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You're A Spiritual Master

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You're A Spiritual Master
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Hello, I don't have much time to write this but I feel I need to do it while it is still on the edge of my mind.

We've all become familiar with many different kinds of information over the years, most of us have been on many tangents of learning. Most of all, you have more than likely become familiar with the labels of "indigo," "crystal," "starseed," "freemasons," "adepts," "new age, "conspiracy" and much much more that would take too long list.

We have discussed time and time again the nature of the ego, and how these labels mean little in the grand scope of things. We have time and time overshot the importance of these labels, and also undercut the meanings. "We are just people."

Even though I have to completely agree- I feel that it is perfectly okay to own up to who you are. A new year is upon us- and there are so many changes (on all tangents) brewing up inside of us. Things within and around the earth waiting to be exposed. But you have to admit to yourself, no matter the label that you are not just a Spiritual Master in the making- you are already there!

The only thing that is left is for you, is to remember who you really are. There are so many dogmas, so many methodologies, so many systems to encourage and stimulate this spiritual journey we are all on. But none know better than YOU.

In a group meditation last night, I heard someone ask the question "Why is it the light within us is so shy? why is it so hidden from the view in all of us?" I thought to myself, what a simple and brilliant question. The answers came to me immediately, but as always, it would take thousands of words to even try to put it into contemporary terms. Sure simple poetry, rhetoric might suffice if I was skilled enough. But I still do not think this is enough. There are no true words (yes I know this makes my point redundant, but bear with me). There are not even any true answers- because in a way they are all valid.

Most of us find these labels in search to extrapolate meaning for the strange sensations we've been feeling since a young age. We've always known something was strange in the world....that something was not quite right. Most of us question authority at a very young age, and tend to shelve things far into the reaches of the subconscious when we realize we have to adapt to the world to survive. We figured, if our parents do it, and the whole world does it, then they must know what they are doing???

Is it not a strange sensation when you figure out for the first time- that maybe things aren't what they seem at all?? Going back to the question asked in the group meditation: it appears that on every level- we seem to be revealing something that was always present but for some "unknown" reason remained hidden from our immediate consciousness.

Science is beginning to understand the subjectivity and relativity of the multidimensional universe. Visitors from perhaps not even other planets, but entirely different universes might be visiting us. The government seems to have been up to many shady things, and much of it is finally being discussed. More and more children are being born with an instilled sense of spirituality than ever before. Our planet seems to be at a population cap- with little room for more. The environment seems to be in a disaster. Every day there is the threat of some new war or disease that might threaten to destroy everything (yes I understand that a meteor could come out of nowhere and shatter us all, but lets not get into that for arguments sake). Among a million other things I'm sure all of you have pointed out before...but does it mean anything?

If there is anything I have learned in my search through all these belief systems, labels, and wackiness- is that there is something going on. Something that has always been happening. Yet for some reason or another, we are beginning to take more notice of it. Sure there have always been those who questioned the status quo, there have always been luminaries who have helped humanity elevate themselves to the next level. Still- never have this many people on a global level (thanks to the information age) ever questioned so much. Some might tell you that it is in vain, but do not let those people discourage your journey- because they fail to see the larger picture out of fear for the loss of their own power and ego.

Maybe its not about some miraculous rapture or heavenly ascension. Maybe its not about aliens taking over the world, or the world magickally coming to an end. Perhaps its not even about some power hungry and blind-sighted world elite who want to establish a world government. Maybe it isn't about some super-gifted children coming to save the world. Maybe this is just about you and me, all of us. The human condition. The revelation of who we truly are and the realization that we are already Masters in our own right!

It is important to understand the right to be humble. To realize the fallacies of labeling ourselves out of the egotistical desire to fit in. Trying to make sense of something we don't understand, or find an excuse (people to blame) for the condition we currently find ourselves in. But there is nothing wrong in realizing the monstrous light and potential that resides within you. The mastery waiting for you to reclaim, the diamond waiting to be revealed behind the rock that is your body. There was never any conspiracy trying to devour you, or God wanting for you to wait so he could come and save you. All along that glorious catharsis that we seem to think is in some far away heaven, in some omnipotent supreme being, or in an eternal struggle to understand the mechanics of what makes things tick (science)- seems to reside in a tiny little spark we all carry within our very being.

Yes, yes, I understand- we still live in material reality. We still have to adhere to the laws of the universe, and adapt to the circumstances of the world. But realize the heaven you have aspired so hard to ascend to has always been present all around you, and in particular deep within you. People always say "be the change you want to see in the world," but you don't really have to become anything that you are not already!

I see such stigma and almost harshness lately when pertaining to the labels of "indigo" and spirituality. As if in it means that we are supposed to believe we are something "special." Or feel guilty thinking about ourselves as unique, different, or "gifted." Strip away these pre-conceived notions and simply realize that you ARE all those things! It's like how in the advent of our modern "intelligence" (or ignorance..), we "explain away" the significance of the sun by analyzing the science of how it functions. Forgetting the ancient way of realizing how something that holds us all in to place, gives life to everything around us, allows us to see (or not see), is ever present in every moment of our lives, and countless other things we don't even know of yet- is something we cannot even directly look at!

We have become so indoctrinated into our way of life, so used to coping with the reality we are born into, so accustomed to taking it for granted- that we forgot that the very fact that we are breathing, alive, able to think, able to act in a tiny speck sitting within an eternal void of infinity, comprised of infinite possibilities- is a nothing short of a miracle!

Each and every single one of us is made up of the same stuff of stars. Inside of each one of us is a Sun. A diamond waiting to be unearthed. We are all entangled to the very first Word. To the very first Big Bang. A fractal of the Infinite Fractal staircase.

The "ordinary lives" we have sought to establish for ourselves has always been an excuse. The nine to five an escape from the terrible fear we have some how programmed within ourselves to forget what we already knew. Understand that the entire conspiracy is like a house of cards that we created to run away from the sheer miracle monstrosity that lies within every single Being. Like a Maze we put ourselves into, put the cheese in an impossible place to get- and forgot that all the walls of the maze did not truly exist. It is time to own up to the truth of what a human being is supposed to become. Actually- what we already are. You are a Spiritual Master.

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