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Free Online Magic Academy
Post # 1
Mendenham Hall: Academy of Magic

Where you'll learn about the Supernatural and the Occult

Welcome to the Mendenham Hall Academy of Magic. Here you will learn about a wide variety of magic techniques and ancient lore. We offer many classes and we are always willing to help educate eager minds. Our classes are totally free and we are a non-profit organization. Please feel free to look around the site. If you'd like to join sign up, and we'll begin a wonderful adventure together!


Core Classes
•Magical Literature
•History of Magic

Classes, Forums, Library, Chat, and more!

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Re: Free Online Magic Academy
Post # 2

While I like the design and layout of this online academy I have several concerns.

First, there are many online schools of magic and the occult, so I wonder and presumably ask what make this school worth attending compared to the many others, what makes this one unique and beneficial?

Secondly, as I was browsing the site I found on the about us page a list of the classes you offer, but I did not find a list of the people who would be teaching these classes, nor did I find any reference of any kind towards the credentials of said teachers. If I were to take a class I would like to have some background information on those that would be potentially teaching me, as well as their qualifications, skill level, teaching methods etc.

Another thing is a description of the courses isn't present such as a course syllabus, outlining the subjects and topics covered in each class, there is no mention of how the classes handle grading, or attendence etc.

Please do not be offended, but these are all valid concerns and issues that are logically to be considered when forming any kind of formal learning environment, granted free which is appeciated but not an excuse.


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Re: Free Online Magic Academy
Post # 3
Thank you for your concern. I will try to address them in this reply. There is no grading system. It is all about individual growth. You answer the class assignment questions and incorrect answers are explained to you so that you can learn. As for syllabuses they are in the class description. If you look on the members page the Moderators and Admins are the teachers. If you click their names and go to Info you will see their credentials. If you click sign up for classes you will find each class and the name of the teacher. All the information is their it just isn't organized the best. The site is still growing and becoming better each day.
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Re: Free Online Magic Academy
Post # 4
I looked around it, and I have the same concerns as othala. A little bit disorganized, but I like what yor doing, keep it up, I can see this website becoming an inspiration for people to learn about magick.
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Re: Free Online Magic Academy
Post # 5
Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that the academy is still up and running and it's a little more organized. New additions include a homepage chat box, videos, and a healthy family of members. However it is a little lonely at times and some new members would brighten the place right up! So come on over and share your opinion and gain a little knowledge in the process.
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Re: Free Online Magic Academy
Post # 6
I can't find the site, is it still running?
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