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What's happening to me?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► What's happening to me?

What's happening to me?
Post # 1
I hope this isn't too long of a story. So please, bare with me. I don't get on this website too much but just for the forums. Whenever I have an occult related problem I won't hesitate to rush here. So, on to the story.

I went to the mall with my best friend Sarah and her parents. Since she wants to lose weight and she is a very experienced face reader i'm basically her apprentice on that) She asked me if I wanted to walk around with her to burn off the coffee we just bought and to read people we like in certain stores. Note the coffee we bought it will be important later. Before we go on, Id like to note that I'm gay. So anyway, we went along to a store that's called [CCS] I sort of like that store for it's skater, like fashions.

So as we walked in I saw this certain guy. He was obviously a skater, he had stretched ears, a beautiful face, and the exact same haircut I had. So as I walked through the store with Sarah, Him and I would always exchange looks, flirtacious (msp)looks, He would smile, I would smile. I knew he obviously liked me and I obviously liked him. So, Over the course of the mall trip, I went to that certain store for him over 4 times. Then alas, we had to leave. I almost cried.

I know, I know. It sounds like the most ridiculous thing but This attraction was so different I can't explain it. I've been out with my share of guys but this was VERY VERY different. Something was drawing me to him. I gripped my kyanite necklace and left the mall. I cried in my friends car. Thank goddess because her parents are half deaf. I stopped quickly because my friend asked me why I was crying and I explained everything.

Another thing that was extremely strange is that, I felt energy drained. A terrible drain of energy that left me to the point where I thought I was going to die. I felt like falling to the floor and dying. Ugh, it was terrible. Other than that, I felt a terrible flash of negativity that even my most special crystal necklace couldn't seem to take it away as it usually does.

I went home and fell to the floor gasping for breath but all the way home, these visions of me and this guy being lustful. I don't want to mention everything). I't wasn't evil at all though. I loved the lustful attraction to this guy but what was weird is that it felt like HE was the one draining me. I just HAD to go back to him. I didn't care if he drained me. I just had to have him. I really love him and I don't know what's fueling it. Please help me because It's my birthday sunday and my parents promised me they would take me to the exact same mall today. I don't want to see him but at the same time I do.
~~Blessed Be~~
Alex Tucker )0(
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Re: What's happening to m
Post # 2
He could be a psi vampire: A psi vampire is a person who feeds of negative energy. The lust for the guy is energy he was feeding off of, thats shy you felt like fainting because he was feeding of your energy. Dont go near him any more.
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Re: What's happening to me?
Post # 3
Interesting story, Alex! Let me lay out my opinione. =) I totally respect same sex relationships. Love in all ways is beautiful. I'm a straight girl, and currently I'm involved in a messy long distance/online relationship that began with the same type of magickal energy. When my boyfriend and I were just friends, just teens chatting it up for no reason except fun, I felt this strange attraction. Hell, I didn't even know what he looked like at the time! He was just amazing in some way. I craved any free time to talk to him. Months went by and our on and off relationship began. Just this month I've discovered he has role played as a Lycan version of himself because he wanted to escape the reality of his abusive parents. Crazy? Yes. Crazier that I'm in love with him past his sickness and mistakes? Even more so. I see this problem in a similar light. My boyfriend is beauitiful to me no matter what he's suffering. You see, that strange attraction has remained since the day we met. I can't get enough of him, at all. I'm known to be a natural witch, so I feel maybe I picked up those senses through my ability. Not sure. That all being said, you saw this man and in an instant a feeling sparked. You both made a clear connection. No, I don't believe he purposely drained you. You only made contact through just several glances. But looking at the somewhat similar story of my boyfriend, I believe that man has a dark past of some type. Maybe that link built quickly, that spark of flame, and you made a telepathical or spiritual type of link that allowed you to be warned of his hidden sadness or past through loss of energy. Everyone makes links like these. It occurs every day, between friends, siblings (twins especially, I'm one myself), and obviously lovers. He is so pure but the dark conflicted in those moments. And if the necklace didn't help much, that energy must be something. A conflicting view is from a logical (possible) explanation: the coffee you drank burnt your system out by a lot. Mail me on here. Let's talk, shall we??
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Re: What's happening to me?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
It's called falling in love...Not some "Magickal Vampire related occurance"
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Re: What's happening to m
Post # 5
Renwenlen maybe you didn't read the whole post, go back and read it again and get your facts straight.
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Re: What's happening to me?
Post # 6
I agree that it's not a psi "vampire" thing. People use Energy Manipulation as a way to say they're a supernatural vampire. It is just falling in love.
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Re: What's happening to m
Post # 7
Ive had many gf's and none of them made me feel like i was gonna faint. I used to know a psi vampire and everytime i met him i felt like fainting. I finally used a protection spell and i never felt like that again.
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Re: What's happening to me?
Post # 8
i think its just that you felt a certain love for him that made you care(IF ANY OF YOU READ)love is even more powerful then magic the gods love in wicca is what sustains it this is when you know this person is the one when love believes its you're time to shine you must shine wicca is also based on free will no altering other people so if he's the one for you go get em' tiger i hope you find some wisdom in this as the rest of the comments are probably complaints of you being gay as i don't have a problem with gays i encourage you to follow you're initiative and also no crystal can help love butterflies (when you get quest from lust)
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Re: What's happening to m
Post # 9
Really magemaran im not a hater i dont discriminate i think everybody deserves love. wow>__>
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Re: What's happening to me?
Post # 10
It sounds like you encountered a pysi vamp we feed off of the energy of others at times Im just coming to grips that I may be a pysi Vamp and The partner that I have been with recently admitted that he feels drained after intimate situations and I feel more energized and more cheerful afterwards. apparently psyi Vamps have something off about there chakra that prevents us from maintaining our own energy so we feed off of others and when we dont we become weak tired prone to mood swings ect.
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