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strange happenings HELP!?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► strange happenings HELP!?

strange happenings HELP!?
Post # 1
ok well iv been having dreams about the end of days and I sometimes get a voice in my head saying I have great power or I have a great gift I am able to work with spiritual thing better than anything but also air and iv seen misty figures that say they my ansisters and that it's up to me.please help this is no joke
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Re: strange happenings HELP!?
Post # 2
All of us on here think were destined for greatness or some fantasy but the truth is it may have just been a dream
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Re: strange happenings HE
Post # 3
Have dreams like that too but when I dream my home town is a big volcano and things like that
well when u have a dream lik that ask them questions if possible?
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Re: strange happenings HELP!?
Post # 4
a apocalypse dream means the a big emotional &dramatic.change in your life.
alot.a good spirits are to get all the spiritual mined people ,& evil spirits as well, I think there is some spiritual warefare going on, ive been approached by good spirits & bad.. especially who practices magick..
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Re: strange happenings HELP!?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Something is definitely amiss lately. I don't believe it is an end to any world, but something bad spiritually is brewing. I know many people who have the same sense that something is very wrong. It isn't unusual that something big and mean spiritually comes around once in a while to cause chaos and destruction. Its happened in all cultures within the myths. I think we will end up being unlucky enough to live through a new one.

Work on getting yourself a good amulet. And don't trust what spirits tell you, only trust yourself. Any answer you'll ever need to know about yourself can be found within you.
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Re: strange happenings HELP!?
Post # 6
I agree with Rav3n. You are the only person who can find your true self.

There is always a war of some kind going on. Sometimes things end and people move on. Sometimes they keep going. If you are seeing figures that say they are your ancestors, you'd want to be careful. Follow your gut.

Orlando has a very valid point also. Dreams are relative to your subconcious and often inflate emotional situations. I wish you luck in understanding them.
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Re: strange happenings HELP!?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Message me , I've got a lot to tell you , and maybe even teach you about these situations
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No Subject
Post # 8
So it appears i am not the only person with a feeling of dread almost every religon i know of is getting jumpy. So something is about to happen
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Re: strange happenings HELP!?
Post # 9
Ok, the voices you hear sounds a little strange, and i think it is in your dreams and you think you actually hear them while you are awake.
And no about your dreams about the end of the world.
There is no question that dreaming of a devastating nuclear explosion, a supervolcano, or some other "end of the world" event can leave you upset for days on end. On the other hand, it is important to realize that people across time probably had similar dreams featuring the most destructive things they could think of. When you have these dreams, they are not just an opportunity to recognize the severity of certain stresses in your life, they can also give you a few things to be thankful for upon awakening to a perfectly normal world.
Overall, dreams of the end of the world are not pre-cognitive in nature. On the other hand, they can easily symbolize that some aspect of your life is making you feel like your personal role in the world will soon be over. This may be related to fears of losing your job, home, romantic partner, or even fears about developing some type of illness. You may also want to interpret this dream as an ending of a significant change in some aspect of your life. Even if the change has to do with inner landscape matters, you can, and should look forward to new beginnings. In fact, if you are trying to get rid of a bad habit, a dream about the end of the world may just be the perfect time to symbolically bury that bad habit and start over with a brand new lease on life.
When you can see the relationship between ends and beginnings, you may come to look forward to dreams featuring the end of the world. Among other things, these dreams will shake up your thought processes and give you a chance to see everything in a new light. From there, you will be in a better position to decide what things you want to keep in your life, and which things you don't want to keep. In addition, if you are afraid of something going seriously wrong with some part of your life, this may be a perfect time to confront your fears and look for ways to maneuver around the situation...
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Re: strange happenings HELP!?
Post # 10
I do agree with some of you but the truth is that I don't believe a end I think there's a big event that starts a new beginning but I'd also like to add that when I wake up from these dreams I often feel like a person I just saw that was be killed or something I feel their pain and this is what probably is worrying me the most and I really have had nothing to stress about my live is really well
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