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magic is a lie?
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hello im jacob iv recently talked with a pastor because my parents discoverd i do magic and are very concerned (they are die hard christian) and the pastor told me that magic is all i big shadow puppet game, he goes on the further tell me all magic is is inviting demons into your life to get the resolts a spell or ritual produces he tells me how he used to worship satan and to wiji bordes and use tarot cards and when he tryed to stop he would wake up in the middle of the night levatating over his bed. when i tell him i do arch angel michel protection spells he gets a grin and says "thats a freakin demon dude" and says the bible says the devil is a decever and a liar, he can appear as a angle of light as he once was a angel of god then i show him my protection amulet (a penicle with a corts crystal in the center and he starts twiching and says "get that thing away from me i dont even want to touch it" but im very mkxed up about it i dont believe him, do you? i would love to hear your opinions so please leave a comment

Re: magic is a lie?
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Demons can potentially work their way into your magick, but they can work their way into perfectly non-magickal things as well. The primary difference is that magick offers ways to guard against this.

Your pastor might know Christianity, but he clearly doesn't know a thing about magick - he's just spouting off biased dogma and the misinformation he's been fed.

Re: magic is a lie?
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When calling angels and such, you must check before-hand that they were not cast out. Make sure they are still good.

And BTW it's spelled Micha-el. Just saying.

Re: magic is a lie?
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Those from the Bible had their power enhanced or revealed by God. Jesus was part of God made man, and so he had power beyond anything an ordinary human can reach. God gifted us all with this power, but those in the Bible were given divine energy by God himself.

The reason we cannot do as much as them is because of that, and also that they knew the secrets of this world. I call these people the Ancient Elders. Our race has lost touch with its own abilities since those times, and times before. We are simply re-discovering magick.

Occult is cult beleif systems, not magick or divinities. Those things are classified differently.

Re: magic is a lie?
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All Christians practice magic. They call their magic prayers and miracles.

John 8:23: Jesus said to the people: "You are from below; I am from above. You belong to this world; I do not.

One Man's Sin Cannot Be Another Man's Holy Ground.

God indeed practiced magic and witchcraft through his own miracles and the plagues that he sent.

In (John 2:1-11); Jesus turned water into wine, to give the people joy. In John 9 and Luke 21:20-22/John 4:50-51: Jesus healed the sick and blind and gave helpful psychic predictions. In (John 6:11); Jesus multiplied loafs of bread to feed the poor and In (John 6:18) Jesus walks on water to bring a boat safely to shore.

In Exodus 14: God encourages Moses to part the Red Sea by using his staff as a magical wand. ?Then the Lord spoke to Moses. He said: Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people of Israel to move on. Hold your wooden staff out. Reach your hand out over the Red Sea to part the water. Then the people can go through the sea on dry ground.? The people wanted to cross the sea and Moses wanted them to cross, so the energy of Moses spell connected with the energy of the people.

In Exodus 7:20; God gives Moses supernatural powers to turn the Nile to blood. ?And Moses and Aaron did as the LORD commanded; he lifted up the rod, and smote the waters that were in the river, in the sight of Pharaoh, and in the sight of his servants; and all the waters that were in the river were turned to blood.? Once again in Exodus 17:6: NIV: God gives Mosses powers to bring the elders water from a stone. ?I will stand there before you by the rock at Horeb. Strike the rock, and water will come out of it for the people to drink." So Moses did this in the sight of the elders of Israel. The biggest feat of sorcery that Moses performed with Gods magical staff was in Exodus 17:8-18:27 (New International Version) when Mosses won a war merely by holding the staff up to the heavens. In all cases of successful spell casting, everyone involved is working towards the same goal.
There is no difference between God and Christ's divine miracles and witchcraft.

The definition of a miracle is an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. While the occult means: of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies and sorcery means: a person who is supposed to exercise supernatural powers.

Witchcraft means: The art of sorcery; magic, witchery. Magic means: An extraordinary or mystical influence, charm, and unexplained supernatural power and being Psychic means: of or pertaining to supernatural mental ability such as seeing future events. How do you determine when a person is using witchcraft, from one who is working a miracle especially if both are using their magic to do both good and evil?

When a human being casts a spell, they are using their powers of manifestation to bring forth that which they most desire.

Miracles, divinity, prayers, spells, magic, sorcery and witchcraft are all part of the occult. There are no exceptions. One act is no more holy or divine than another.

The occult pertains to all acts of magic, divinity, miracles, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies that are mysterious and beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding.

Psychics, Witches and mediums are not devils anymore then God is a devil. Every single life form holds the power of intuition, spiritualism and imagination. In human beings the power of intuition is called psychic awareness. Animals display these great powers when they detect disease in humans, storms in nature and when they save humans from burning buildings and natural disasters.

To deny your magical abilities is to deny your lungs to breath or your heart to beat. Supernatural abilities are as natural as eating, sleeping, and eliminating waste.

Re: magic is a lie?
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Jacob, while certain magicks do present risks, the pastor you spoke to is clearly misinformed. You protection charm is not Satanic by any means, it incorporates pagan symbols that were originally suppressed by the Catholic Church. Also, as long as you specifically ask for Archangel Micheal, you will not get anyone else, that's just the way it is. When you summon an angel, daemon, or any kind of spirit to your side, you will get exactly who you ask for. The only hypothetical case of deception I can think of is where a spirit comes to you and claims to be someone they aren't. Even if Micheal was a daemon, that doesn't make him evil. Daemons, to my knowledge, do not possess spiritual affiliation, so while they likely aren't "God's people" or something they are no less good or evil than humans in general.

