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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I went to a medium today with my mom. Me and my mom went to talk to her separativly. When it was my turn, i went inside and gave the medium water from my home and one of my t-shirt that i've been wearing. She startded scrying, after a while she told me how 3 years ago i got cursed. She told me that the person that put a curse/spell on me took an apple, cut it in half made sure i ate/drank one half and the other half was burried in a graveyard or something (it went something like that. I have a bad memory). This spell made sure that i wont be able to get a boyfriend or get married. (Basiclly not being able to find my other half) It did make sense because i haven't been in a relationship/or dated for 3years i used to be really popular around men. My mom used to brag about how many guys loved me. I think she might of told to many people about it and that's maybe why someone put a curse on me, because he/she didn't want me to be happy. I've noticed that something always gets in the way. That's one of the resons i started out in magick. Im terrible at visualisation and that always stops me from succeding a spell. The medium gave me a spell but my mom is supposed to do it. Now my mom is totally against it. She is telling me that the woman didn't know anything when deep down i know she was telling me truth because i havent only had truble with finding love i've been having truble with anything love related friends, family. My mom and i used to be relly close but we arn't anymore. The medium is 1hour drive from where i am. Which means i wont be able to go back and my mom wont drive me (i also don't have a drivers lecense) Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the curse? Because i don't know if i will find a ride until next week. What can i do to break the curse without useing visualisation?
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Re: Cursed
Post # 2
hello. im sorry for what your dealing with. i know you have some problems with visualizing things. I know how to help you picture something clearly. Meditate. I had the same problem as you.

But trust me, i have been cursed too. research how to break a curse spell. But be careful. Some will get you more cursed and some will break the curse. The break curse spells you have to caution in.
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Re: Cursed
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
beware of the "psychics" or "mediums" you go to. many of them are after your money. if you are truly believe you are cursed, try a cleansing or banishing spell. charge a candle with energy and envision the energies flowing into it. light the candle and when its done burning, bury it.
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Re: Cursed
By: / Novice
Post # 4
It may be possible, I am not entirely sure, but that is a good idea for a curse, might try that one time
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