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new to meditation

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new to meditation
Post # 1
i'm new to this whole thing of meditation and spells i have looked up on youtube and just by google ways for meditiation but the fact is that when i try to meditate i can't clear my mind. I also have A.D.D. (even though i have never been diagnosed) but its hard for me to concentrate on what i am doing. Mostly looking for ways to help me learn to meditate. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance
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Re: new to meditation
Post # 2

I know how you feel about meditation, i try to find the time to mediate, but i never do, and i always seem to have trouble with knowing if i am meditating or not. I also have ADHD and so sometimes its hard for me to relax long enough to try to meditate or get into a meditatie state for that matter. I know there a diferent methods of meditating. Some can do it by candle light, some listen to soft music, some just meditate outside in nature where they can hear the sounds and the calmness. I am still trying to find my spot and way of meditating and still haven't found that spot yet. But i do try to find a way to relax and meditate the best i can. Meditating is hard for some buit its easy for others.

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Re: new to meditation
Post # 3
from all the different methods i have have read or seen they all say that for beginners to start off with absolute quite so your able to concentrate to focus on your chakras or what every you wish to call it but with the quiet comes lots of thoughts bombarding my mind
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Re: new to meditation
Post # 4

Great suggestions, I'll just add a bit right quick about the attention issue.

Just as with most practices, practice makes perfect. If you keep working with meditation what you'll only be able to do or concentrate on for 5 minutes now, you'll be able to focus on for much longer later.

Don't get discouraged because a spell or whatever it may be asks you to meditate for 10 minutes and you find it extraordinarily difficult. Sometimes you just have to change things up and figure out a better method that suits you.

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Re: new to meditation
Post # 5
sounds great guess i'll keep at it hopefully i can get it adventually but the question is what are some beginner spell/spells that i could start practicing on this site really doesn't have a "hey novice try these before anything else or you will just end up giving up in the end" page and just looking at the spell lists its even hard to distinguish which ones would be suitable for a novice to the arts
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Re: new to meditation
Post # 6

Typically a beginner is suggested to learn more about spellcasting before actually casting any spells. Doing this, you will be able to distinguish between what's legitimate and what's utter nonsense.

However, I would rather you try something of simpler fashion with fewer consequences than whatever pops up in your head to start with.
I would suggest basic candle magic or luck spells to start off with. If and when you use these forms of magic remember to pay attention to everything you do and keep note of the experience. Learn from what happens if anything.

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Re: new to meditation
Post # 7

ADHD isn't truly just attention deficit. It's more like attention to different things. You can have ten million things going on in your head at once or you can be crazy hyper focused on one thing to the point of shutting the rest of the world out, which can be tapped into for meditation practices. You see, the trick isn't to free yourself of thinking, it's to let your brain slip into a different pace and pattern of thought. That's often achieved by tailoring to what you feel more than what you think.

You know that state you are in between fully conscious or awake and sleeping? A lot of meditation aides reference that as a starting point to understand the different state of mind meditation actually takes. The point isn't to fall asleep however, as it is more to access a part of your mind closer to the subconscious, since our linear-oriented conscious minds tend to detract from the energy around us that we are trying to be in tune with.

When in a meditative state, you're fully conscious, though you start to experience more what your mind is like closer to sleep. You start feeling the energy around you better and it's like your etheric senses have been awakened to your conscious state. Visualizations start getting more complex and meaningful, you might notice a smell that makes you think of something that pertains to what you're meditating on, you could feel the brush of the elements on your skin, and it's by no means limited to just this. It's not a physical feeling, but it's like it is so close to being physical that you could swear you're actually feeling it when you are actually sensing it with your subtle bodies.

Keep in mind that we exist in all planes of existence simultaneously. What we achieve with meditation is expanding our conscious awareness of ourself in other planes (such as etheric, astral, and etc based on your beliefs).

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Re: new to meditation
Post # 8

I had the same problem.

After trying to "empty" my mind; I realized it wasn't possible. I was getting distracted by an erroneous, fictitious idea, and my brain couldn't understand my command.

It's like trying to "empty" a cup. IMPOSSIBLE. When you remove all the water, the cup is full of air. To get rid of the air, you might try filling the cup with sand, and then to get rid of the sand... (endless battle)

So, what worked for me, was knowing that maybe a cup cannot be "empty", but if it's full of air, it's just as good.

When I try to relax, I imagine all my stressful thoughts as a sword. I sheathe it, and lay it on the ground.

I don't ask my brain to empty itself, but rather to let go. I don't try not to think about anything. I just stop trying anything at all.

At first, like a small boat on a shore, some tides will push me back to land, but eventually I find myself in the open sea of relaxation.

Don't try anything, just stop trying. Breathing heavily helps if you can manage not to think about breathing.

For me, the point of "emptying" my mind is to get in contact with my inner self, and that involves thinking, but without interference. I "empty" the cup to fill it with something else; a perpetually "empty" cup is useless. So, if I feel relaxed, and some ideas come to me, it means I'm finally "re-filling" my cup with the good stuff.

I don't try to clear my mind like I clear my desktop, I let go of old thoughts so I can get some new ones. I need to spill the rotten milk before I fill my cup with fresh milk.

Now about the noceteration.

Unfortunately, this is one of those problems that just takes practice and concentration work. Actually the memory game can help with this, and you can use two sets of runes or two weeded tarot decks with this. Yes, also you might want to try a shamanic journey using repetitive sounds either drumming, rattles or something similar to focus your mind. I find that people who have a hard time "turning off" do better with the shamanic work.
I'd recommend Michael Harner's cd's... he has an entire series dedicated to it. I have to admit, I've had the best luck with live drums, but a cd does work, too.

If you are looking for some kind of system to help with this kind of focus, Christopher Penczak's book "The Inner Temple of WitchCraft" (book one) or "The Temple of Shamanic WitchCraft" (book three). Silva has a paperback book which has an entire series on mind control, but I tend to pick and choose. The beginner excursuses in particular are useful for the problems you seem to be having. (to find this, look up Silva Mind Control in a search at Amazon.com under used books. I have no idea if this is still in print. ) Also, Kerr Chuluhain in "The Wiccan Warrior" also has some good suggestions.

Also, Aden McCoy in "Making Magick" also has good ideas for this.

Good luck.

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Re: new to meditation
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Try something more distracting to meditate on. Longer mantras you need to focus on (the use of prayer along with meditation is common). Try singing a song and focus on the sound and words. Visual aids can be those music video generators xbox and computers have built in. I know those things can be mezmorizing! You can try visualization, imagining being in a scene of your choice (all senses involved). The necessary focus to feel fully in the scene and create the details should keep you busy for at least 10min. Make sure the scene is peaceful. My favorite is a waterfall scene walking barefoot on the waterline. You can also try physical activities like yoga and tai chi. I'm an artist and I naturally get into a meditative state when creating. Hours can pass and I don't realize how much time has gone by until I stop and look at the clock or I find myself in a darkening room because the sun is going down!
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