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My Favorite Stones ^_^

Forums ► Misc Topics ► My Favorite Stones ^_^
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My Favorite Stones ^_^
Post # 1
I just thought I would share some information with you on some of my favorite stones, and why I love working with them.

Celestite: This crystal is clear, but sometimes takes on a blue or gray hue depending on the density and other minerals that get mixed into the formation. This stone is fascinating to me due to the high vibrations it gives off. Unlike any other stone I have ever used, I can actually feel a pulling sensation when holding it. When placed on the crown of the head and left during meditation, it is said to clean and balance all the chakras. To be honest, I have no clue if it truly works for that. However, when warn it will often make one dizzy after 5-15 minutes. When I use it, I do notice an improvement in my communication, balance and overall health. It is said to be a way of connecting with the divine, and to enhance psychic awareness. The more I use it, the more layers I see in auras. It is also reputed to be wonderful for cleansing and balancing the energy in a room, and is self cleansing.

Smokey Quartz: This stone is wonderful for anyone suffering from excessive stress, depression and/or nightmares. When warn about the neck, it helps you to care less about how others view you. It is known as a veiling stone. It can help one to hide their energy and emotions from others. When placed in a dream pillow, or tied on to a dream catcher, it helps to relieve nightmares. It also helps to aide in sexual issues in relationships. When feeling upset or depressed, I would hold onto this stone and push my frustrations into it, to be cleansed out at a later point. Then I would visualize the smokey "fog" within the stone enveloping me as a way of shielding me from other pain or upset. It helps to act as a filter for the unwanted energy of others.

Tigers eye: As beautiful as the real thing. The stone is named for both appearing like a tigers eye, and carrying with it the qualities of the magnificent feline. It is said to help enhance enhance the sight, drawing one away from illusion. Being a variety of quartz it magnifies and strengthens. Because of its ability to balance and calm the mind, it helps aid in success throughout life. Personally I have found that meditating while staring into and past the stone helps clarify things. It has not helped for everything, but when I would have a question bugging me and nothing else seemed to help, often I would find that this meditation would let me find the truth.

As I spend more time working and meditating with other stones, I will most likely have to add to this post :D
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Re: My Favorite Stones ^_^
Post # 2
Wow, nicely done. These are some great pieces of information as well as some insight on uses of these stones! Thank you for posting this!

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Re: My Favorite Stones ^_^
Post # 3
I am glad you liked it. I have spent time working with stones before, but now it seems different. It is like certain ones scream for me when I am near them. I actually found a milky quartz in my driveway when I felt a nagging need to check my laces, which were of course tied lol :)
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Re: My Favorite Stones ^_^
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Nice post, I'd also like to add that tiger's eye comes in three colors--red, blue, and gold.

Blue is called Hawk's Eye or Blue Tiger Eye and it helps against stubbornness and directs new energy to all parts of the body by expanding the mind.

Red is called Bull's Eye or Red Tiger Eye. Its great for healing the entire physical body. It stimulates self healing. And is thought to be of aid in healing blood disorders (due to its color).

Gold Tiger Eye protects your emerging personal identity. Provokes optimism and enthusiasm. It helps to connect the wearer/user to all of humanity without losing your own sense of self. In healing it is best to use it to help the mending of broken bones, and any disorders of the eyes, throat or reproductive system.

These were taken from something little written by my friend, Dawn Silverman, who is a published metaphysical author and was the owner of the store Healing Earth (my home away from home, unfortunately it closed 6 years ago). She's a beautiful woman inside and out who supported my gemstone collecting throughout my childhood and adolescense, giving me ones she said were perfect for me. Her and I both shared a love for stones and their magick. I miss her, she travels all over the country now.
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