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Making Solar Infused Oil
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Medicinal oils are excellent for external uses for dry skin, sore or tense muscles, and medicinal oils are great bases for salves, ointments, and even lotions.

What you will need:

  • A clean completely dry mason jar with a lid
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (longer aged is better)
  • Cheese cloth or muslin
  • Your choice of medicinal herb (for example lavender)


Take your herb and fill the jar halfway, then fill the jar with olive oil making sure to cover the herbs and fill to the rim. Then you want to put the lid on the jar tightly and find a nice warm sunny spot. Let the mixture soak up and steep in the sunlight for two weeks, making sure to move the mixture where the sun will be. After two weeks you will want to thoroughly strain the herbs, making sure to wring out every possible drop from the herb. Then replace the oil back into the cleaned out dry jar and add a fresh batch of the same herb into the oil and let sit for another two weeks. Repeat the straining and wring process. After which you should have a nice, delightful, and potent medicinal oil.

No need to worry about measuring for exact amounts, if your worried, just think about the simper's method of measurement. In this instance the measurement is 1 part of herb to 1 part oil making the ratio 1:1.

I hope you all enjoy.


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