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im scared

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► im scared
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im scared
Post # 1
Hi guys!
Okey lets say that there is a certain group of people or mostly just one person, that hates me for "no reason" ( the reason is that im different than other people, i have handicap and im type of boyish girl), this person has been yelling at me, talking behind my back, laughing at me, and gives me weird stares ( we used to be friends, then we didnt meet each other for about year and it started, i have never done anything bad to him)... Im afraid he might do something to me or my family ( i know im paranoid). Im always nervous and thinking about that even if i havent met him for a very long time... How can i stop that? Could i protect myself? I dont want to meet him again, i want him to disappear from my life completely. Or can i do something that would make him completely forget about me? Thanks guys!
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Re: im scared
Post # 2
YES U CAN! first, if u feel in real danger, please contact 911. other than that heres my ideas- 1.cast a protection circle. Imagein a purple "bubble", or aura. imagein it pushes out a black smoke like stuff, and nothing dark amd bad can get in. image this around ur family, house, anything u want protected. imagein a blue, electric ball around ur head. this stops bad energy from getting in, and even prevents psychic atacks. 2.Confrunt him, say hey, i did nuthing to u, back off. 3.do NOT try a revenge/black magic. all magic does return to u three times. ud only hurt u and urs. 3.Ask ur spirit guide (yes, we all have them) for help. just say hey, spirit guide, pritect me and those i love from___. 4.Have courage. face him with love. when he does these evil thing, say to him inside ur head, i do not deserve this, u r a good person somewhere in there, and u need to stop or ur bad actions will come back to u. dont do what u dont want dune to u. it WILL help. 5.burn a candle FOR him. say to it things like;help him see his faults, errors of his ways, ect. if u do it with love, it will work. show the spirit force of the world that u do not hate him, u are bigger, and he will subcontiously pick up on that he is a small person for what he does. 6.do not let him get to u. something watches over us all. not just in this one, tiny life. nothing he culd ever do culd truely hurt u, mabye ur body, mabye ur mind, but the U, cannot be harmed. 7.talk to ur parents or family memebers about it, see what they say, if u want to. 8.learn from what he does. dont ever do the mean, pointless stuff he does. he probly just likes u anyways. and he will pick up, subcintiously, on this. it may anger him at first, but he will eventualy see his error. have courage. have faith in urself. and remember he does this for no reason. he is a fool, what could a fool ever do to harm a smart person like u? brains beat brawn, love beats evil, ect. I hope this helps, and wish u luck in concuring ur fears, and this jerk!
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Re: im scared
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
She obviously isn't in any real danger. 911 would probably laugh at her. Stares are hardly harm. Mean and strange people exist all throughout this world. You don't act submissive and you don't act aggressive. Ignore this person and their stares and words, and perform a banishing spell on them to remove them from your life. There are many out there. When we meet someone we create a link with them, when we are friends that link grows stronger, and sometimes that link doesn't break when a friendship ends. Cutting ties is necessary. But I warn you, it will be permanent. No going back when you've decided to cut someone out of your life magickally.

Let your teacher and parents know, not to scold these people, but so that they can employ proper precautions to ensure it doesn't escalate. Get yourself something like a compressed air horn. If there was ever a point where you were cornered and they were threatening harm to you, the sound would not only make them hold their ears and back off but draw attention to people who can help.

You may also want to learn self defense. I'm a tomboy too. I've never been in a fight but I can fight. Knowing how to defend yourself builds an air of confidance that makes bullies and criminal predators weary of approaching with aggression. They choose people who look scared and insecure. Even just looking someone in the eyes without fear can make them back off quickly
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Re: im scared
Post # 4

The best thing you could do is be proud of who you are, if you were so weird or whatever, then why does he always give you so much of his time and attention?

People that judge other people like that are just insecure about themselves, the only way people like that can feel good is when they attack others. I feel sorry for people who act so pathetic.

I was always the weird tall girl and I never tried to fit in and I always had confidence in myself and people can see that. Maybe he sees that your happy and he's jealous cause he can't obtain it for himself?

(***I wouldn't recommend cause you might get hurt*** But to be honest if you really wanna guarantee that no one will ever mess with you, wait for him to say something smart and hit him right in the nose in front of everyone, if he hits you back he'll look like a wimp that's beats women, and it'll send a message to everyone that you wont put up with disrespect and that you aren't scared to fight and that you will stand up for yourself, everyone runs their mouth but when it comes down to action you'd be shocked to see how people react.)

And if that little punk goes after your family call the cops, or if you have an older male relative get them to put a scare in him.


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Re: im scared
Post # 5
oh my gosh i can totaly relate to your pain as i was bullied from the age of 11 andit still gose on now and im 44 now but all i can say is the others are right there are spells out there so find one and use it do not do what i did and fight back i got locked up for 2 years and all i did was protect my self but i did it a little too well i once looked good but a pot of acid kind of took that away but you no what be the strong one and walk away oh yeah carry vinigar in a little spray bottle and use it as it wont hurt them but it dose sting or pepper simple but efective i so hope you cope ok and all the luck in the universe xx0xx
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