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so-called black arts

Forums ► Misc Topics ► so-called black arts
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so-called black arts
Post # 1
i do think i have to post something about the "so-called" dark path.. ooppss!! please do not misinterpret me on the term dark arts.. ok?!?

so, the so called dark arts.. what really is it? the human mind, due to its imperfection try to create things that would make their mind more adaptable to a certain thing.. as a result, they have labelled things for them to recognize which is which.. but, sad thing is because of their method of organization it really loses the true meaning of such thing.. try to look for example of the color black, many people have been labelled evil/bad as black.. but why black? not red or green, or blue? it is because the black color have this striking personality of having no light, or shine-->> meaning dark and very impure.. they didn't even notice that the reason why they've perceived black as something like that maybe because black has the shortest wavelength of all the colors in the spectrum and even do not possess vibrancy.. they didn't even understand that black is the only color that can be match with anything..

as a result of this, the so-called dark arts or black magick have been labelled to be "harmful." they have labelled black/dark as cursing magick and controlling one's mind, taking the freewill of the victim, well of course contrary to healing, and such..

the term black is a word interpreted by media as being something representing evil or some moral definition. but the term itself has a far greater meaning than being evil.. the word "black" is described by idies shah as being identified with the sound of FHM in the arabic tongue, which is black meaning "wise" and equally with "understanding." shah writes further that black holds the connection with hidden wisdom, thus the phrase "Dar tariki, tariqat" which means, "in the darkness, the path."-from the bible of the adversary by michael ford..

also, the term black arts is about self-liberation and "questioning the standard belief" of the society.. this is why black arts have been termed evil-->>because they don't immediately accepts what is on the law..

try to think of this, If a path seeks to have you avoid the dark side, question it – how can you turn your back on yourself? Can
a real magician who is to exist in the heaven-hell, creation-destruction balance of Earth itself ignore the
infernal aspects of the self? Can one truly appreciate and develop the Light aspects of the self by ignoring
one half? Balance is a must, ignorance is a choice. -liber hvhi by michael ford..

"black arts" is not about cursing or doing such things that deprive individual of freewill, the term itself is about self-mastery, not only your angelic aspect but also your daemonic aspect..

just remember, "your demon don't need to be exorcise, you just need to exercise it."

hope this would clear some points about this "misunderstood path." and ooohh!! please do not say that magick has no color (yes i know that) this thread is not to categorize magick on the first place.. the purpose is just to clear things out about "the so-called black arts" so that the "so-called fluffies" here won't be mistaken again and wouldn't degrade such path again.. ;)
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