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Dream Interpretation

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Dream Interpretation
Post # 1
I had this dream last night and it bothered me a lot. I used the dream thing on here, but it didn't really give me the answers I was looking for. Could someone please help, or at least tell me what you think? Thank you.

There was a girl who had been kidnapped by some men. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and when I saw her I wanted to help her. He was making her do outrageous things and they all had to do with riddles. She had to answer them and do exactly as they told her. She wandered over to me and a guy friend that was with me. She was badly cut and bruised and she was holding a brown folder that was made for delivering documents in the mail. I grabbed it from her and she collapsed on me so I sat down then she fell asleep in my lap. On the front of the folder was written, “The world now knows you by so many names. There’s a name for when you’re happy, sad, and when you’re angry. There are so many aliases, so many sides of you. I want you to show me the one even you haven’t seen. Show me what she looks like and tell me her name. I’m waiting.” I asked her what it was and if she wanted me to go to the police. She scrambled around for a pencil and when she found one, she grabbed the folder and started drawing herself on the front of it just beneath the words. She drew herself as if she were drawing something else. All she had left to do was draw her eyes, but she passed out on my lap again so I took it from her and finished them. The picture was very pretty for being done so quickly. I nudged her and she looked at it then smiled at me. Her eyes were so pretty. Then she grabbed the pencil again and just held it I hugged her and said, “That’s your inner spirit darling.” She smiled and wrote, “My inner spirit,” next to the picture and gave it back to me. Just then someone came for the folder. The guy I was with grabbed him and beat him up really bad. The girl hugged me really tight whimpering a bit and I was trying to console her. Then my friend grabbed the guy and asked what it was they were doing to this girl and the man laughed and said, “Open the flap.” I looked at the folder and opened the flap in the back. On it, there were a few pictures of guys maybe ten in all and next to it was written, “Now you’ve been bad and you now have to pay. Choose three guys with which you’ll play.” She started crying and I hugged her again. The man was laughing and he said, “Oh come now, it’s nothing you haven’t done before.” My friend punched him and grabbed him up off the floor and said, “Hey she is a virgin, man, think about that. After those guys, she won’t even think of you anymore. You’ll just be the one who hurt her, cut her, and beat her, the one who didn’t have the ..... for the job.” Suddenly the guy stopped laughing and said, “There’s a number on the back that’ll help her.” On top of the flap it had a really small number and we couldn’t read it so he gave us his phone. As we were looking through the numbers he started laughing again. He was badly beaten, he was bleeding and started getting dizzy and he couldn’t get off the floor. We were in a small kitchen and my friend was sitting on the countertop. He kept laughing and we asked him what the number was. He told us, “God isn’t listening anymore.” He laughed hysterically and kept saying that. The number went to his parents which made it really clear that they didn’t want to talk to him. As I was holding on to her still I grabbed a bandage that I found and wrapped it tightly around my finger even though I wasn’t hurt I just wrapped it around my finger and he kept laughing and saying, “God isn’t listening.”
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Re: Dream Interpretation
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hmm sounds like an interesting dream hun. I often like to record my dreams down too. I'll think about it and tell you what I think

Best wishes Caly
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 3
It sounds like you are a 'young' person and are 'rebelling' against your parents and the rules laid down in your house. The packet is obviously the rules you MUST deal with. The envelope your parents. You feel your being suffocated by all this and the 'inner' you is the girl who is beaten. The guy friend is someone who 'can' help tho your afraid to ask. How close is this ......

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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 4
Actually not very. My parents don't really have strict rules or any for that matter. Even if they did, it wouldn't bother me this much. Thank you very much though.
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