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Some spells that I made

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Some spells that I made
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Some spells that I made
Post # 1
My spells probably aren't really that good since I'm still kind of a newbie and just started magick months ago, but here's some spells I made:

This is the spells I made for growing wings, I made it before I found this website:

Before the spell:
1. Make a list of at least 10 logical reasons why you want and need wings.
2. Make sure you have time, at least 30 minutes, day or night.
3. Get 2, preferably 3 feathers of your favorite bird with the wings you want, or close to that. (plastic works)
4. Think of some way you want to hide your wings, for example, one could think/whisper "be gone wings" and they disapear into his/her skin, or say "show yourself, wings" to bring them back out.
5. Make sure you have at least one thing that expresses you favorite element(s), get as close to your element as possible.
6. Get as many pics and stuff of the wings you want.
7. Get as many spells to grow wings as you can. Multiple spells help you wings grow.
8. Get lots of symbols of who ever you believe in. (If you believe in Mother Earth and Sister Moon, do it on a full moon outside or with lots of natural stuff surrounding you)

Once you have everything ready, pick a day and time to do this spell:
1. Set up all the stuff you need. Put the symbol(s), feathers, and elemental items in front of you, and the other stuff surrounding you, maybe some symbols and elemental items surrounding too.
2. Place the list of reasons in front of you. Tell whoever you believe in (God, Mother Earth, faeries, ect.) you are in need of his/her attention, and read the list of reasons. Try to imagine each reason as best you can.
3. Tell him/her how you want to switch you wings (hide them and make them appear) and be as exact as you can.
4. You HAVE to believe it with all your heart and want it more than anything at least for that moment, because grow wings spells fail easily.
5. Beg him/her for wings and maybe read the list again, or as many times as you wish, then say "I believe (God, Mother Earth, the Spirit World Person, whatever) will give me wings" over and over again until you can't. Thank (whoever) for your wings any time you remember.
6. Once you're done, get rid of one feather and the list using your element. Then do the other spells, but you can wait a day if you want.
7. Carry the one or two feathers around almost everywhere you go, and any time you remember, thank (whoever you believe in) for wings, even though you don't have any yet. Good luck!

This is the spell I made for physically shapeshifting (Though I certainly will not claim it works! Especially sinc I haven't tried it):

Animal blood
Fur/scale/feather of animal or close
Your blood
Your hair
Pictures of your spirit animal's species
At least one picture of EXACTLY what your spirit animal looks like (can be drawn)
Loose clothes
Things to represent your element(s)
Bone/tooth/some body part of animal (optional)
Plenty of energy
Drinkable water, natural is best
Food that your animal eats and that you can eat in human form
Video camera/someone who you trust a lot (optional)
Dirt and rocks

The spell:
It is best to do this outside on a full moon night, or during daytime, whichever you prefer. Take a cleansing bath and meditate before doing the spell.
1. Mix your blood and the animal blood, let it sit in the moon/sun light while you meditate.
2. Draw a pentacle (or hexagram or elemental symbol) on the ground with rocks and dirt. If you're outside, draw it with your wand/staff. Put the rocks around the circle. Make it big enough so you can sit and maybe lay down without messing it up.
3. Set your elemental items around the perimeter. Put the pictures around the outside of the circle. Set your spirit animal picture in the circle with you. Put everything else in the circle.
4. Say:
"Thy animal within is wild
Thy animal within is caged
Help me open up and set it free
Before I feel thy animal's rage
Inside, I am one with the animal
Inside, I am one with the Earth
But outside, I'm nothing but human
Being this way is the worst
Make me not one of God's followers
Make me a child of Earth
Make me outside what I am inside
Make me who I really am
My soul is not right for this body
This body's too weak for my soul
Set my animal free
Before this body gets old"

