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Name: pheonmon
Location: glendal az
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hello im pheonmon, i was born in late febuary so im a pisces. im very open minded and i currently have no set beliefs i guess you can say i just believe anythings possable. i mostly do chakra magic tho. Iv been practicing magic for about 5 years now and iv learned everything i know by my self i love helping others tho so if anyone needs any kind of help dont be shy id like to know everything there is to know about magic and im a very deep thinker im always questioning existence and trying to find answers so i dont really like socialy talking to people haha however when it comes to knowlage and different kinds of magic or beliefs im always down to talk
ps.i dont help lazy people who come asking questions about informations thats clearly on the site, i believe learning things on your own is the best way to learn anything I'd also like to add that I believe the things in this world that we can see and touch make up only a small part of the universe and that there are energies all around us some can be proven through science some can't I also believe that all magic is, is learning to manipulate those energies around us to our will but that's just what I've come to realize if you don't believe me our believe differently that's fine by me it makes little difference to me