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Astral Projection?

Forums ► Astral Projection ► Astral Projection?
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Astral Projection?
Post # 1
I know a little bit about Astral Projection, I know it's hard and can be dangerous. So, I have some questions:

1. I've heard that it's good to have wards around the place you AP, as well as protection spells, so what are some good spells/wards to use? And should you do something to 'banish' bad energy and the the like before warding a room?

2. I know you can't change yourself physically on this Plane, but I've heard you can change your apearence on the Astral Plane. So how does one go about doing that?

3. I've heard people mention Spirit Guides, but I don't know exactly what they are. So, what are they?

4. Can you cast spells on the Astral Plane? If so, are they more powerful, less powerful, or just normal?

5. Can you be hurt on the Astral Plane? If so, can your physical body be damaged as well?

6. I've heard people talk about animal companions on the Astral Plane, is that like owning a pet?

7. I've heard some mention of other beings on the Astral Plane, true or false? If true, what are some things I should watch out for?

8. And lastly, what are the limitations of the Astral Plane? Like, is there gravity?

I am new to all of this, but I'm a fast learner and I take reasonable caution. I want to know the limits of things so I know what I'm getting into. Thanks to all who answer :)
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Re: Astral Projection?
Post # 2
Mail me. You have much to learn.
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Re: Astral Projection?
Post # 3
1. Yes its a good idea to protect yourself. As to which spells are good spells, well there are a alot of protections spells that work, but it depends on your path. Im not the best teacher but if you want, message me and Ill teach you the basic protection spells I use when APing.

2. For some people it could just be willing there astral body to change, for others it requires a spell. (btw some of the change your appearence spells on this site work astral, not physical, but the do work on astral bodies)For others, there astral body actaul doesn't take a human form to begin with.

3.Im not the best person to explain this but a spirit guide is a sorta "helper spirit" who advises you on magickal/spiritaul/physical conflicts or problems. It trys to guide you to do what is truely best for you.

4. Yes you can cast spells on the astral plane and they are much more powerfull than on the physical plane. On the astral plane it is possable to do things that you can not on the phyiscal like shoot fireballs and and freeze people in ice.

5. Yes your astral body can be hurt, but your physical body for the most part is safe from physical damage. However I have physical experanced pain from being hurt in the astral.

6.It is and it isn't. Its a safe bet that any animal that is friendly to you and follows you around on the astral plane is perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and leaving you if they wanted. So it more of friend than a pet.

7. Yes there are other beings on the astral plane. You are not the only one there althought it may appear so if you dont go deep enough. Use common sense when are other beings, if they look or feel like a bad group dont get involved.

8. There are some limitations of the astral plane but not many and normal these depend on where you go and how deep you attune yourself. Yes gravity does exist but seeing as magick is very powerfull there and it is very easy changed by the mind, the law of gravity is often broken. So for the most part it depends on you and how you shape the astral for you.

This is the biggest piece of advice I have about the astral: Treat the Astral like a city. If you go to a shady part of town you could get mugged but if you stay on safer streats that probably wont happon.
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