Then, add something like this to the end, but you can change it to fit your animal and element(s):
"Make me one with the trees
Make me one with the breeze
Make me one with nature
So mote it be."
5. Drink the mixed blood. Leave at least a little bit left and mix it with the hair and animal fur.
6. Drink half the water. Drink it like an animal.
7. Eat half the food like an animal.
8. Divide the DNA mixture so you can give some to each element and throw the rest on the ground for the Earth.
9. Hold the spirit animal picture and the animal body part (if you have it) to your heart. If you don't have it, rub some blood on your wand and hold that instead. Repeat step # 4.
10. Look at all the pictures. Stare at your spirit animal picture.
11. Make sure you have loose clothing on so you don't get tangled when you shift. Put the animal body part on a necklace or someting and wear it or put it close to you when you try to shift. Or put the wand next to you.
12. If you go out of the circle to shift somewhere else, take one of the rocks with you. Take the energy from the other rocks and put it into that one.
1. This spell will just help your shifting progress, you still have to do a normal shifting method to shift.
2. If you wish to permanently shift, don't mix your hair and blood. Burn it or something.
3. Try not to destroy the circle. Wait until it rains so the dirt will be washed away naturally. If you must destroy the circle, pour water on it or sweep it away, and return the dirt and rocks back outside.
4. If you can't get enough blood, mix it with water or something you can drink, and mix the other half with something natural and give to the elements.
5. The left over food and water is for when you shift, if you get hungry or thirsty. It can also be used to see if you shifted in your sleep. That is also what the camera and trusted person is for.

This is my bath cleansing spell:

Need: As much natural water as you can get
3 candles of the colors that represent you or whatever spell you are going to do later
Any flowers/herbs you want or need
Fan/blow dryer/wind outside
Wand/staff (optional)

1. Do this before you go to bed, preferably during the full moon or your favorite moon phase. This can be done monthly.
2. If the natural water might have dirt or other things in it, pour the water into coffee filters over clean buckets/bowls.
3. Set all the ingredients aside except the candles and natural water. Light a candle and hold the bucket of water over it with something to keep it there. Leave it there and rinse off in the shower. Make sure you're soaking wet.
4. Pour some natural water into a bowl and put the battery in. Stick your wand/hand in and take the energy out of the battery and into the water. Let it soak.
5. Turn the water on and fill up the tub. Set the other 2 candles near the tub where you can feel them.
6. Pour all the salt into the tub. Get in and get comfortable. Feel the salt water cleanse your body. Breathe in the mist and feel it cleanse your soul. Touch it to your forehead and feel it cleanse your third eye. Take deep breaths and relax.
7. After a while, drain the tub. Rinse off a little. Feel all the negative energies come out and down the drain.
8. Pour the natural water into the tub. If it is too cold or there is not enough water, put in some warm water from the faucet. Put in all the flowers and herbs.
9. Take the batter out of the bowl, and pour the energy water into the tub. The flowers and herbs turn the energy good.
10. Get in the tub. Relax and feel the water put good energy into your body, soul, and third eye. Chant as many times as you want:

"By the power of 13 make my body clean
By the power of 13 make my soul clean
By the power of 13 make my third eye clean"

When you can't chant anymore, add "So mote it be" to the end.
11. Get out and turn on the fan/blow dryer or stand outside in the wind. Dry your whole body. It doesn't have to be completely dry though.
12. Meditate for a while, then do whatever magick you are going to do for the night, or just go to bed.
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Re: Some spells that I made
Post # 2
I want to copy the text of your spells and publish it on the site of Russian witches in the "Humor"?
You can? Please!
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Re: Some spells that I made
Post # 3
It's okay if you post my spells on another site, but let them know that it was me that made the spells. Copyright law, heh.
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Re: Some spells that I made
Post # 4
russian witch asked: "What drugs do you use?"
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Re: Some spells that I made
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

The first two spells definitely will not work- as they are fantasy.

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Re: Some spells that I made
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
The First two spells are definately not going to work and the Cleansing Bath one is a good one except for the fact that if you live in the city or you live with neighbors I wouldn't suggest going outside naked to air dry or you will get more than dry you will get arrested. lol..I am not trying to discredit anyone, but just saying. That is common sense.
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Re: Some spells that I made
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Sorry but shapeshiffting is not possible; 1 snd 2 can not work.war
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Re: Some spells that I made
Post # 8
Its cute that people think magic is to make stuff fun and give you non human stuff when its more then that should be used for stuff like this because it won't work
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