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Asatru/Norse Survery

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Asatru/Norse Survery
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
Hello all.

My name is Isadora. Currently, I am priestess of a kindred known as the Bone Kindred. We are a group of Norse/Germanic practiconers who tend to focus on aspects of Norse paganism, asatru, and Germanic practices. However, due to the varied nature of the members, I am looking for more topics to cover. I tend to be narrowly focused on traditional paths, largely due to the culture of where I am from.

If you have interests in Norse/Germanic practices (such as Asatru, Odinism, Vanatru) or have done work in this area, please get in touch! I would love to learn how other people practice these paths or think of these paths so that I may be more open to my own kindred.

Much appreciated.
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Re: Asatru/Norse Survery
Post # 2
I am in an in depth runes class of the elder futark, it is led by a well versed individual who is an asatru practioner, his knowlege of the runes is amazing, The class is always eager to see and hear his view points.
Blessings and providence:
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Re: Asatru/Norse Survery
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
You know, in my practice I've never spent much time with rubes. They're occasionally used during some certain sumbels and blots, depending on the members, but I would love to get to know them better.
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Re: Asatru/Norse Survery
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
The runes are fantastic. I use the sigils in magick more so than any other symbol. I will use a rune over a pentacle in most cases. It has led me to have a great respect for the Norse culture and beliefs. I've done a lot of personal work with the runes to discover their exact opposites and functions in magick. There is a lot out there on their meanings for divination, but to use them in magick you have to delve into their personalities in a much deeper way. Each rune to me has a personality now. It isn't a bag of runes, it is a bag of friends! I feel a close relationship with each one.

Here is something I wrote many years ago about the journey of learning the runes and using them.

It is such a shame that more people do not find the runes as wonderful as other forms of magick and divination. Truly it is one of the most natural forms. Before you dismiss runes as being not for you, read this.

Most people feel the runes are too difficult to learn. They are, after all, a strange set of symbols all with very different meanings. But do not be put off by this. Do not be discouraged. Learning the runes is like a developing relationship with another being. It is a life long process that shouldn't be rushed and is best done slowly and joyfully. So today I challenge you to one of the greatest projects of your life. Befriend 24 new friends today.

When you first make friends with the runes, you are aquainting yourself with them and their energies. Its ok if you can't remember their name or what their likes and dislikes are. Its ok, if you don't know much about them at all. After all, you've just met!

After a few months of occasionally meeting together, you'll begin to grow familiar with their faces and perhaps even their names. Maybe you'll remember a few key points about each one's personality. Berkana is such a loving mother. And Teiwaz is a fierce warrior. You may feel closer to some more so than others. And this is natural! Relationships always are made strongest between those who can relate to one another. These runes will be your closest friends and greatest allies. So spending more time with them will benefit you greatly. But don't discard the others, you never know what you may find out about them that may really interest you!

In a year, I'm sure you'll feel quite comfortable with your friends. You may look forward to each meeting with them, learning new things about them and yourself through your times together. When you part, they may stay in your mind and you may frequently be reminded of them. How beautiful the sun is today! Sowulo must be feeling wonderful! By now, you may really enjoy carrying pictures of your favorite friends with you to remind you of the lessons they have taught you and to carry their good energies with you. Wouldn't you do the same with a gift a girlfriend gave you for your birthday?

After years and years, these friends will continue to grow stronger bonds with you. But you will continue to learn more about them and they will continue to help you grow. By now I'm sure you'll have confidence that the runes are life long friends that will be there for you whenever you may need advice or a helping hand. And you'll know which ones are best in every given situation. I'm sure even now you have a friend you like to shop with, one you like to call when you are upset, and one that you enjoy being with at any given time. The time you took to understand them has now given you wisdom into the runes, wisdom into who they are and how they fit into your life.

Runes are like people. Some get along, some don't. Some are passive, others are aggressive. Each one has a separate personality and each has its own special talent. The runes are a part of nature. Each rune depicts a part of nature, human nature, and life in general. There is not one person in this world who shouldn't be able to relate to the runes. If you have the desire to gain a stronger understanding of yourself and of nature, the runes are a wonderful group of friends to help you gain this. Each one holds such power because each one is a division of nature....they may not contain the same divisions you are used to, but let me promise you, they are carefully contrasted to one another. They compliment and oppose each other in a way that creates a unity of nature itself. But I can never truly explain this to you, no one can. You must learn it for yourself. Odin, father of the runes, wrote that in order to hold the power of the runes, we must know them. And through knowing them we hold the power of nature. This isn't done in a day or week or year. If anyone could pick them up and understand instantly, how valuable would runes really be? It takes time, patience, and dedication. Through this emerges the true value and power of the runes.

So why don't you take the chance and make a few friends today and become more in touch with your Self and Nature.

I definitely suggest looking into them Isadora. =)
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Re: Asatru/Norse Survery
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Thank you, White! Definitely great and helpful. I'll start taking a closer look. :)
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