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Magick of sowing and pots

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Magick of sowing and pots
By: / Novice
Post # 1
There is not much written about magick of sowing and reaping , or plant pot spells in occult literature.
Nor there is much posted online. I was wondering If any of You fellows have some rituals that involve sowing in their tradition/religion/magickal system ? How do You perform them? When ?

For example, as a Divination method in Europe it was common to plant onions ( small one, meant for sowing ) in separate pots , or in ground, each for some person that is away and we have not seen long.
This was traditionally done in late winter. If the onion would germinate and started growing finely, it would indicate that the mentioned person is alive, well and happy. Otherwise, poorly growing and quickly withering onion would indicate that the person is in trouble, sick or otherwise in dange r
A practice customary for few holidays ( Winter Equinox, Yule , Christmas, New Year, first day of ) is often referred as “seeds of intention rite” in occult community, which involves sowing seeds , WITH INTENTIONS, GOALS, for each of them on these holidays. It is customary to consecrate, bless or enchant the seeds prior to placing them in pots with fresh soil.
Seeds are often chosen so that the aim corresponds with magickal correspondence of a plant , for example
Anise – Spiritual growth, Removing Blockages, ESP powers boosting
Basil – Protection, Repelling Evil, Success, Ending Misfortune, Money, Love
Patchouli – Money or Love drawing
Flax – Abundance, Emotional wellbeing, Blessing, Mental powers increasing
Note : Please , do not comment on herbal magickal correspondences, for they are not same for , say , dry botanicals used for oil, infusion, incense or charms and same plant , living potted. Have in mind that often different parts of same plant, serve different, on occasions even antagonistic, purposes in magick.

As the seed grows , so the magickal goal, desire or wish is said to comes to realization. Which is why this is ideal to be done on some of the mentioned holidays , when the Moon grows, that is when Moon is in waxing phase.

It is rather simple really ; You take seed, or few of them on Your palm , blow at them thinking of Your goal and add some chant, something like :

“ As You grow, so shall my money/abundance/success etc …grow “

Than You place them in pot with soil , water and take care of plant. When the plant’s life cycle is over You can preserve seeds, and use the herb in magickal working, as You would otherwise.

In Hoodoo and Conjure, particularly in New Orleans Voodoo Hoodoo, it’s customary to use potted plant spells, where we plant specific plants, bless the plant in somewhat tad more elaborated candleburning ritual and place the plant somewhere to do it’s job.

I have read of such ritual where seeds of plant ( I believe it was Lemongrass, though do not take my word for it ) are placed inside Voodoo doll ( effigy ) made of gaze or gaze bend, or cheese cloth and then the doll baby is buried. But not before it was consecrated in ritual to hold and take negative energy and crossing on specific person onto itself and then transform it into lucky energies. The doll baby is placed in ground or pot with soil on Full Moon and watered ( I’d use infusion of specific plant, such as Basil , to repel evil and ensure success ) and as the Moon wanes so does the crossing and/or negativity. When the moon starts growing and seeds germinate, the bad condition is transformed to lucky energies and blessings, and then the doll is usually buried somewhere outside ,to keep doing positive work. Thinkling of it, it could have been plain grass seed, which makes sense actually And the dollie was feed with Conjure Water If I recal well

So it’s basically a tra nsformation spell, but similarly plant pots are often used in New Oreans Voodoo Hoodoo to repel both thieves and Law, For example, such pot would have Major Celandin e planted and would be placed near front doors. It would be consecrated on altar, while Brown or Orange candle was burnt, preferably dressed with law keep away.

Do You have any example of similar practices ? If Yes please do share . As well as Your comments, opinions and reactions which would be highly appreciated :)

Blessings !
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