is like a black hole of no escape, It's gravity ever pulls you towards it.

Now we got that cleared I would like to introduce to you all a sort of rite to perform everyday (it's short so don't complain). This is what I like to call the "Tarot Consciousness" rite as you are using the tarot to alter some aspects of yourself consciously. Here is the ritual or rite:

Tarot Consciousness:

1. Ground and Center or for High Magicians perform the Relaxation Ritual or any form of "Preliminary" rites to be done before any magick work.

2. Get a tarot card and stare at it for at least 3 minutes and then ground and center again.

3. Done.

That is the rite, although short do not misinterpret it's effectiveness. Doing this everyday can have a major impact on your personality and the people around you. For people owning those little manuals with the tarot deck that tells you what it means then you may choose not to follow the correspondences below. The logic applies to the same as positive affirmation when you say "I am rich, I am powerful,etc" but sometimes if you are in an area of silence like in a cathedral or burial you may not say be allowed to do this out loud (yes you can use your head and chant in silence but I would prefer this as it feels right for me and it is great for meditation work as well.) You can incorporate it in meditation as well, after staring at the card you may visualize yourself within the card, change your gender if you wish but the important this is that you "feel" as if the aspects of the card is within you. The corresponcences I will be giving are based upon the kabbalistic tree of life. Below I will give correspondences for those who don't have manuals of their tarot cards:

Yechidah (1st Sephira)

-Your Divine Self or your Higher self, this aspect is what strengthens the bond between you and your higher self It also gives enlightenment upon a subject or wisdom upon a problem. The cards representing this are:

*The Fool, Magician, High Priestess.

Chiah (2nd Sephira)

-Your divine will, this gives us the motivation or urge to become better than others. It is your will to go on, the feeling of "Never quiting". This also strengthens your will so that disbelief's presence may be of either little or none. The Chiah brings forth Good decision planning and the evasion of bad decisions.

* The Fool, The Empress, Hierophant, The Emperor.

Neschamah (3rd Sephira)

- Intuition and the seat of all psychic abilities to humanity. This card increases your psychic awareness (pretty self-explanatory)

* Magician, The Empress, The Lovers, Chariot.

Memory (4th Sephira)

- Improves memory and anything in conjunction or in conformity within this aspect.

* Hierophant, Strength, Hermit, Wheel of Fortune

Will (5th Sephira)

- The difference between this and Chiah is that, when you contemplate on Chiah it brings forth just and divine decision making or good decision making or "It gives you will when you need it the most" it is a form of emergency light when all things go dark while "Will" (5th sephira), will is ever present by your side through thick and thin even though you are wrong or right it does not matter, but will is there for you.

*Chariot, Strength, Justice, Hanged man.

Imagination (6th Sephira)

- This strengthens the imagination and creativity of an individual towards a certain situation. As we all know, Imagination is a vital part of magick as the main basis of constructing rituals or spells for one's self requires Imagination as it's base structure in conformity with will.

*High Priestess, The Lovers, The Emperor, The Hermit, Justice, Death, Devil, Temperence.

Desire (7th Sephira)

- This fuels the desire of a person or the want and lust for result of a person. People may say that this is not worth contemplating, for that I must quote the great Crowley in his work "Liber Al vel Legis" or book of the law when he wrote:

"For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect."

* Wheel of Fortune, Death, Tower, The star, The Moon.

Reason (8th Sephira)

- This is one of the many needed characteristics of a good magician or even a good person, as people these days are blinded by social dogma and they follow what the "flock" does. They are blinded not knowing where they are going or what will transpire in the future. This breaks you out of this "dogma" of being contained by society or it can relate as such, with this aspect it can give birth to many great philosophers as one does not simply follow other's without knowing, rather he follows what he knows and believes is right.

* Devil, The Tower, Hanged man, The sun, Judgement.

Nephesch (9th Sephira)

-It is the most superficial layer of the unconsciousness, wherein dwells the darker side of ourselves. The so called "Animal instinct" or emotional outburst we receive that has no purpose and is not subject to good reason but created through fear, anger, etc. Some people may say contemplating on this may give you even more of a problem but that is false. With the concentration that it does not normally possess as it is the most superficial layer then it gets overpowered by the focus and will that the person does not normally give unto it consciously. It's eating more what it can take.

* The Star, Temperence, The Sun, Universe.

G'uph (10th sephira)

- The physical body, people usually do not think the body is any form of aspect of the mind but this is false. The body is the puppet of the mind and as you know all puppets have strings attached to them, the bond between the mind and the body are these strings. The body is just a hard shell wherein it holds Divinity as Crowley stated:

"The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs."

which I understand (even though this definiton is a bit hard to grasp of it's philosophical value) that the Divinity is in the mind not the Mind is in Divinity. With that settled, Contemplating on this improves your body health as the 10th sephira represents Kingdom or Malkuth, so that is the physical world or body.

* The Moon, The Universe, Judgement.

Some of you may be wondering why there are multiple aspects with the same cards. This is because that the major arcana does not incorporate into the Sephira itself but the different "paths". So as from Keter (Yechidah) going to Chochma (Chiah) The path in between suffices both appetites which is the fool card. That is why, be sure of your intent. Make your intent be clear as you may get different aspects if simply not minding what you want to achieve which can be expressed in this statement:

"A Sailor without a goal, cannot find a favorable wind"
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Re: Tarot Consciousness
Post # 2
kind of a super noob at all this. but a very long time ago i heard the reason u can't get out of a "fortune" is because the fortune teller already saw into the future i guess...or justa happening of ur life and they opened that door...something along the lines of they see it and it has now become awareness with no escape. i still dont trust phone psychics not all of them.but my mother called in one time for the hell of it. the lady told my mom on the phone beware of a young man entering your familys life he always wears a red cowboy hat. dont remember the rest but she explained to my mom the door is open and no going back. i swear on my existence a few years later my cousin and her boyfriend came to live with us. he wore a red and black tiger striped cowboy hat every day cuz he thought he was a pimp. and to wrap things up he just made life living hell for us all!

anyway can you maybe explain why exactly fortune telling is set in stone? i know why tarot isnt i have had tarot explained to me b4 when i saw something i didnt like. i assume a fortune reading is just seeing directly into the events of ones life?
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Re: Tarot Consciousness
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Fortune telling is saying that something will happen. Divination is telling you these are the forces at play around you, what you bring to the situation and what is likely to happen if you stay on the present course of action.


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