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Stay far away spells?!?

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Stay far away spells?!?
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Stay far away spells?!?
Post # 1
Or any types of spells that are easy as pie to do..that help a person to keep another person far away from you..or NOT to move in WITH you..which is what I really really need!!

My situation is my youngest step daughter,..and she is pretty close to her "Daddy" .they are almost like "two peas in a pod".. because they think alike..and "I" am the outsider..which to ME..is totally unfair!!(I have been married to him for six years and his kids only visit us or we visit them..they do NOT live with us at all!)

This is his youngest daughter..and she wants to move in with us in our small cramped apartment..(I have already tried a couple of binding spells..but, I wanted to know if you know of some more POWERFUL spells that I can do!By the way..I do NOT hate her..but, I cannot see her and I actually living together or much less especially in this small apartment that my hubby and I both live in. We do NOT plan to move right now...

I need a guarantee that she will NOT move in with us!!There is a slight possiblity that she will move in with a good friend if they find a place near the town where they grew up..but, I do not know!!!

I do NOT get along with her..she and I are oil and water! It's NEVER going to be all that "wonderful" between us.. She is a HIGHLY bossy person..and I refuse to live with TWO bossy people(Hubby can be this way too! )UGH!!! I told him that if she were to move in then, it would mean that I could no longer stay up..because I would have to go to bed(her bed would be in the living room!) I like to stay up at night!! (He does NOT like that at all, either! His reply was "GOOD! Then we should GET her to come and live with us, if that is what it will take!!" (I am NOT amused!! I am and have long been a "night owl" and prefer that..but, he is a bit "old fashioned" and "controlling". or what he prefers to call "a straight shooter!"..) There is one other side to this.>>>

.I am actually NOT tehnically "supposed" to "stay up" ...rather I am or should be sleeping..but, I tend to love the night and stay up all night till the early morning..and (I am a type two diabetic..who ignores my doctors a LOT..even my hubby! I know that..but, I do it anyhow!!) Diabetics are supposed to be on a "schedule" but, I hate it!! I like to "defy gravity!!" LOL!!! If she should move in..I will have to totally change my whole life..I do NOT want to do that! I STILL want to have my cake and eat it too!! Please... please.. so serious here..help me!!!

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Re: Stay far away spells?!?
Post # 2
If you've done bindings, I don't know what else to tell you. There are no guarantees with magic. I'm thinking I would concentrate on getting her moved in with her friend. You can use just about any objects (candles, tarot cards, poppets, whatever feels right to you) one to represent her, the other her friend. Start with the two objects apart, and move them together over the course of a week or so, so they finally meet, and in this situation it might help to put them in something, a small box maybe to represent their apartment. And of course do this during the waxing moon and imagine them being happy as roommates. Know that this is all off the top of my head, you'll have to fill in the blanks but it's the best I can do (not at home right now). I know how miserable it is not getting along with someone you live with, and I hear you on staying up late alone!
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