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Pagan Emotional Healing?

Forums ► General Info ► Pagan Emotional Healing?
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Pagan Emotional Healing?
Post # 1
Hello and Blessed Be.

I am surely posting this at the last minute...any replies or encouragement would be highly appreciated soon. The grieving stage I am about to endure is going to begin soon.

As many of you may recall, several months ago I posted about my long distance boyfriend that faked a demonic possession. It turns out that he seems to be mentally/emotionally unstable. I truly do love and forgive him, but for the sake of my well being I am bringing our relationship to a close until there may be a possibility of him receiving treatment in the future.

I still love him even though I'm making my separate ways soon. I know the moment of splitting will be an utmost challenge, despite his inner issues. But, what are some good, magickal ways of gaining emotional healing during a time like this? Are there any good healing spells, rituals, meditations, or anything related to that to possibly make this transition easier? Any other tips are welcomed as well.

I will hold great gratitude for any help.

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Re: Pagan Emotional Healing?
Post # 2
What helps me is doing a bubble exercise. This is where I ask one of my spirit family members to bring me a bubble. I put all my emotional problems, doubts, fears etc, into this bubble. I make sure to tell myself that this bubble does not get full so I can unload as much as I want into it. Then I ask my spirit friend to take it away and bring me back a bubble filled with love. Also I am open to hearing what else they themselves have put into it, that would benefit me at this time.

Also dissolving etheric cords, vacuuming lower energies,and a soul fragment retrieval, could help you as well.
Love and Light and the best to you deary.
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Re: Pagan Emotional Healing?
Post # 3
I'm so sorry to hear of your misfortune, but very happy for you making the right choice in this.

I would first of all suggest a rejuvenating/renewing ritual. When you end a serious relationship there's often a period of redefining yourself, and I would suggest ritualizing and encouraging this natural tendency, starting with a ritual on the new moon. Take a magical bath for purification, meditate with your preferred method (I always suggest zazen), and create a short list of things you'd like to take up or change. Take up chess or jogging, get a new haircut or update your wardrobe, rearrange and redecorate your home/room. I especially suggest the rearrangement - besides giving your day-to-day life an atmosphere of newness (perfect for moving on to something new) it would be a great chance to incorporate good feng shui practices. Trust me, even the simplest feng shui cures can make a world of difference in mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. I'm not an expert on the subject, but I would totally be willing to help you out with that as much as possible.

I do not know what specific spiritual beliefs you hold, but you may also wish to consider acknowledging God's plan or some similar such concept. Many people find comfort in knowing that this happened because of helpful karma and is not a punishment, or knowing that the Lord and Lady will bless them for their patience during trials, or that God has a specific plan and your grief ultimately serves some currently unseen benefit like muscle pain after exercise. Whether or not it is relevant is obviously dependent upon your personal beliefs, and it's fine if this isn't your style - just thought I should offer it.

Magically speaking I would suggest you start using a banishing or space cleansing each day to help encourage magical balance, and in candles and sachets I would suggest deep tones which suggest soothing or nurturing like blue or forest green.

Suggested stones are;
* Agate for grounding, love, healing, and courage. Helps avoid envious thoughts and spite. Any agate works, but blue lace agate deals more specifically with peace and happiness. Red agate is a good runner-up.

* Citrine for letting go of negative behaviors (addictions, destructive habits, unhealthy relationships).

* Jade for love, healing, and protection. Encourages feelings of love and acts as an emotional balancer.

* Jet to draw out negative emotions, fight depression, and comfort from pain of loss of loved one. Also good at preventing fear.

* Obsidian to let go of loved one, reduce tension, and ward against negativity.

* Sodalite to promote balance and alleviate subconscious fears and guilt.

* Tiger?s eye for protection separating false desires from real needs. Also good for detoxing, which this is sort of like an emotional version of.

My local pagan shop's guide (http://www.ancientways.com/store.html)
SoM Crystals reference article
Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal Gem Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham
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Re: Pagan Emotional Healing?
Post # 4
Whenever dealing with something that I know will send me through the roof or to the floor emotionally, I make a chamomile and lavender tea before doing it. This helps me to stay calm and focused. After it is done if needed I take a meditation bath with some cleansing sea salt and lemon juice while listening to this song..


I am happy to hear you are taking this step forward, even though it will be tough. Brightest blessings to you Sullenmoon :)
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Re: Pagan Emotional Healing?
Post # 5
Thank you for all the kind and helpful support!

I think I will try each idea listed and see how things go. It's been a long and chaotic emotional ride, but I know I need to worry about my own sanity at this point. I plan to be there for him as a loving friend. It has become an emotional wreck and an unhealthy relationship. I completely look forward to trying everything out!

Thank you. Blessings to you all as well.

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Re: Pagan Emotional Healing?
Post # 6
hey, i liked that , if you don't mind if I use that
I didn't know you could tell the spirit to bring back the bubble filled with love..thanx
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