Next time you ask your pastor about his experience with Satanism, make sure to ask him if it was those human sacrifice wackos or actual Satanists. True Satanism, while very anti-Christian, isn't incredibly different from Christianity. They believe that Satan created humanity, he loves us, and so on. At it's base, I think Satanism is a monotheistic religion where the deity just happens to share the name of the Christian devil. Interesting facts, Satan stems from the Islamic word word "shaitan", which means adversary, and the latin word Lucifer means "bringer of light". You could argue that your pastor actually practices magick, he just limits himself to spells that invoke his deity, which is a common practice among wiccans. I suspect his church even has a basic protection spell around it.

If your interested in remaining Christian despite your magick, check out some of the forums titled "Christian Wiccan" and you'll see the 2 are compatible.

Re: magic is a lie?
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oh my gosh that helps out so much thank you all and im going to talk to him in defence to what he said and i knew he was wrong i just needed riashurance and ya sorry i spelled micheal wrong i dont do spells that involve angels often only when im around my girlfriend, your replies are very much appreciate your time

Re: magic is a lie?
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He believes what he wants to believe, live any other does.
And the same goes for you...

Re: magic is a lie?
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That was a wonderful answer.

The only thing that can invite demons into your life is if you personally act negative or you associate with those who are negative.

The design of mankind is simply this, evil outweighs the good. Evil is a war born to man. It is an effortless battle of will. Goodness flows only when awakened.

Evil lurks within a man. It waits to rear its head upon man's mighty perch. Mankind is mankind's greatest foe for it is the doings of their own evil that will bring them to great suffering and death. This has been proven. This is a tale age old. It lingers through history like moss clings to a stone.

As a Christian witch I always tell people never externalize evil by giving it a name like demons, the Devil, or Satan.

To externalize evil is to pay it respect while giving it power and credence as if it was a separate entity from mankind which it is not. Mankind are the only devils on this earth when by their own free will choice they choose to condemn other while they perpetrate intolerance and cruel acts upon all life forms.
The Devil and Demons are names that mankind gives to all things that are evil but in reality mankind is just projecting their own evil out into the world.

Very few people understand Satan. Satan in the original Bible was a creation of God, for God created all life, some say before Satan became a demon he was an angel in God's army. In the Hebrew and Christian Bible, Satan is the prince and king of Tyrus.

When the character Satan was first entered in the Book of Job, Satan was a subordinate official on God's divine council until the Jewish apocalyptic movement.

When Satan realized that God was using his power to destroy those who did not obey him, Satan decided he wanted to be a God himself, instead of a servant to God.

In. Ezekiel 28:11-15 (King James, Douay Rhiems) God speaks of Satan in kind.

"Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty till iniquity was found in thee.”

God considered Satan to be wicked because Satan had a mind of his own. The fact was just like many Quakers, naturalists and Universalists; Satan was not going to be subjected to God's suppression.

Satan left God's reign and tried to show the people that life offered them a world apart from the dictations of a ruler. Satan tried to influence the people to stand up for their rights and be their own Gods.

In order for the people to realize on their own how foolish they were being, Satan used their foolishness against them in hopes that they, by their own free will would stop bowing down to God's rule.

In the book of Job which came before the Bible, the character Satan is entered as a deity who searches for human sins and then appears to them as their accuser and Gods prosecutor. Satan’s job is to points out the evil actions of mankind to God while leaving their fate in God's hands. Through all of the Bible, Satan tests how far God will go in punishing mankind for their sins.

In the Book of Job passage; 1:6-12 It is stated that Jobs afflictions began from the malice of Satan, by the Gods permission.

For wise and holy purposes. God punished Job to test his faith. (The word Holy means; “saintly” The word Saint means; having virtue or showing kindness.)

Through the sin of harming his own flock, Satan learns that God is not the kind and virtues deity that he claims to be. Observing God's punishments against those who oppose him, Satan soon decides to accuse God of being a sinner.

To Satan, God was sinning by using the sin of violence against those that sinned. Satan’s whos whole purpose was to point out sin and to prosecute all sinners, decided to now prosecute God.
When Satan demands Job be tested through physical suffering in (Job 2:3-5), he is not testing Job at all, instead he is putting God on trial.

In this passage Satan challenges God to test Job's faith by saying that Job will only obey God for what material goods he receives from God.

Satan knew that God would accept the challenge and so he watched as God maliciously and relentlessly punished Job, instead of treating Job with compassion and mercy.

When Satan sees God sin, he tries to show the people that God's true character is not of a holy being but of a cruel dictator, but God casts Satan out as an evil demon for going against his words and actions and turns the world against him.

To sum up Satan, Satan felt it was time that human beings used their own free will, common sense and intellect to decide for themselves what was good and what was evil in the world.

Wanting the people to realize on their own how foolish they were being, Satan used their foolishness against them in hopes that they, on their own accord would stop bowing down to God's punishments.

Those who portray Satan as an evil entity do not understand the characters motives.

Re: magic is a lie?
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People will fear what they do not know. And yes some magick invite dark eneities but if you d studies in magick and meditations you will not find issues with the darkness of light. Angel magick is very uplifting in times and great for Christians who wish to practice magick.

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