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Sensible People Stand Up

Forums ► Comments ► Sensible People Stand Up
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Sensible People Stand Up
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
May the sensible people on this site please stand up and say something.

I am growing tired of being one of only a handful of people who say "no, you're being ridiculous!" in so many words, and then giving the appropriate information to explain.

I felt we were really making progress! I saw very few "I'm a mermaid, fairy, powerful mage with the ability to shoot lightening out of my hands" type of posts. And it was soooo nice! Our newer members were learning! And it was wonderful! Then it came back, with new people. And these new people are feeding this ridiculous farce of reality to other new people.

Its driving me INSANE!

It's OFFENSIVE to me. We who take the craft and spirituality seriously should be offended by being shouted at and argued with by ignorant "know it alls" who have no idea what real magick is. These people who mix fantasy fiction with magick as if it is one in the same. It sickens me.

Again, please. Sensible people please stand up! We cannot ignore these posts any longer. If newcomers read our replies saying "no, you're mistaken and here is why" they will have a better chance at grasping what true magick really is about. Many of you are here to guide others. I'm sure you're not here for the spells! I know I'm not.

Just a simple "I disagree" in response (by many) may be enough to turn others away from these naive individuals. Two words that will take you no more than 20 seconds (if you take your time) to post. They're coddling each other and encouraging this trend. If it remains this way, I'm going to lose it on one of them. I see some of you already doing so.

We should speak up.
We should defend our sacred ways!
The forums are becoming a mockery, and it is disgusting. We may not be able to get rid of them, we may not be able to enlighten them, but at least we can uphold our dignity by saying "no". Newcomers will see that not just one or two but MANY disagree with this attitude and they will less likely follow the train of blind leading the blind that's been circling this site.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you take the time to make a difference and defend our honor as practioners of magick.

Re: Sensible People Stand Up
Post # 2
Listen, I am with you, But I do not and never will tell people what to believe in. That is why i do not tell them that they are fluff, or that what they are saying is ridiculous, because it is very real to them. It's like when an atheist tells a christian that god does not exist and they have an argument. It is an argument.

In time, i believe, they will realize what they really beleive in, and develop their own realities based on their beliefs. I feel like it is a lost cause to tell people what is real and what is not because as humans, we do not know everything, so how could we know?


Re: Sensible People Stand Up
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
That is why I ask that people just state that they disagree and if they have time, why they disagree.

However it is pretty obvious when things cross into fantasy.

Re: Sensible People Stand Up
Post # 4
It is, but i hate conflict, so i don't even bother. They can believe what they want, i can choose to think that they are wrong, but it really does not effect me so why must i assert that what they believe is not true?

In addition, all beliefs are different. Just because what they believe is not what you believe does not make it wrong, however it does not make it right. As i stated before, i will never tell people what to believe in. Everybody can choose what they want to be real to them.


Re: Sensible People Stand Up
Post # 5

I fully agree with WhiteRav3n in this case.

As of late, it seems the only topics that get much discussion are those with what we'd call "fantasy magick" topics. "I want to be a mermaid" "I want to shoot fire balls out of my hands", repeated over and over. Many members who began trying to write and educate those asking such things quit because the repetition wears you down and become tiring. Even when someone knowledgable joins in the discussion and gives information out on "why" something is not or is whatever it is, their comment mostly gets ignored or bashed as "well you just don't believe".

I don't like claiming that someone is "black or white" "right or wrong" but I think there is a fine line between sensible and ludacris. Believing in something doesn't make the impossible possible! Science and magick go hand in hand, so when someone blatanly states something that defies a natural law or universal law, I will jump in and point it out.


Fantasy magick should have its own area. And the real stuff, the tradition, the paths, the true information, should be here and have its own as well. The site feels like it's at a stalemate between the serious members and the newer, less educated ones.

Re: Sensible People Stand Up
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Its easier for the new people to listen to the ones who tell them what they want to hear. Even if we explain what is incorrect and why anyone who tells them its only a simple ritual will win the newbs attention.

Re: Sensible People Stand Up
Post # 7
I just find it to be a lost cause. Why feed them the energy of arguing with them? It cannot be helped.


Re: Sensible People Stand Up
Post # 8
Why? Its not always a lost cause. A few words can help get someone on the right track. It can be a learning opportunity.

Re: Sensible People Stand Up
Post # 9
I'm just saying that it will always be this way. Somebody will believe in something preposterous and others will shoot it down and the fight will go on and on. I choose not to add to it. I will offer my opinion CALMLY and not argumentatively, if i feel like it is necessary. Other than that, i do not even bother.


Re: Sensible People Stand Up
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
Even if the ones who have posted ignore what we say, there are countless more who read to learn. They want to learn, but they have yet to grasp the notion of natural laws to determine what is possible themselves. If we don't disagree and give valid points, how will serious students learn the truth?

It isn't about changing one person's mind. It is about maintaining order and a true learning environment for all those new to magick who read these topics.

After a certain point in any discussion, there comes a time when it becomes blatantly obvious who is knowledgeable and who is inexperienced. But if we remain quiet, the inexperienced will seem unopposed therefore "correct" when they are not.

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