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Dream interpreters please

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Dream interpreters please
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Dream interpreters please
Post # 1
Since I can remember, I have always had dreams involving a tiger or having Tiger like features and I still do till this day.

I was wondering if this is possibly a message from an astral familiar or is it simply just a dream?

Also in these dreams, I seem to be being chased by demons. In my dreams it seems to all be happening in a foresty part of Japan, and I'm always at the same house surrounded by the same people. When I'm badly injured by these "demons" I seem to crawl my way back to this house where my "friends" help me. Other times these demons make me sooo angry I beat them to death ranting and raving...

I know it sounds so stupid, but this is a re-occuring dream that's really annoying me now.

As I said before, I was wondering if any of u can tell me what's wrong or if it is simply just a dream :)

Thanks anyway

Blessed be )O(

Sammie xxx

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Re: Dream interpreters please
Post # 2
Spirit and totem animals can frequently communicate with you via dreams, so perhaps meditate focusing on the tiger and further explore and venture into spirit animals and tiger symbolism and interpretations.

Personally, I try to invoke the power of the tiger when I am in situations which require stealth.

Tigers are noble animals that have an air of independence and confidence, and are creatures of power, passion, confidence and courage. They are solitary, silent hunters. Therefore tigers are able to incorporate all of their abilities in order to achieve success. This to me represents clearing the mind of all distractions and being entirely focused on the present moment.

The usual assumed associated tiger symbolizations would be:


You may also be interested in the following links that I stumbled across, I suggest you take a look at them as they may be of use to you:





As for the part of your dream in which you mention 'demons', the same friends, etc I am unsure as this could have several meanings. Could you be more specific or provide more information about these?

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Re: Dream interpreters please
Post # 3
Thanks for the info on Tigers :)

About the other part...

The Scenery - On the left side of me is this huge forest with tall bushy tree's...like it's in the summer. To my right though is a 5ft white wall...This is what I see as I'm running along a sandy coloured path until I get to this house.

As I walk through the entrance of the house, I can see a bungalow type house with a porch. It has a typical Japanese Exterior to it. The house is also surrounded by a forest. I can feel the prescence of other spirits to the right hand side of me in the forest. My "friends" are all in side the building at this point.

What actually happens in the dream - So I keep running up this long path with the stealthyness of the Tiger, these horrible beast keep chasing me...Instead of running through the entrance of the property, I jump over the wall. I run into the building and inform my friends in a panicky sorta way what's happend...Then the next thing I know I'm sparring with the beasts on my own...Fighting all of them till I'm the only one standing...Then I collapse in pain, tired from it all. I'm covered in blood, black and blue from bruises....My friends take me into the building, lay me on the floor and try to heal me.

Afterwards, I sit on the wall entrance as if I'm trying to protect it and my "friends".
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Re: Dream interpreters please
Post # 4

I will tell you what i think about the second part of your dream.

A forest in a dream can represent the hidden, mysterious parts of yourself. you may be trying to understand aspects of yourself that are unfamiliar to you, and that you may not have even been aware existed. You could be learning to acceptthings aboutyourself that have made you uncomfortable in the past. In addition to what i said,a forest is a feminine symbol, so if you find yourself in a forest in a dream, it can mean that you need to try to solve a problem by using your intuition, rather than by depending solely on logic and reason.
To dream of walls indicates that you have obstacles in your path. You options are somewhat limited. You, or some external force, are blocking your progress. This may be as simple as self-limitation due to relying on old patterns and ways of thinking. So no lets try to connect the two terms. If a forest mean shortly to understand aspects of yourself that are unfamiliar to you and walls meanblocking your progress, it might mean that you are blocking yourself from understanding to accept things about yourself that might be unfamiliar to you. To see or feel spirits in your dream, signifies your feelings of emptiness. Escaping from danger or surviving a would be fatal accident in a dream denotes one's devotion, religious awareness, fasting, charities and good deeds.To dream that you are fighting to the death, indicates that you are unwilling to acknowledge a waking conflict or your own inner turmoil. You are unwilling and refusing to change your old attitudes and habits.

Now you see, this is my point of view about your dream, and in my opinion this is a regular dream which can be still taken up to your attention and let you think a little. My dream meanings might be a little different from what they really are, since i do not know what problems you have in life, so those are suggestions. I would recommend you to think about it by yourself. In order to interpret your own dreams and experiences as accurate as possible, know your own history, pay attention to frequently occurring dreams, and if violence increases with these particular dreams, try to open up to different methods you may not have ever considered.

Best wishes!

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Re: Dream interpreters please
Post # 5
I've had dreams like that, too. And I apologize, these are a bit lengthy. Here's my first:

My parents and I find out we're getting new neighbors next door. We see it's a man, his wife and their two daughters. One night, I go over to their house for a sleepover with the daughters and I bring up why I kept hearing chirping and splashing from their pool. They never tell me, so I decided to check it out.
They kept saying 'No,' but I ignored them and went to a room that had an enormous pool! Best of all, it had dolphins that chirping away playfully. I heard footsteps coming into the room, so I dove amidst the dolphins and hid. I saw as the wife walked into the room in a robe. As she took it off, she was in a shell-like bikini top and a sequin bottom. I kept apologizing to her, but she looked like she was in a trance as she dove into the pool. As I stood there, she then grabbed my shoulder and I felt something scaly rubbing on my legs! The wife was a mermaid! At that point, I woke up.

And here's my other one:

My parents and I pull up onto a hotel with a tall blue and white tower. As we settled down in our room, I tell them that I'll explore the grounds, see what they have. As I checked out the pool, imagine how shocked and overjoyed I was when I saw that there were dolphins and orcas inside the pool! Not only that, it had my friends and some of my favorite characters swimming in it! Before I could dive in to join the fun, I wake up.

Can someone interpret these for me please? I'd be most grateful if so.
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