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No Subject

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No Subject
Post # 1
This guide was made to help people understand how other people read and type online. This is just a list of those types of people, not who they are, and I hope it can be helpful for any new members or anyone knew online.

First thing is the grammar finders. Those types of people do not really care what you post or the meaning of your post. They really care about scanning your work and correcting at least one or two things and that is it. In the end, it really doesn't help anyone because this site does not require us to type like poets.
Why do they do it? I guess it is because they like to feel smarter than someone or they disliked their work and the only way they can express that is if they correct his work. I am not really sure why they do it, I guess it will be a mystery forever.
What you should do when you have been correct? You can ignore them, but that doesn't mean other viewers will. You can attack them (this is always an option but you might be looked bad upon). If they corrected you in even poorer grammar then you can point that out to them. (Example:*My Post* "So the cats went up the roof and eat the cakes." *Grammar Correcter Poster* "eat is ate" As you can see they normally do not Cap or put a period or even make it into a full sentence.) Or you can point out that you do not care.

The CAPS people. Those kinds of people will use all caps on chats and forums to show how awesome they are. Think of it as your in a bar, a nice quite bar and your just hanging out with your friends. When out of no where someone jumps right in and screams while waving their arms in the air at you and your friends. It doesn't matter what that person is saying, because he is being loud like a 4th grader in a park.
Why do they do this? I believe it is because they feel like they need everyone to look at them and notice the person. As if they do not understand how to draw others eyes correctly. I am sure they know they are not allowed to do this since it has become on of those website rules (facebook, myspace, other lesser forum sites, and more). It has become on of those reasonable known rules we all follow. So it is kinda like they want to become a troll or something.
How you can deal with this. Once the deed is done, it is done. All you really can do is tell the person not to do it or ignore him or her. Mods on the other hand give out one warning then gag you for however long they feel like.

Trolls. Trolls are people with only one goal, to annoying, put shame, make you angry, and make you feel stupid. They truly desire all of those and when they get it that is their Que that they have alive one. They will stay online for as long as it takes to annoy that one or more people.
Why do they do it? I believe it is because they are bored. It is kinda like playing a video game you see. Your hero is bored and your bored on following the rules and doing what the game wants you to do. So you either keep getting yourself killed, go off killing the computer controlled characters, cheating, or trying to do something they are not suppose to do. It is where they are bored with common rules and want to work against the flow to entertain themselves. It isn't that their life is bad or everyone hates them, it is just they are numb minded boredom is killing them to the point or making others mad.
What can you do? Again, ignoring. Ignoring is a big weapon here with them, but not that many people want to ignore them. In which this cause them to talk to them and fight over stupid stuff. Also for those people that love to debate, you can never win this a Troll. Do you know why? They will attack their own mothers to win even if they love their own mother to death. This is called Devils Tongue. This is where you argue with everyone and anyone no matter what you believe in. For the Mods, they let this people slid a little bit too much and when it gets bad they gag the Troll and whoever is fighting with the Troll. So one bad person is sent away when one misunderstood person is too sent away.

Role Players. These guys can be fun to talk to. If you ever took the time to listen to those people talk and what they really believe in it is like hearing a fiery tail. They are not really bad people, they just wish life was more fun and interesting. But I am talking about the ones that believe in elves to death and other minor stuff. The major stuff is people that believe they are vampires, werewolves, or both. They are annoying because they take the time to talk about themselves even when no one wants to listen. Even some vampire wannabes act like high snobs. The werewolves will tell you stories that they can really transform into a wolf.
Why do they believe this? Well I have to put some blame in the decade of 2000. Back then, vampires was something to be scared of and anyone that says they are one will surly get killed. It wasn't cool to be one because vampires have to hurt others to live and when they do they have to enslave that person. Now days you have those vampire stories where vampires are nice and glow and fall in love with ugly depressed women. (Blade was awesome because he was half a vampire and didn't like being a vampire. Plus with all the action and sword fighting) Back then werewolves was also something no one wanted to be. The reason for this is because when you turn you cannot control yourself and could kill your family. There is a reason why they call those two beasts "Cursed" and not "Cured." But 2000 and up have showed people that it is cool to not be human because being human sucks.
What can we do? Ignore them. That is really it unless you want to hear them out and laugh later on. This site states that this isn't a role playing site too. But really, we are talking about Magick here. Who gets to decide what is real Magick and what isn't? Heck, even those wannabe vampires and werewolves can now say that they are psi vampires and astral werewolves. And that is okay. The problem isn't that those guys are annoying and stuff, it is that we as a whole do not tell them that movies are wrong on a lot of stuff (Warlock movie had some stuff that the 1800's really did believe in).

Children. This is ranging from 6-14 years old. They will believe in almost anything. They will not type correctly because they do not know how yet. They cannot give out any good advise because they don't have the years under their belt yet. My point is, there is just very little they can do. Of course this sites says anyone under 13 cannot join (it is easy as clicking the button) and I am not saying otherwise. If they talk to a role player or someone that believes they can do everything, then they will believe that is what Magick is all about.
Why are they here? Movies, books, stories, weird fun stuff. They want to see new stuff that will give them a joy. I do not blame them really, when I was a kid I wanted to hear so much and see so much. The problem is that all they want to talk about is Magick when the adults here want to talk about other stuff like Minecraft (just saw that on the side chat). There is also those doom like topics about 2012 and the end of the world that it could really scare them or have them believe they will never grow up.
What can we do? It is hard to tell if someone is too young to be here since more than half of the people on this site type like they are in 3rd grade. What we can do is very little because we never know if someone is young or not.

Non-English Folks. I have meet some people that didn't know English and was most likely using Google to translate. This is a English speaking site, because it will be confusing and not fair if someone was typing in a different language. They are not bad people and just want to learn some things they never had the chance to pick up. Sadly, a lot of people here are closed minded on those people that cannot speak English. So they drive them away with hate.
Why do they come here? Because there are not very many sites like this (as in so many people logging on) and also in their own language. There is just not much choice besides picking a different hobby or religion.
What can we do? Anything that we can do will be too much for the site as a whole. Besides, it isn't up to us it is up to Pet.

Well I hope this was at least useful to some, if you read it all.
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Re: No Subject
By: / Novice
Post # 2
ive been 12 + that can type and understand magick but have seen 17+ typing out like this:

so u rlly need 2

but other wise im amazed someone would sit there and type this all up
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Re: No Subject
Post # 3
I'm kind of offended by the kids part, but this is such a great post I don't care. Such a great job. Please continue doing such great posts!

Blessed be!
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