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Post # 1
Hi there, I'm LilyRain and I have just started on the beautiful path. I never really had a "faith" growing up. I knew there was something magical out there though. My grandmother talked a lot about Auras and they're colors, and how to cleanse mine and others. I have always been able to see the color of other peoples auras. I can't wait to learn and discover more about my what I like to call, natural magical abilities. Anyone with any thoughts or input on this subject would be great. Thank you and I look forward to meeting new friends here. Blessed Be!
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Re: Auras
Post # 2
It’s great to see you here. I hope you find what you’re looking for.
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Re: Auras
Post # 3
hi lilly rain im new to this site but have a big interest in auras cud u tell me how to learn to see auras ty blessed be
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Re: Auras
Post # 4
At first it was like looking at one of those 3d posters, ya know. Center yourself and let your eyes relax and un-focus, and it's easier if the subject stands in front of like a white wall. You'll start to see a tint or shade halo around the subject. At least that's how I learned as a child when my grandmother was teaching me. Now it's just second nature, I just see it. Now I just want to learn how to read Auras!
I hoped this helped.. )o( Blessed Be
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Re: Auras
Post # 5
Is this what your looking for? Sorry, for some reason commas appear as question marks after I post it.
Aura seeing practice.
All things have auras. The most effective method for beginning to see auras appears to be to gaze at a book that has a piece of construction paper taped on it. Most people usually begin to see the white band of the aura first and the colors come later. For some people, if you let your eyes get lazy and move out of focus, the eyes will naturally fall in a way to see the aura.
What is an Aura?
The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body as well as every organism and object in the Universe itself.
The Human Energy Field composed of electro - magnetic energies of different densities that that come out from the body of all people. These energy appears oval in healthy people and extends about two to three feet around all sides of the body and consists of seven layers.
The first layer is refers to as the physical and relates to physical comfort, health, and pleasure.
2) Ethreric relates to respect, acceptance, and love pertaining to ones self.
3) Vital relates to the rational mind and ability to understand situations in a clear, linear, rational way.
4) Astral/emotional relates to interactions with friends and family.
5) Lower mental relates to the divine will within a person and the ability to align with and use the divine will.
6) Higher mental relates to divine love and ecstasy of a spiritual nature.
7) Spiritual/intuitive relates to the divine mind to be connected with the higher devine mind and have a greater understanding of the universe.

Aura colors found in the human body.
The gold aura color is the most recent aura color to be noticed; therefore little is known of this personality type. Some see this color as being highly spiritual people with an artistic flair and a fondness for being the center of attention, while others view them as highly spiritual and picking up where the indigo color left off.
Most people of this color are said to be caring, but hate to be criticized.
Have you ever heard of the lady in red? Reds are said to be physical/sexual people that express themselves through sensuality and their physical bodies. They are said to be self confidant, show strength, and courage.
Reds are said to live in the physical reality where there five senses can confirm their thoughts pertaining to their environment. Reds are said to not think in the abstract and be literal thinkers without complication, things tend to be as they are although some proof is needed to prove an existence.
Appear to be thrill-seekers that love challenges, excitement, physical danger, and surpass most acceptable physical limits. It is said Oranges put themselves in danger in order to feel alive and satisfied. They love to challenge their environment going beyond any accepted limits.

Magentas are alleged to be rare, free spirited nonconformists that enjoy living in large cities. They are perceived as bizarre loners who are attracted to the strange things of the world with little to no regard to spirituality, environmental, or humanitarian concerns. They are said to disregard society's standards giving way to the expression walk to the beat of a different drummer.

Magentas are said to enjoy shocking people, to shake them from their ordinary lives by use of colored hair and loud clothing.
Some theorists speculate this aura color may not always mean to shock people and try to fit in while expressing their individuality. It is also noted what appears shocking to one person is not perceived as such by others.

Yellows are said to be fun loving, spontaneous, sensitive, optimistic, free-spirited, energetic, people with childlike personalities who enjoy life. There alleged purpose is to bring joy to others and help heal humanity and the planet on hole.

