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Lust Spell that works!
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Ok for this spell to work properly your going to need to find a quite and private place where you can perform this spell without being disturbed. Your going to need a picture of the person, a red candle, an athame, come to me lover oil, dragons blood ink, a piece of parchment paper, and a cauldron. For those of you who can't order lover oil here's a recipe I use to make this oil.

Come To Me Lover Oil Recipe

Jasmine absolute
Rose atter
Neroli or essential oil of petitgrain
fragrance oil
Tuberose absolute
almond oil
apricot kernel

Blend all the ingredients together preferably outside under a full moon. This is the best and most complex love drawing oil you can either purchase or make. The ingredients are really expensive, but luckily it is not required for all of the ingredients to be used. The first three ingredients are required to make a standard batch of come to me lover oil. It's up to you how much you want to invest and how potent you want your oil.

Next your going to want to sit down in the space where you want to perform your ritual. Clear your mind of all thoughts except for your desire. Write down your desires and what you want to happen on the piece of parchment paper in dragons blood ink. Set up your ritual space. Have the picture and cauldron on each side of the candle. If you feel it's necessary it is time to call the corners or meditate and visualize a protective white light surrounding and protecting you. I myself recommend you to do this spell with some form of protection, I have known people to have accidentally conjured malevolent entities by doing this spell.
Next take your athame and carve the full name of the person you want to lust for you in the candle. Cover the candle in come to me lover oil. Afterwards sit or stand in the middle of your ritual space holding your athame up pointed to the sky and say:
Come forth, Oh great spawn of the abyss and make thy presence manifest. I have set my thoughts upon the blazing pinnacle which glows fervent in the turgid swell.

Send forth that messenger of voluptuous delights, and let these obscure vistas of my dark desires take form in future deeds and doings.

From the sixth tower of Satan there shall come a sign which jointh with those saltes within, and such will move the body of the flesh of my summoning.

I have gathered forth my symbols and prepare my garnishings of the is to be, and the image of my creation lurketh as a seething basilisk awaiting his release.

The vision shall become as reality and through the nourishment that my sacrifice giveth, the angles of the first dimension shall become the substance of the third.

Go out into the void of night (light of day) and pierce that mind that respondeth with thoughts leadeth to paths of lewd abandon.

(Male) My rod is athrust! The penetrating force of my venom shall shatter the sanctity of that mind which is barren on lust; and as the seed falleth, so shall its vapors be spread within the reeling brain benumbing it to helplessness according to my will! In the name of the great god Pan, may my secret thoughts be marshaled into the movements of the flesh of that which I desire!


Hail Satan!

(Female) My loins are aflame! The dripping of the nectar from my eager cleft shall act as pollen to the slumbering brain, and the mind that feels not lust shall on a sudden reel with crazed impulse. And when my mighty surge is spent, new wandering shall begin; and that flesh which I desire shall come to me. In the names of the great harlot of Babylon, and of Lilith, and of Hecate, may my lust be fulfilled!


Hail Satan!

After this is said take the piece of parchment paper you wrote your desires on and set it on fire with the red candle you carved the persons name in and place the burning piece of paper in your cauldron. Afterwards focus and meditate your desires on the picture of the person. Use sex magic by bringing yourself to an orgasm and focusing that release of energy into the image of the person you desire. Don't blow the candle out and put it somewhere it wont be disturbed beside the picture of the person you want and let it burn itself out. This spell should work really quick, for me it was the next day. Good luck and Ave Satanas.
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Re: Lust Spell that works!
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