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How to fully believe?

Forums ► General Info ► How to fully believe?
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How to fully believe?
Post # 1
I am 15 yrs old, and would like to try my hand at magic, and spell casting! I would find it very interesting to learn arts such as Telekinesis as well. There is one problem. My Dad is a pleasant person, and we get on pretty much fine. However, he is an Atheist. So am I for that matter, I don't believe in god. But my dad sometimes appears to have no imagination, and I find and have always found his judgemental nature infuriating. He is utterly unable to think outside his mental bubble, and that bubble is pretty small. For example, he never reads fiction unless it is believable, because 'it's just silly'. So he would read Arthur C Clarke's 2001: A Space Oddysey happily, but Harry Potter, or watching a show like Doctor Who? No way whatsoever. So what I am getting to is, given this, I'm sure you can understand his view on people who actually practice magic, don't just read it, but actually believe in it. He doesn't know that I believe in these things, but if the subject of Wiccan or Pagan believes are raised, he makes unpleasant, judgemental remarks, like 'They're all a bunch of sad wackos'. Unfortunately, I've had to live with him like this for 15 years, and only in the last 6 months have I tentatively started believing in magic. Right, so after all that rambling, my point is this; All spells require belief in the magic you are performing, and most require concentration. Unfortunately, whenever I try to cast a spell, or something similar, I have this little nagging voice at the back of my head that can be very distracting. Its saying that this is all a load of nonsense, that Magic is physically impossible, and it fills my head with doubts that almost certainly inhibit spell-casting ability, and has stopped me getting anywhere with it so far. Does anyone have advice on how I might go about exorcising this unwanted voice from my mind?
Thank you for any answers!
PS Sorry for the long post, I wanted to put in detail.
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Re: How to fully believe?
Post # 2
I'm having the same problem.
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Re: How to fully believe?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
It's healthy as times to be skeptic about things. I'm sure many people have had their doubts before. However, if you go into a spell or something of the sort with that attitude it offen leads to something like the spell not working: a self fulfilling prophecy, so to speak. So I would spend some time examining your doubts, and meditating or trying to focus on why you have them and what you truly believe. If you don't believe what he does, don't let his views alter your own. Stick true to what feels right to you.
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Re: How to fully believe?
Post # 4
I was in the same bubble, sort of. I was raised to be a conservative Christian, and just last week I told my parents I'm thinking about converting to Wiccan. They're not too happy about it, but they are because I told them openly. Your dad is very close-minded as I'm going to guess. I suggest you ignore that nagging voice. I have, but I wasn't too happy for a while. But, I am now because I can now be more open with my family. Everyone has their doubts, so what you are going through is totally normal. I was just doubting my abilities myself just yesterday. There's always a small amount of hope. My suggestions are to keep your faith as best as you can, and to ignore that nagging voice. I also think that in very tiny doses, you should bring the subject up with your dad. Be hypothetical with him and bring it up jokingly, and as you talk about it more, try and become more serious about it. That's just me though. Do what you feel is right. I hope this helps. :)

Blessed be,
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Re: How to fully believe?
Post # 5
Think about this: we all cast magic everyday if we know it or not. its just energy. so after that all u have to yhink is: i do it all the time now i just have to think on what i want to do.
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Re: How to fully believe?
Post # 6
i have the same problem at the beginning dear.
When you are clear & fully aware of what you are doing no doubt creeps into your mind
This is how i came of that state of doubt & disbelief
First sit with yourself and ask your self and ask youeself these questions:
1)Why do i Want to Learn magic and use it?
2)What will i Gain from it?
3)Is it safe?(it is safe, unless you yourself want to get into trouble)
4)Is it Helpful to me?
5)How will it make my life better?
6)Will I be Better if i use it?
it worked for me, hope it also works for you.
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Re: How to fully believe?
Post # 7
Pick up a spell, meditate on it for an entire week, then try casting it until it work. If you do that, no matter how many times you need to try, it WILL work indeed. When your wish come true, you'll start believing.

I'm 22 years old and I was an atheist about 3 weeks ago. I tried my first spell with strong faith, however, because I really wanted to believe something. The first spell worked, then the second spell did the same.

Now I'm trying to learn how to deal with this. Am I still an atheist? 3 weeks ago I could say yes. Now I don't have an answer. Yet.

PS.: don't try to convince your dad until you really believe. Sometimes the better thing to do is to hide your beliefs. Even (or mostly) from your parents. Specially if you love them. =)
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