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Your Chi Body

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Your Chi Body
Post # 1
Hey all! I thought I'd write a bit about finding our chi bodies. Whatever our paths, most of us recognise an energy in our bodies that is manipulable apart from our physical bodies, albeit with a degree of intergration between the two.

This is an exercise for anyone who wants to get in touch with their chi, or 'energy' body. This is what I do:

I like to practice this in the evening, so I don't have too much restless energy from the day going on. I lie in bed, arms near my side with palms up, legs slightly apart, either naked or in loose clothing. I have a light cover over me so I don't get distracted by any chillyness. This exercise is based around a pranic breathing pattern which is very easy to learn.

I close my eyes and shake the day from my body. To begin, I take a deep breath in, then let it out, letting out also any residue from my previous activity. Then, I just breathe. I do not try to change my breath, I am just quietly aware of it. I count my breaths in my mind. My breaths slow down on their own, - no need to force it.

Now, at breath 20, I breathe in to a slow count of 2, hold it for 2, and breathe out for 4 through a closed throat. The throat is closed near where the dip in the neck is.
I do this three times.

Now, I breath with awareness again, letting my body connect with gravity and sink deeply into the bed. I never fall asleep because I am aware of my breathing.

We all tend to have favourite places where we hold tension, - mine is my right buttock! Learn where these places are, learn yourself, and amend it.

At breath 40 I practice three more throat breaths, and at 60 and at 80. By the time 100 is reached, your body should have faded into the background, leaving an awareness of your energy. Continue from now with awareness breathing, and build up awareness of your chi body. If you don't feel ready at 100, try another set of throat breaths. Let the out breath push the tension out.

In this breathing, the work is mainly done on the out breath. Delay breathing in for just an extra moment, feel yourself fall out of your tension in this moment.

Focus, as you gently breathe, on what your hands feel like. Mine start to feel as if smoke is gently coming from my palms. Feel your arms, you can feel the energy swelling around and outside of your physical body. Be aware of how everything feels.

Become aware of each part of you energy body, and let them all fuse together. Try to allow the energy to swing gently from side to side. Feel the shape of your energy. Can you make the energy in your leg lift up a little? Can you feel the energy body's pulse?

Well, this is one way to access your chi, be playful! See what you can do!
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