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advice i was given

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advice i was given
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hi all,this is a thread that i wrote some ago and with so many new people joining i thought it may of some benefit to re-post a modified version of it . i hope that it helps and you find it beneficial.
I thought I would start this thread, as its a true experience that happened to me recently and feel that maybe some may be able to empathise with it . I know a lady (outside of cyber land ) who has studied many things and is someone I greatly respect who one day I was talking to over a coffee about the basics I was telling her what I had been doing and she smiled, now I have to tell you that this lady is nearly 60 and has travelled all over the world learning about witchcraft and everything spiritual. I asked why she was smiling, well she said people always seem to rush the basics no I said to her I have been practising them for months . again she smiled, my dear she said I have been practising them for over 40 years and I still am practising them, , people always try to rush and study/learn too many things at the same time, I have been learning for years you have to have patience she said, witchcraft is not a fashion accessary.
just thought I would share this with you all as its probably been the best piece of advice I have ever had!! Moral is dont rush head long, take time and most of all keep persevering. The basics as I have learned are the foundations that all things are built on, although we will improve our skills it will not happen in a few short weeks or months, I guess we never stop learning and our ability and skills will keep improving. everyone learns at their own pace .
So if you are new to witchcraft or have been learning for a few months or so then take heart we are all learning with you, no-one ever stops learning, but in this site we are all here to help each other, on the basics at least I would say it seems as we always will be learning and I hope together, some may seem more knowledgeable than others but remember they are still learning too :-)
Blessings to you all macus
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Re: advice i was given
By: / Novice
Post # 2
This was a great post :) I know that sometimes I need to go back and look over the basics pretty often, as I might forget something or I might have skipped over something. It's always a good idea, even if you've been working for years.
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