Yellows appear to be more interested in creative work opposed to physical labor. They are said to love nature and are environmentally concerned
Abstract tan is described as being child like, curious, outgoing, unique, friendly and smart people. They are said to generally have high energy and do things out of chronological order with scattered and sometimes random thoughts and actions that that resemble people with ADHD. They are said to be forgetful, disorganized, change from one thing to the next quickly without always completing a previous task as would correlate to ADD or ADHD.
This color is said to be the color of an Environmental Tan person. This color aura is said to prefer to physically touch things in their environment then logically analyze it. this color is said to crave security, stability, structure, discipline, rules, boundaries, logical thinking and outcomes. They are said to process things in a chronological order and be intuitive in regard to special awareness with some being able to sense exact distance.
People of this aura color are considered logical tans and are said to prefer analyzing, conduct things in a chronological order, avoid being rushed, think logically and generally show a high degree of restraint regarding their thoughts and emotions.
This type of person is said to like a stable foundation, reliability, predictability, structure, stability and performs best with orderly habit forming methods. When this color has to adjust to a new routine it can be extremely difficult and cause tremendous stress. It is said the simple act of moving something in a home can be enough to through this aura group off.
Greens are said to be powerful, quick thinkers in the mundane world that find patterns and solutions quickly with the ability to accomplish many things. There said to be intelligent with the ability to process ideas and information quickly leaving out what they believe to be unimportant steps in a project. People of Greene aura color are said to have good organizational skills and are able to develop well formatted plans and ideas, however like to leave others in charge of the fine details.
It is said that greens are drawn to money, power, and business having similar associations with the use of a Greene candle color in Magick. It has been stated Greens are very efficient and are generally seen as competitive workaholics, striving to achieve and even over achieve. This type is seen as being strong willed, liking physical challenges, and have risk taking behavior associated with money, not physical danger.
Some greens can be perceived as arrogant as people are seldom able to win an argument with them and Greens tend to believe there way of doing something is the only rite and true way of doing it.

Crystal is said to be a rare Aura Color. Crystals are said to be sensitive to others emotions, have small fragile physical bodies, and have a unique ability to change the color of their aura at will in order to match the color of the aura colors around them. when the Crystal changes the aura color, the Crystals behavior pattern, thoughts, and emotions are said to change as well. This ability can in able a crystal to get along well with others, but can lead some professionals to consider mental illnesses such as Bi polar disorder based on the inconsistence of the behaviors.
Crystals are said to be natural healers although are limited to one person at a time. If there are too many people a crystal can become confused and or overwhelmed.

Blues are said to be caring, loving, nurturing, supportive, nurturing, people that let their heart guide there life and emotions. The blue personality type is said to be concerned mainly with spirituality, love, and relationships. Blues are said to be emotionally sensitive and can cry if they are angry, scared, happy and at times for no reason at all.
People with Blue Aura/personality traits are said to have a purpose on the planet which includes teaching love, but many are said to be drawn to careers in counseling, teaching, and nursing.
Violets are said to be inspirational visionaries, leaders, and teachers with magnetic personalities.
Like some of the other Aura/personality colors, violets are said to be on earth to help save the planet by improving environmental issues that affect people animals and the planet as a whole, as well as peoples quality of life.
It is said, Violets have a similar inner sense as the Indigo in feeling there is a purpose for there being here. Some believe Violets feel their destiny is greater than the average person and have believed this since childhood.
It is though some Violets where taught there dreams and goals were unrealistic and it caused them to lose touch with their purpose which caused them to feel un fulfilled.

The lavender aura color symbolizes one who enjoys fantasy, enchantment, myths, even fairies and angles. This is said to be the color of a dreamer who prefers fantasy over reality.
Lavenders are said to be unreliable and irresponsible with little to know care for obtaining money. this type of color seldom accomplishes anything in life and are said to lack the ideas time, space and physical matter which makes some professionals question if they have psychological issues creating the lack of orientation.
There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Indigo aura color as people continually appear to want to write books about them so they can profit off of what many Indigoes state are lies. Some people allege they are sent to usher in a new age of peace and harmony while many indigo people say the allegation is false. Some people claim indigoes are here to live as examples of a new higher awareness, but many people of the Indigo aura appear to find this information offensive and inaccurate.
Many Indigos have been described as honest, aware, highly intuitive or they know things, independent, fearless, strong-willed, assertive, have more than one ability, have a higher level of energy, are generally spiritual, having knowledge of past lives, sensitive to the emotions of others, and a key trait is there fighting spirit.
A second type of Indigo appears to have similar traits as the first although they do acknowledge having fear however it does not stop them, appear more sensitive to their surroundings, have higher spiritual frequencies, and have a higher awareness of possible past lives.

Indigos are said to be old souls who know who they are, where they come from and generally where they are going. This color aura is noted for dressing androgynously.
Some professionals perceive the indigoes ability to “know” future information bizarre until after a prediction occurs. After a prediction occurs, people question how the Indigo knew and appear frustrated when the indigo replies by saying “I just did”. Some professionals question autism and or dyslexia as a reason for the indigoes honesty and inability to appropriately curb there responses, however most fall on the very low end of the autism spectrum.
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Re: Auras
Post # 6
Awesome information! Thank you so much :)
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Re: Auras
Post # 7
I have always been able to auras never see a definite color but i think i have a crystal aura since i can feel emotions, and copy and use personalities uncontiously depending on the situation.
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Re: Auras
Post # 8
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Introduce Yourself.
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